[Mason] A Preschool Update + Doctor Appt Update

Thursday, February 19, 2015

:: Preschool Update ::

A couple months ago (all the way back in September!), I shared that we started Mason in preschool. It started off a little rough, especially with drop offs and pick ups but as the months went on, it got a lot better. He started to get used to their routine and started participating a lot more and made some friends. When the teachers sent home the January newsletter, they made note that the kids would be getting progress reports (kind of like how kids get report cards quarterly in school) at the end of January/beginning of February. I wanted to provide an update here, mainly for myself to look back on for quick reference, and also to share his progress.

:: From the school ::

They rank the kids according to certain criteria. If a child is proficient at something, they get a 3. If a child is developing that skill, they get a 2. And if a child is just beginning that skill, they get a 1.

Social-Emotional Development
3 : interacts well with others, participates in group activities, keeps hands to self, shows self confidence, achieves and sustains eye contact.
2.3 : respects and obeys the rules of the school
1.5 : takes care of one's own needs (I think this is mainly because he is not potty trained yet)

Work Habits
2.5 : listens attentively, follows simple directions
2 : handles materials carefully, has good clean up habits

Fine Motor Skills
2 : holds pencil/marker correctly
1 : fits small items together, can print first name
N/A : uses scissors effectively

Gross Motor Skills
3 : jump, catch and throw a ball
2 : skip
1 : dress myself
N/A : tie my shoes (he wears velcro shoes)

Language Arts/Reading Readiness
2.5 : shows interest in books/stories
1 : answers questions about stories, retells familiar stories, shows interest in writing, writes using pictures/symbols/letters, identifies same and different, recognizes own name in print, identifies upper case letters, identifies lower case letters

Math/Science Readiness
2.5 : one to one correspondence
1 : sorts objects by color, sorts objects by shape, sorts objects by size, identifies 8 basic colors, identifies 4 basic shapes, verbally counts forward to 10, counts 1-10 objects, identifies numerals 0-10
N/A : compares quantities to sets, arranges sizes in order, makes simple patterns

Teachers Notes : Mason is a happy and sweet child. He is loved by all. He has improved on staying in his seat for circle time and is participating more in group activities. We will continue to work on cognitive and his fine motor skills.

:: From our own observations and experiences ::

Drop offs and pick ups : a million times better! We have discovered that the key to success (at least for me in the mornings) is the following : I park, get Mason out of the car, he is usually pretty happy. I help him push the door bell and I open the gate. We walk to the next door and he pulls that door open by himself. I let Mason help me check him in on the computer and then we walk to the classroom. I kiss him (a million times) and tell him I love him and hope he has a good day. I put him down and open the door and he runs in. If I can shut the door quickly enough before he realizes that I'm gone, he's good. But on Valentine's Day when I had to go in to drop off some stuff with the teacher, he started crying and didn't want me to leave. So basically, the faster I leave, the better. Though I did ask the teacher and she said that he stops crying within a minute of me leaving, so that did make me feel a lot better. Pick ups have gotten better too in the fact that Mason is SUPER excited to see Seth and basically just runs to him and jumps into his arms for him to take him home. No more meltdowns and crying on the floor.

Progress : Overall, we fully agreed with what the teachers said. We have seen almost all of the things that they say that he can do and we know he can't do the things that they say he can't do. We were a little surprised that they said that he could jump, since we rarely see it, but he did do it the other day, so maybe he just jumps more at school than at home. We have noticed that he has become a lot more vocal, obviously not actual words, but in noises. It's hard to explain but he a lot more vocal in the fact that he screams (happy) a lot more like when he is in the bath or watching a show that he likes or just whenever he wants (in fact last night I had to close our sliding door because I was afraid people would think we were hurting him with the amount of happy yelling he was doing). He also comes over and asks for help more often when he needs it. He will come get one of us, pull us by the one finger, and bring us to whatever he needs help with. He also wants to do things more on his own and gets pissed when we do something he wanted to do himself. He seems more aware of things now and fully knows that socks belong on his feet as well as shoes and is more helpful when getting dressed in the morning. He also like to climb into his car seat on his own and do the top buckle on his own and gets super mad if we try to help.

We are SUPER happy with the progress that he is making since being at preschool!

