DIY Tattooed Easter Eggs

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I was searching Pinterest for some fun Easter eggs ideas when I came across this one : DIY Disney Decorated Eggs. Being the Disney lovers that we our in our house, I decided to try this idea for myself.

Our inspiration
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For this craft you will need :

hardboiled eggs
tattoos of your choosing (we chose Mickey and Jake)
a sponge

First, cut out the tattoos that you would like to use and make sure they fit on the eggs. 
Next, remove the protective plastic seal from the temporary tattoo. 
Gently place the “sticky” part of the tattoo face down on your hardboiled egg. 
Place a wet sponge on top of the tattoo and HOLD it there for a good 30-60 seconds. 
I would recommend about 45-60 seconds and I do recommend using a pretty wet sponge. 
(Just place some extra paper towels below your hands to catch any excess water drips.)

To be totally honest, this really wasn't that easy. Maybe it was just because I wasn't patient enough, but it was really hard to get the tattoos to stick to the eggs. Maybe because of the texture? Maybe because the eggs were a little wet before I stuck the tattoos on? Or maybe because I didn't hold the sponge on long enough? Whatever the problem, I will have no idea.

I do love the outcome though. I think they turned out super cute. But they were very time consuming. So, we will enjoy them this year and I will try one of my many other Easter egg pins next year!


  1. Can you dye them first too? They sure look cute, and I'm sure for a kid that likes characters it would be a big hit. Aria does not care right yet, so I'll have to keep this one on the shelf for another Easter. So many creative things people do with eggs...I, ya know, just dye them usually one solid colour because I'm extra awesome like that. ha =)

  2. ok. this is AWESOME. we have more than our fair share of temp tattoos in our place thanks to a tattoo monster. so we just might have to do this!

  3. Jaaaake!! (That's the hit in our house..)
    What a fun idea, and fun to display (love that egg plate). At least they turned out great for all the work you did. :)

  4. This looks awesome! And water is way less messy than food coloring so we might have to try this out! :)


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