Thursday, November 6, 2014

SUNSHINE. If California isn't the poster state for sunshine, I don't know who would be. I mean, where else can you be wearing shorts and a tank top on a 90 degree day in the beginning of November? And for the record, no, I am not bragging. Bring on the scarves and sweaters! I want Fall!

But anyway...

A couple weeks ago, Mandie nominated me for a Liebster Award and Desiree nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Never heard of the awards? Let me explain. The Liebster Award is passed around the blogging community to those who have fewer than 200 followers. It's simply a way of getting to know new bloggers! You list 11 facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you and then you nominate a few more bloggers and give them questions to answer. Fun, right? Well the Sunshine Award is similar in the fact that you answer the questions given to you and nominate others to answer questions as well, but it is also meant to be an award to spread positivity and encouragement also.

While I have already been nominated for the Liebster Award (and posted about it here), I still wanted to answer Mandie's questions so I combined the two awards into one post.

Mandie's Questions :
1. If you could "spend the night" with any celebrity, who would it be?
I'm going to assume that "spend the night" can mean just spending time with someone so I would have to say Shonda Rhimes. Seriously, that lady is a GENIUS and is the producer of my favorite shows and I would love to pick her brain for a night.

2. You're in a zombie apocalypse, what's you weapon of choice?
A zombie killing machine? Or just really fast running shoes.

3. What is your favorite magazine? 
People. US Weekly. Real Simple. Parents.
4. Your next born child/pet, what would you name it?
I'm sure I am the only person in the world to say this, but we aren't really pet people. I mean, I love pets and all, but I don't think we will have one. Or at least not anytime soon.
So in terms of children's names... I guess we will just have to wait and see if we have more before I make any announcement on names. (And no that is not a hint at anything!)

5. What would you eat - cockroaches, worms or donkey balls? 
This is my.worst.nightmare. The only thing worse would be living in that house that got infested by spiders that I just heard about on the news. OH. MY. GOSH. Extermination would not be enough. I would move to a new house. And probably city. Anyway, back to the question at hand - worms. For no good reason other than it seems like the lesser of the evils.

6. Find the craziest picture of yourself & explain the madness behind it.
Unfortunately my Dad has all of our family photo albums at his house in Northern California so I don't have any crazy photos from when I was little, but I was able to find these gems in my family history project (that I still have!) that I did in high school.

Left : when I dressed up as Barbara Bush for a school project
Right : Top : my parents hung a huge paper on the wall and I would wear one of my dad's old shirts and go to town with art supplies. Bottom : eating a hot dog (my FAVORITE food when I was little. FAVORITE. I would eat it at every restaurant we would go to) in Golden Gate Park.

7. You go to get a manicure, squared or rounded nails?
Squared but with rounded corners.

8. If you were a wrestler, what would your name be?
Oh my gosh, wrestling is the furthest thing from something that I would be doing so to be honest, I have no idea.

9. Favorite chapstick. 
EOS (the green one. mint?). Carmex (in the tube). Burt's Bee's Pomegranate.
10. I'm coming to stay with you, what fun activities will you plan for us?
Depends on if you are bringing a kid with you or not but...
11. East coast or west coast?
West coast!

Desiree's Questions :
1. For purely selfish reasons, what is your favorite go-to dinner dish? I've long since run out of new, easy, good recipes, and looking to add to our weekly staple rotation!
We've recently become obsessed with The Skinny Taste Cookbook and EVERYTHING in it is good. But other than that just simple things like spaghetti, a sausage stir fry (Adell's chicken apple sausage, zucchini, carrots, bell pepper, pineapple, and brown rice mixed with some teriyaki), pesto chicken sandwiches, cheddar ranch hamburgers, and anything else fast and easy!

2. When someone asks for a book recommendation, what is the one book you always suggest?
Anything by Emily Giffin.

3. Name a talent you have that others probably don't know about.
I don't know if you could call it a talent, but when I was younger, my friends and people in my classes always said that my writing looked like computer writing. I always thought that was a weird comment, but they said it was a compliment that my writing was so neat, it looked like it was printed by a computer.

4. Sunsets or sunrises?
Such a hard choice! I'd say most often I see sunsets since I am always awake during them, so I'd say sunrises because they are more special. I've seen some GORGEOUS ones as I am driving to work early in the morning the past couple weeks.