:: Post Hearing Test // Doctor Appointment Update ::

I shared a week ago that Mason recently had a sedated hearing test where we found out that he has fluid behind his ear drums and slight hearing loss. He also has some abnormalities in his brain waves and the audiologist recommended him seeing a neurologist. I'm happy to report that our pediatrician is AMAZING and fully supports us and had no problem putting through the referrals that we requested. Our insurance is also AMAZING and approved them very quickly (thank you insurance!!!). I called to schedule his appointments and I am happy to say that we have an appointment with a neurologist and with an ENT doctor in the coming weeks. 

Now please bare with me. I will try to share as much as I can, when I can, but it may not be right after the appointments as I want to make sure I fully have a grasp on what's going on, tell my family personally (i.e. not read through the blog), and we have a plan. Cross your fingers that we get some answers during our first appointments and/or can make more appointments ASAP. I want so badly to find out what's going on with Mason and make him all better. He is the sweetest, happiest, most loving, caring boy and Seth and I would do anything for him.


  1. So I love his school! They sound kinda amazing. And mason is doing amazing there. So happy dance! And thanks for sharing doctors updates-- I weirdly feel like I know mason- so I've been thinking about him a lot! I'm so happy your doc and insursnce and everything else has been easy. And I hope tou get answers in the next few weeks!

  2. That's great they give you a progress report! Noah starts preschool this fall so I was mentally comparing Noah to this list. Noah can't jump yet but he tries so hard and it's so cute! Glad to hear mason is doing so well and that progress is being made! That's great news that you have your next appointment made!

  3. I'm so glad the dropoffs and pickups are going better! It sounds like he's doing so well at preschool :) That's awesome that your insurance is covering what you need. Hope the appts go well!!

  4. Oh, you've got to just be beaming-proud momma!! That's so awesome to hear how well Mason is doing at school. I absolutely agree, routine routine routine, it makes for much smoother transitions/situations with toddlers, at least that's what we've found also. So happy things are moving along smoothly with the doc appointments, thinking of you guys a lot and hoping you get the answers and support you need ASAP!! xoxo :)

    1. P.S. LOVE that picture of you two!! Can't help but smile..!!

  5. Will continue to pray as you have more appts. So glad you were able to get those!!

  6. Aww girl good luck on Mason's upcoming appointments...thinking of you guys and I know it's going to go great!

  7. So glad your insurance is being helpful in all of this! Looking forward to the updates!

  8. Yay for Preschool! Dont even worry about scissor use and writing his name that will come in time. (as a preschool teacher) That isnt the main focus of early education, really its all about social-emotional development, and Mason is obviously doing great in that!

  9. Thank you for updating, I have been thinking about him since your post That is so awesome that they give you progress reports. We have mid-year confrences and ours is tomorrow!!! Sometimes being a parent really tests you because you have so much more to worry about but you are a true inspiration in handling it all with grace!

  10. Such wonderful news!!! So glad that Mason is doing so well in school; I know that's such a relief!

  11. Yay, mason!!!!!!!! I know how nerve-wracking that can be & how happy that must make you!! Thinking of you in the coming weeks!!!!! Xoxox

  12. Sounds like Mason is thriving at preschool! And yay for easily getting all your referrals & for good insurance! I hope you only get more good news ahead!

  13. Good job Mason! So awesome to have improved so much in such a short amount of time :). Praying for you guys and Masons appointments friend.

  14. Definitely praying for good appointments & lots of answers, not to mention a complete game plan for sweet Mason! It definitely sounds like he is thriving in school and that is so awesome!!! We've considered starting Lily in the fall, you know, since we will have a baby and all. Does Mason go to a play focused school or is it way more structured? I love that they send home progress reports!

  15. Your school sounds like it rocks. The progress reports are awesome.
    It sounds like Mason is making some really great strides forward.
    We are praying that all your questions are answered in the following weeks! Keep me posted when you can.

  16. so much good stuff in this post!!! Yay for getting the doctor appts you need an an awesome progress report from his school!!!

  17. I am so happy to hear that things are getting better in Preschool!!! And, doesn’t it just melt your heart to see your little love making friends? Ahh! And how neat of them to give you an assessment broken out like that. You’re little man is perfect!! And you and Seth are wonderful parents!! I will be praying about your appointment with the neurologist and ENT.

  18. That progress report is amazing, what a great school you chose! And I'm so happy things are going well with getting referrals etc, that can sometimes be a nightmare! Still praying for you guys!


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