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Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey Chasin' Mason friends! My name is Rachel, and I blog daily over at Floral and Fudge. I've been loving being a #boymom for three years now! Nolan turned three in September, and Ephraim is nine months!


After my husband Steve and I got married, baby fever hit me hard. On Christmas Eve 2010, I finally got the positive pregnancy test that we were waiting for! I didn't care at all if it was going to be a Baby Steve or a Baby Rachel. I was subbing in preschool a few times that spring. There were a couple of SWEET little boys who became attached to me, and I felt like God was telling me that I was going to have a boy. Indeed in May 2011, we found out that we would be decorating everything in BLUE! Our baby was due on my birthday, but I ended up being induced nine days later on September 9th. Nolan Bruce was put in my arms, and I was forever in love with his sweet face.

Nolan became a very typical little boy--curious, brave, and adventurous! He began to love trains, trucks, cars, and Legos. :)

A couple of weeks after Nolan turned two, we went in for the ultrasound for our second baby! I have to say, I was really hoping for a girl. I wanted to dress her in bright skirts and fancy headbands, throw her tea parties, and pretend to be princesses. But our second BOY was on his way! 

I had four months to come to terms with being a serious #boymom. I grew up living with my mom and my sister, surrounded by aunts and girl cousins. Now, I was going to live with a husband and two sons! On January 28th of this year, with extreme negative temperatures outside, Ephraim Luke was born promptly on his due date.


This blue-eyed heartbreaker has his mommy wrapped around his finger. He is inherently sweet, and loves to watch the world from my hip. He is very active with crawling and standing, and I am constantly whisking him away from trouble.

I am so excited for Nolan and Ephraim to grow up together, discovering life as brothers. I am a novice at playing with "Thomas & Friends", I am extremely unathletic, and I know very little about tools. But I am convinced that God has chosen me to have two boys because He knew it was the right fit for us.

I worry sometimes that my boys will grow up and not need a relationship with me the way that daughters would. But Steve assures me that we are YEARS away from that, and they will love their mama at every age.


Thanks, Elizabeth, for having me! Hope ya'll have a wonderful Monday :) 
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  1. Loved this post and this series! I just had my second son 3 weeks ago and can totally relate to Rachel! Even though I know nothing about boy stuff I love being a boy mom so far!


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