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Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Friday! This Friday is extra special because the school I work at celebrates the President's Day holidays on Friday and Monday so the school is closed. I convinced my boss to let me have Friday off and am having a mommy mental health day today. My plans include a possible mani/pedi, a trip to Starbucks and Target, and doing a whole lot of nothing :) Sounds magical!

Melissa and Doug and Mickey Mouse Collaboration.

I was looking up something totally different on Amazon the other day when I saw something "recommended for me". I was intrigued. It looked like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse things, but by Melissa and Doug. Now knowing the high quality products that Melissa and Doug make, I clicked on one of them and immediately added it to a wish list for Mason. They have some great stuff! The above wooden cube puzzle is one of my favorites but if you click here, you can view everything carried on Amazon that's Melissa and Doug Mickey!


Mason had a little potluck and valentine exchange at school yesterday. I made these cute Jake and the Neverland Pirates valentines to hand out to all his friends. He got some cute stuff in return, but I think my most favorite thing were these valentines crafts made by Mason.

All the heart eye emojis!

Liberating Working Moms Blog

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I recently discovered this blog when I found out that they were a group of working moms doing the Whole30 also. I thought it would be good to follow along, as a fellow working mom on the Whole30, and maybe they could give me some pointers. Turns out they don't post much about that but they do post about various other topics that have hit super close to home. I'm loving their blog!

Lowe's Build and Grow.

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I'm so excited that we were finally able to sign up for a Lowe's Build and Grow workshop this weekend! I've been wanting to sign Mason up for forever but we always seem to have plans on the one weekend that they had it (and no plans on the weekends that they didn't). Tomorrow's theme is Valentine's Day and I'm excited to see how Mason does (with Seth's help of course).

@thebloglife101 takeover.

I'm taking over the @thebloglife101 Instagram on Saturday! Make sure to follow along with me as I share my Valentine's Day with you :)

And with that...

Happy Valentine's Day!
And happy weekend!


  1. That's so cool you will be taking over their Instagram tomorrow... I'll be sure to follow along! Have a great long weekend!

  2. Thanks for the tip on Mickey Mouse Melissa & Doug stuff...I had no idea! Cam will be the happiest boy! Mason's Valentine's....too much!! These boys kill me! PS ENJOY your day today! Every mom needs their own Mental Health day every now and then! ;)

  3. Yay! Mia is going through the Mickey Mouse obsession so I'll definitely be looking up the Melissa and Doug toys!
    Girl, a mommy mental health day sounds perfect! Enjoy every second of it today, you deserve it!!
    Enjoy your weekend, love ya!!

  4. I'm so excited about the MM and Melissa and Doug collaboration!! I'll get right on that! I can't wait until Wyatt is old enough to do the workshop at The Home Depot (we don't live near a Lowe's). I'm sure Mason will love it!

  5. I've wanted to do the lowes build and grow too. You'll have to let us know how it turned out!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  6. We love the M&D cube puzzles! So excited to see that they're teaming up with Disney - definitely going to have to get one of those. And I can't wait to follow you on IG on Saturday! Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

  7. I hope that your day off was FABULOUS! You deserve a nice relaxing day. :)

    Mandie ~

  8. Love all this!! Enjoy your LONG weekend, you deserve it. xo :)
    I don't know about thebloglife101?! I'll check it out.

  9. Hooray for Disney goodness!! Hope you enjoyed your mommy mental health day ;) Have a great long weekend & a Happy Valentine's Day with your precious family!! <3

  10. WOOHOO for mental health days! You deserve it, and your day sounds like it was pretty amazing.
    That Melissa and Doug puzzle is awesome! I have to add it to the list of birthday items for Marcus.
    I've tried a few times to get Marcus in to the Lowe's build and grow, but I'm always late and they're always full! I can't wait to see the fun Mason and Seth have!

  11. We need to get to a Lowes thing sometime.

    I love the Valentines Mason made for you!

  12. oh that is exciting to do the thing at lowe's. I've seen it around, it always llooked like a sweet idea.
    Looove the mickey block puzzle. Aria and Chris do puzzles at night while I read our chapter book. I think Chris would like something new haha, not sure Aria much cares. Her fave part is taking them apart.
    Happy valentine's Weekend!

  13. Hope you had fun at Build and Grow today!

    That Mickey puzzle is so stinking cute. If Emily was a smidge younger and I would totally be buying it.

  14. I love Melissa & Doug stuff, so can imagine the Mickey items are just awesome. Thanks for the tip off! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  15. Yay for Friday and Monday off! You lucky duck! :) We don't get Presidents Day off. Boo! I hope you enjoyed your time!


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