5. The best way to unwind after a long day is…
Just being with my baby. After a long day at work, all I want to do is come home, play with Mason and see Seth. And maybe have a glass of wine.

6. Any guilty pleasures?
Oreos. Trashy reality TV! And chocolate in general.

7. What is a character trait you hope people associate with you?

8. Favorite words to live by?
Everything happens for a reason.

9. If you could go to dinner with any one person (alive or deceased) who would it be, and what are two questions you would be sure to ask them?
I'd have to say my mom. She passed away in 2003 when I was 18.
I'd ask her :
Are you proud of me?
Is this the life you always hoped I would have?

10. The last concert you attended that you insist others must see, too.
The last concert I attended was Rascal Flatts. Oddly enough, they were also one of the first concerts I attended also. I saw them once in college, once at Stagecoach and once at the Glen Helen Pavilion. Highly recommend!

11. Your favorite blog post - be it yours, or a post written by someone else.
[All of Life's Little Adventures] - Tawnya's posts : Confessions of an Imperfect Mom and The Time Robber. Why? Because they just rang so true and hit so close to home.

[Running from the Law] - Sara's post : Anatomy of a 3am Wake Up. Even though Mason is past this stage and we don't have a second child, I feel like I am right there with her when she writes this. The way she narrated the post was just so, so true and you can totally relate.


Now it's time for me to pass the sunshine along...
And my questions
1. I'm coming to stay with you, what fun activities do you have planned for us?
2. For purely selfish reasons, what is your favorite go-to dinner dish?
3. Who is(are) your blogging crush(es)?
4. What is your favorite movie theater snack?
5. How did you meet your significant other?
6. What single quality do you most appreciate in people?
7. Are you a planner? Or are you spontaneous?
8. Coffee? Or tea?
9. What is your least favorite chore to do around the house (vacuum, dishes, etc.)?
10. What is your favorite time of day (morning, afternoon, night) and why?
11. What's your favorite blog post that you have written? (link please!)


  1. You picked me?! Thank you sooooo much!
    Now, to make you feel like you're not alone... we aren't pet people either :) It's probably because of Eric, he's not a fan which leaves me thinking I don't want to be the only one caring for the pet, therefore, no pets!!
    In Hawaii there is actually a popular treat called donkey balls. I've never bought them (but laughed every time I saw them in stores, so mature!) so I would choose that if I had to ;)
    I'm the same with my manicure... square but rounded edges!
    Loved reading this and getting to know you better!!

  2. I love your handwriting! I have pretty neat handwriting too... A good thing to have :)

    Thanks for nominating me :)

  3. Thanks for the nomination! :) I think I've had a Liebster post in the works for about 3 months now, so I need to get on that! Oh, that spider house you mentioned - I saw that too, and ICK! I love your answers, and your writing is very neat. I wish mine looked like that.

  4. You do have nice handwriting. It looks fun.. does that sound odd? I'm sure it does! ;)

  5. I love, love, LOVE the picture of you as Barbara Bush! The wig is killing me! Tee hee! :)

    Mandie ~

  6. Aw! Thanks for picking me! I'll get to work on it. Loved learning more about you. We aren't really pet people anymore either. We had cats...but they've all found new homes for now. And we'll never have a dog... I agree that your handwriting is really nice!

  7. The Barbra Bush picture is amazing. When I go back to my parents I love looking through old pictures.
    The worm question… Ewwwwwww!!!
    Your handwriting is SO neat! Love it.
    I LOVED Sara's Anatomy of a 3AM Wake Up! I literally nodded my head through that entire thing.

  8. I friggin love reading these type posts!!! And thanks for the nod! omg the spider house? wtf. no. absolutely not. move.

  9. I always love reading people's answers to these fun/random questions. :)
    You're not alone, I have no desire for a pet either. Love your handwriting and absolutely find you to be very sincere.

  10. You are so sweet for mentioning my posts as two of your favorite! I'm so flattered, thank you so much! Sorry it took me so long to stop by your blog... every time you comment on one of my posts I mean to stop by and follow you and I ALWAYS forget!! Please forgive me (and all my comments) as I now catch up ;)


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