Hoppy Easter!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter this year was super fun! I feel like Mason actually "got it" and was really excited about the whole thing. Of course, I didn't take him to see the Easter bunny, which might have helped. After seeing some of my friends photos I have come to the conclusion that the Easter bunny is kinda...creepy. For every cute bunny, I saw 10 creepy ones. I mean. I'm just saying. While I would love to have that token "my kid is scared sh*tless of the Easter bunny", I think we might stick to just visiting with Santa and skip the bunny.

Easter morning started bright and early at 6:30am. Seth changed Mason's diaper while I set out the Easter goodies downstairs. When Mason came down I told him that the Easter bunny had left him a present and he ran over to see what it was. I, err the Easter bunny, packed his basket with a mix of practical and useful and fun. Seth also got an "Easter basket" which was really just a big egg filled with some of his favorite candies.

In Mason's Easter basket was :

an m&m bunny candy with fan (the fan was a big hit!)
some bubbles
some fun glasses
two squirt guns
some candy

This was the best picture I could get with him wearing the glasses. EVERY time I put them on him, he ripped them off. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

After Easter baskets, we had breakfast. Seth made Mason the cutest bunny pancake and we all ate pancakes and fruit for breakfast.

We usually go to Gymboree on Sundays but since it was a holiday, they were closed, so we took the opportunity to hang out for a bit, run some errands as a family, and start making dessert for Easter. So we headed to the grocery store, came home, had lunch, and Mason napped. And while Mason napped, I baked. First cupcakes for dessert, then banana bread.

After the cupcakes were cool, I decorated them with vanilla frosting and peeps and they were ready for Easter dessert!

Mason woke up from his nap and we were off to Nanny's house to celebrate!

Someone was excited about egg hunting and wouldn't let go of his basket.

Once we got to Nanny's, we hung out for a while, ate some delicious appetizers, and waited for all the cousins to arrive. Mason had a field day swinging on the swing and playing on the slide.

Once all the cousins arrived, it was egg hunting time!

This Easter was especially fun because I feel like Mason actually "got it". They had an Easter egg hunt on Thursday at daycare and Luz sent me pictures of Mason and he was really into it, searching for all the eggs around her house.

This egg hunt was no different. Mason was so excited to see all the eggs and within seconds of crossing the street and hitting the grass, he was off.

My favorite picture has to be the one of him holding up the eggs and showing me like "LOOK MOM! Look what I found!" Makes my heart so happy to see him so excited and proud of himself.

After the kids found all the eggs, we attempted to take a group picture of all the cousins, but as you can tell, Mason wanted none of it. When we were finally able to coax him back into the picture vicinity, he refused to sit anywhere near the girls so the last picture was the best one we were able to get.

While the group picture didn't turn out so well, I was super happy to get this picture with my boy.

After the egg hunt, we all went inside and had dinner...which I failed to take any pictures of because we were all so hungry, there was no time. But it was delicious none the less. After dinner, we had some dessert and then headed home...

...where we finished off the night with an Easter selfie.

We had such a fun Easter this year! Holidays are so much better with kids.

Hope everyone had a very Hoppy Easter!


  1. Love how excited he was with the egg hunt! My LO love the duck & goose book! Oh and peeps on cupcakes - so cute and yummy!

  2. What a great Easter! I agree, the Easter bunny is creepy! Last year our pottery barn kids had a peter rabbit who was cute, but this year they didn't have him :(

  3. such a fun and awesome weekend!! i LOVE IT. and those cupcakes? mmmmm, those cupcakes!!

  4. So cute! He did such a great job with egg hunting. Mac really wasn't into finding the eggs, but he did love eating all the candy. And I agree...the Easter Bunny at the mall is so creepy!

  5. Looks like a great Easter!! I TOTALLY agree too, Easter bunnies are creepy. I love the attempts at a cousin picture, haha at least it'll be funny memory if not a perfect picture. :)

  6. Aww what a great Easter! I have the train set in the VTech Smartwheels series. I got it for Myles for Christmas and I have been wanting to get him some more cars. That tow truck looks super cute! I might have pick that one up!

  7. M looked like he had such a good time!! Happy (oh so late) Easter!

  8. The attempted group shot is too funny. Mom cooties - no way! There is one though, that counts. Love that he got it, and was excited to show you his finds! So cute. That is a lot of cupcakes, how many people were you feeding with those?!

  9. Bahaha! The Easter bunny is totally creepy!! I admit that I'm bummed that I take Mia to see one because I kind of think those screaming pictures are priceless :)
    Looks and sounds like the BEST Easter ever! It is fun to watch our kids catch on and get excited about these holidays. It brings back the excitement for US!


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