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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hi! I'm Annie, mother to Brody, and blogger at Home of Malones.  I started my blog to document my pregnancy with Brody and also the construction of our first home.  Brody is the star of the show, but I also love to share my passion for fashion, food and decor.   Come by and tell me hello anytime! 

I was so happy to hear from Elizabeth about her series called #boymoms.  I thought it was such a fun idea because I think a lot of times woman just think we will naturally be a better Mom to girls.  That's most definitely not true!  Boys are amazing... Here's a few reason's why: 

Boys love their Mamas

I had two older brothers growing up and they make wonderful protectors and siblings.  They love my Mother so much.  Everyone's heard the term "Mama's Boy" before.  It's not that I want to raise a "Mama's boy" per say, but I hope that my relationship with my son as he grows reflects the way he treats all women in his life...with respect and kindness.  

They are still just as much fun to dress as girls minus the headbands! 

I've had an absolute blast dressing my son and I think once you get into the thick of shopping for them, you will see how much good stuff is out there now.  I love dressing him and will cry on the day that he no longer lets me.  I'm not going to lie that the headbands would be fun on a girl, but boys can wear hats too.  Just try and train them early because I can't keep a hat on Brody to save my life :)

Watching their innate love for being outside, getting dirty, and complete fearlessness.

His love for exploring and getting into everything is really amazing to watch.  That little mind is always working.  They teach you how to be a kid again and to enjoy being outside and active.  They don't mind getting their hands dirty and trying anything once!

They love building things with their daddy's and playing with big trucks...

This is so much fun to watch.  Brody loves to build and mostly, he loves to build with his Daddy.  It's the most fun thing to watch and will make you fall in love with your hubby all over again.  I love watching the two of them play and bond together.  

We get to teach them how to be a Gentleman and how to treat the ladies...

One of our best friends have a little girl that is Brody's age and I just die watching the two of them together.  I love it so much and look forward to each stage ahead when they are together.   It's so important to teach our little boys how to be considerate, polite gentleman at a young age and I look forward to that task.   I think he's already killing it as a ladies man, what do ya'll think?? haha


I know there is plenty more to add to the list, but I'll leave it at that.  I love my little family and so happy to the be the Mother to a sweet little boy.  

Thanks for reading along and hopefully this post made you a little less fearful of being a Mom to little boys :)  Don't forget to come over and say hi

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  1. Such a cute post! I've always had a hard time picturing myself having a boy I just assume when I do get pregnant it's going to be a girl but obviously that isn't always the case! Besides I've always heard boys are easier to raise than girls. I think us girls can understand that!

  2. Love your list!! Makes me even more excited for my little boy on the way!

  3. Love Annie and love this list- it's all so true!


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