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Friday, April 18, 2014

I don't know why it took me so long to try this. Seriously, I was stupid. I had seen various people recommend this gelato, but it always seemed so expensive for so little. And then, on Sunday, I was at the grocery store and... it was on sale! It was calling my name. But there were so many options! Which to choose? I chose the sea sat caramel first and oh. my. goodness. Heaven. I loved it so much that I went to the grocery store for some break on Tuesday and bought another one! This time the caramel cookie crunch. Run, don't walk, to the grocery store and get. some. now!

Palm Springs.

We went to Palm Springs last week Wednesday night to Friday night. Grandpa and Grandma (my Dad and step mom) came to Southern California to visit but wanted a little getaway instead of coming to our house so we met them in Palm Springs. It was a lovely 99 degrees cool the whole time we were there so we...
(top left) went out to lunch at Sherman's deli. I ate while Mason slept on my chest.
(top middle) went swimming. One of us was happy. I'll give you one guess.
(top right) ate breakfast like a big boy on the patio.
(middle left) blew bubbles while only wearing a diaper.
(middle middle) went to lunch (same trip). Seth's corn beef sandwich with latke "bread"
(middle right) went to Great Shakes for milkshakes. Their milkshakes come with a MINI DONUT on them. I got a mint oreo shake. DELICIOUS.
(bottom left) ate lemonade popsicles.
(bottom middle) played with the "bow wow" while wearing our (Christmas) jammies
(bottom right) played with more bubbles while only wearing a diaper. because we love bubbles that much!

Sugarboo for Target.

I am in LOVE with this print. I wish it was available online, but it says it's only available in stores so... it sounds like a Target trip this weekend is in my future. This amazing print is only $29.99 at Target and is normally $200+ at Sugarboo. I love this one but Target has so many Sugarboo designs at affordable prices that I may need to get more than one.


We took Mason to the Bubblefest exhibit at the Discovery Science Center a couple weekends ago and I have to was really cool! My met our friends Lauren and Seth and their one year old son, Logan, and had the best time. They have this bubble exhibit once a year and it is the most popular event that they have. We bought tickets ahead of time for the laser show and it was AWESOME. I'm not sure if Mason knew what was going on, but the adults all loved it. The bubble man was blowing bubbles in bubbles and putting what looked like dry ice inside of them. He was blowing bubbles out of bubbles. It was incredible. I can't even explain everything he did, but if you ever have a chance to see this guy, DO IT.


I've written about this before, but I LOVE this show. Just when you think it can't get better, it does. I watched last week's show earlier in the week and at the very end of the show, the preview said "watch  the season finale of Scandal next week or hate yourself on Friday." Welp, I'm hating myself today, loving my DVR, and counting down the hours until I'm off work and can watch the finale! If you watched it and know what happened, don't tell me!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy Easter!


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  1. bubblefest?! that sounds AWESOME!!! and scandal is a must watch in this house too, its just so good i can't get enough olivia pope!!

  2. bubblefest! Sounds awesome to me, gosh Aria loves bubbles.

    I can't believe Mason slept on you, Aria hasn't done that in....I can't think of any time closer than nearly a year ago! So cute! I want your milkshake. Mint oreo, yeah baby!

  3. carmel cookie crunch ice cream?! Sounds amazing!

  4. While we were at the hotel this weekend they had some kind of salt scrub in the bathrooms to try - they are trying to entice you to stop by the gift shop and buy some - Oh.......Salt Scrub....Where have you been all my life?!

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm suddenly regretting the fact that I don't have any Talenti in my freezer.... whyyyyyy?! Those two are my absolute fave flavors! I don't even buy the other kinds anymore. I've heard they have bigger sizes (which I neeeeeeed!) but haven't found. YUM!
    Oh Scandal. I'm obsessed! But we only have Netflix so I'm dyyyying to catch up with season 3!


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