Boys weekend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

While Mason and I were having a fun filled Mommy/Mason weekend having Target dates, park dates, lunch dates with Bubbie (his great-grandma), dinner dates with his auntie/cousins/Grandma Judy/Grandpa George, Gymboree dates, and grocery shopping dates, Seth was off in Arizona having a fun filled weekend of his own!

Seth's dad (aka Papa), our brother-in-law, Shawn, and Seth all headed out to Arizona bright and early Friday morning to go to some Angels Spring Training games. Seth was beyond excited since this is something that he has wanted to do for...forever! We've talked about it before but have never gotten around to doing it (since it's such a short window of one month). The closest we got was a Colorado Rockies game last March with Seth's cousins who live in Scottsdale. We did take a little day trip (it was like 20 minutes away from their house) to Tempe Diablo Stadium to see it but the Angels were back in Southern California by then so we couldn't go inside.

The boys left early Friday morning to avoid traffic since this weekend adventure is something that lots of people like to do. They made good time and got there in plenty of time before the game. Friday's game was a home game at Tempe Diablo Stadium vs the Royals. The boys got there early enough before the 1pm start time so they did a little shopping and autograph hunting.

View from their seats on Friday and Papa somewhere way down there waiting for the autographed baseball.

Mason was lucky enough to get a rally monkey and a Josh Hamilton autographed baseball!

The boys had lunch at the stadium, complete with beers, and the Angels ended up winning the game 7-3.
Not a bad way to start off the weekend!

After the game, they checked into their hotel and then headed to Chelsea's Kitchen for dinner. Seth said that it was really good so if you are ever in the Phoenix area, check it out!

Saturday started off by meeting a friend for breakfast at Mike and Ronda's The Place in Glendale and then heading over to the stadium a little early. Saturday's game was vs the Brewers at Maryvale Baseball Park. Each team has their own stadium for Spring Training. Most west coast teams are in the Phoenix Metro area in Arizona and the east coast teams are in Florida. This stadium was no more than 30 minutes max from the boys hotel. 

View from their seats at Saturday's game.

The Angels won this game too, 9-6.

Seth says that they must be good luck and need to go to every game now. That sounds expensive.
Luckily he can watch all the games on tv and we have tickets to five games this season so hopefully that is good enough and the winning streak can continue!

Saturday night they ate at Cornish Pasty Co. at the recommendation of a friend and said it was incredible! Their whole menu is made up of different types of pasties. The way Seth described a pasty was that it is a pastry, flattened and cut into a circle, filled with meat and/or vegetables, then folded to wrap up the filling, crimping the edges to form a seal. Again, if you are in the Phoenix area, check this place out!

Sunday they had breakfast at Harlow's Cafe and then headed home.


I am super glad he got to have his boy weekend away but Mason and I were both super happy to have him back come Sunday afternoon! I'm sure Mason was sick of me and I could use re-enforcements :)


  1. Sounds like fun!! Pasties, huh?! Interesting. I thought maybe you meant pastries.. Haha :) I agree, it's always nice to have 'Dad' back home.

  2. Spring Training is really fun! I have been 3 times, but missed this year since my boy is a little too young still. I suspect we will be back out there next year though, Grandma is a big fan!
    I have a 20 game pack to the Padres. I took my little guy to 3 games last year but he was still so small/young that he slept through most of them. Should be interesting to see how this season goes!


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