[It's the Little Things] Boys with Strollers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm not gonna lie. I used to stereotype "boy toys" and "girl toys". Blue toys are for boys and pink toys are for girls. Jake and the Neverland Pirates are for boys and Sofia the First is for girls.

I'm not really sure why since I have a younger brother and he often played Barbie's with me and I often played with hot wheels cars with him. But for some reason, I always had this idea in my head of what kind of toys Mason, as a boy, should play with.

That being said, I LOVE that he LOVES this little pink stroller so much.


It is often the first toy in the toy room that he picks out to play with when we go to Nanny's house. There is a combination of "boy toys" and "girl toys" in the playroom since my nieces often come over to play too.

I will note though that it is pretty funny to see how different boys and girls play with the same toy.

Girls with strollers : put the baby doll in, make sure the baby is strapped in and safe, and then slowly push the stroller around while carrying a diaper bag/purse on their shoulder and pretend they are taking the baby shopping.

Boys with strollers : is there a baby doll in the stroller? Not anymore. Tosses baby doll on the floor and runs down the hallway at crazy fast speeds and shoves the stroller off the stair.

{Needless to say, please do not ask Mason to babysit your child anytime in the near future.}

The stroller could just as easily be a shopping cart and Mason would be just as happy. I love him for his imagination and for the fact that he sees a toy as a toy. I don't want him to judge a toy (or a person or anything for that matter) by it's looks or by it's color or by the fact that something might typically be for one gender or another. All toys can be played with and should be played with by everyone.

The stroller is simply a vehicle for taking something from point A to point B. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But I know one day, in the FARRRRRR future, Mason will make an amazing husband and father and I think the experience he has pushing around this stroller will come in to play. And the thought of him being as amazing of a husband and father as Seth is to him makes me heart explode with joy.
{but remember, in the FARRRRRR future, Mason!}

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  1. That is so fun! I feel like my boys are more likely to play with a stroller when we are other places because it's something new!

  2. Lol! FAAARRRR!!!! I feel the same way about that stuff. Marissa and Emily own cars, tools and so much Jake stuff. We break all the stereotypes in this house :)

  3. Bahaha! I would never ask him to babysit Mia, but man, I wish they could play together! They would totally have the best time racing with their strollers!

  4. I've learned that girl toys are often so interesting to little boys because they are different and something they don't see everyday! :) He's too adorable!

  5. So true! Brantley loves toy shopping carts and hey, why can't our boys play with these toys? After all, Daddy pushes the stroller and helps with grocery shopping!

  6. So cute! We have a baby stroller waiting to be given to Noah. Originally we planned to give it to him if/when we get pregnant with a second. But sometimes I'm tempted to just give it to him now since he loves playing with them at other friends' houses! While I have no problem with the pink thing, we did find him an all gray one ;)

  7. lol far far down the road! A toy is only as good as the fun it inspires!

  8. one of the boys I watch loves to play with "babies" and the stroller...though he makes sure the babe is strapped in while Ellie goes racing around so fast that Bitty Baby goes flying out!

    I just got an email about a Kickstarter kids clothing line where they are breaking the "rules" girls clothes that are pink and purple with cars, trucks and trains and boys clothes with more feminin characters while still rocking the blues!

  9. Our friends and frequent playdate buddies are two boys, both 4 months younger than my girls. It's so fun to watch Ashlynn play with the trucks and trains at their house and her son play with the princess castles, little people house, and shopping cart/kitchen stuff. You know I've posted similarly how easy it is to fall into the marketing trap of pink aisles for girls and boy for boys. I love the brands like Melissa and Doug, and B Toys, etc that come in "other" colors and inspire play without defining a gender role... doctor kit is a doctor kit, computer is a computer, instruments are instruments, etc.

  10. My little boy loves his toy pram! And why shouldn't he? He sees me push him in his pram, he will see me push his baby sibling in it. And it makes a great noise as you run!! Though we don't have a "baby" but the choo choo trains, puzzle pieces and bits of snack are carefully placed in there!

    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

  11. Did you see my post when Drew turned 4? His favorite color he said was pink! Derek asked him like 9 times to make sure and I think it's awesome. More power to our boys who like pink! :)

  12. so so cute!!! My mom used to only have boy toys bc there was just my nephew and callie loves them. Now when my nephew comes over there's lots of girl toys and it's awesome to watch him with the stroller and the play kitchen. :)

  13. Oh my gosh, yes, watching a boy play with a stroller is JUST like that. Or it's used as a step stool to get something he shouldn't be getting from the counter. Tee hee! I love it too. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  14. I love when little boys play with "girl" toys. I actually asked my mom to get Marcus a doll for Christmas because I want Marcus to have all sorts of toys to play with. And so what if the boys know how to push stollers and feed babies. That just means they're prepping to be good daddies in that FAR off future you speak of. :)

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