Friday Fives!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hallelujah! It's Friday! I'm a little late to the game today but I attribute that to the fact that I worked 53 hours this week {sigh}. I apologize for being MIA but hope to be able to catch up this weekend! Now on to my five weekly faves...

Lindt Truffles.

If the countdown to the end of the Whole30 wasn't already on, it DEFINITELY is now with this discovery of these babies at Target today. I stopped by to pick up some stuff, including some valentines for Mason's classmates and teachers and ended up in the candy aisle while looking for his teachers. Not only can you smell the chocolate through the bag {help!} but just reading the names of these truffles made my stomach growl and my mouth water. I LOVE chocolate and sea salt together and I'm pretty sure these bad boys are going to be my reward for finishing the Whole30 in a couple weeks.

Costco Pudding.

I saw someone post on IG the other day about these pudding packets and I thought they would be perfect for Mason. He loves eating apple sauce out of the packet so of course he would love this, right?


I gave him one one night as a dessert for him and he was so excited. I was thinking I was totally winning and I was mom of the year. Wrong again. He was so excited, I handed it to him, he took one sip and must have realized that this was most definitely NOT apple sauce, opened the trash can, and THREW IT IN.

I couldn't even be mad because it was so funny and I was pretty impressed he didn't just toss it on the floor and walk away {like usual}! I can just imagine what was going through his little mind "Yes! Apple sauce! I love apple sauce. Thanks mom. sip sip sip. What is this?? This apple sauce tastes horrible. I better get rid of it. Open trash and throw it in". 

Old Navy Sale.

I got an email the other day that Old Navy was having a sale - up to 50% off! I quickly skimmed the website the other day before work and plan to scoop up some stuff this weekend {if I'm not too late!} for Mason for the summer.

The Bachelor.

@houstonmomsblog posted this on IG the other day and I thought it was so true and so funny! Monday's episode took crazy to a whole new level!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

I told you I love this combination! My friend posted a picture of this salted caramel hot chocolate that she made and I immediately screen shotted it to save it to make for myself. She said in order to find the recipe just to google on Pinterest "French hot chocolate". She used a salted dark chocolate bar instead of a regular dark chocolate bar and it was SO GOOD. Right after I buy the items in #1, I will be making myself one of these!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Those Lindt chocolates!!!! OMG I would die for those but alas those flavours probably don't come in Canada so I'm safe ;)

  2. Your post is making me hungry! So funny that Mason didn't like the pudding!

  3. I LOVE the dark chocolate and salt combo to! Add in almonds or caramel and that is even better!

  4. I'm pretty sure salted carmel anything is delicious and you have TWO things in this post. Might have to check them both out, you know just to make sure they are actually good ;) And girl the Bachelor is just too much - Kelsey is a nut. I just love a little reality TV fun to watch!

  5. That is too funny about the pudding! Noah is like that with drinks. He's associated certain drinks with certain cups and the faces he makes if its not what he's expecting is classic!

  6. I'm all about some Lindt Truffles! Seriously the best. I hope I get some for Vday! LoL on the pudding!!! Sounds like something Lily would do. Although hilarious, it is frustrating to watch them waste food. P.S. I only watch The Bachelor for the crazies! lol

  7. I recently discovered sea salt and dark chocolate and am obsessed!!! Jahaha your son sounds like how mine would react! Hope you had a good weekend!

  8. lol all the chocolate. I had a ton of those truffles from Christmas, but nobody here will eat them...Aria might but she didn't get the opportunity. I finally tossed em. Those lindt bars are awesome though - I love the cookies and creme one. Yummy. Might have been good as cocoa though, that would have been a good idea. Too late now.
    Too funny about the pudding. ewwwww mom I'm tossing this.

  9. The sea salt chocolates - GIVE ME ALL OF THEM!!
    I'm dying over Mason simply just chucking his pudding in the garbage. LOL! I do like the idea of pudding in a packet though. Marcus is a big pudding fan, but he makes the most amazing mess when he eats it. I might have to try those out. And, if all else fails, I know I wouldn't mind a few extra pudding packets in the house. :)

  10. Dang girl, what a long week. Hope it was a good weekend then. :)
    Try the white chocolate Lindt truffles.. yum.
    That's awesome Mason threw the pudding away. I suppose when you expect one thing and get something else, it would just throw the whole flavor off!! Haha
    YES, Old Navy for the kids/spring stuff, my cart is TOO full. :)

  11. Lindt chocolates are the best! And that bachelor instagram post is THE BEST!

  12. RIGHT??!! The Bachelor ladies are cray cray this season! And she was actually one of my faves in the beginning...ugh, boy was I wrong!

  13. I've been on a huge Lindt chocolate kick!! So yummy! How many days left til Whole 30 is done?! :) haha. Oh the pudding... that sounds like Callie with chocoalte milk. I got it for her once for a treat (kid LOVES milk and LOVES chocolate so perfect) well she hated it. Threw her cup. Oh man toddlers!

  14. Yum chocolates!! And aren't toddlers fickle? You would think chocolate pudding would be a win! Try it again, he may then wolf it down :) Thanks for linking up at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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