Preschool Update + a link up!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I still can't believe that my BABY is in SCHOOL.

It's been two full weeks of school now and I have to admit, these have been some of the craziest two weeks of my life. I haven't really talked about it much on the blog (because I have been hesitant to get too personal with a world of people that I don't know in person), but Mason has a speech delay. As in he doesn't talk. At all. Has no words. He's been going to speech therapy twice a week for 30 minutes per session since March. When I found out that there was a preschool at the place he goes for speech, I immediately found out more. I found out that they accept kids ages 2 and up and they don't have to be potty trained. So I immediately put Mason on the waiting list and come the beginning of July, I received a phone call saying that he could start on September 2. I, of course, accepted.

I've been dying to hear his little voice. Hear what it sounds like. Hear what he has to say. Hear how his day was. Hear him tell me he wants to watch Mickey. Hear him tell me he loves me. Hear him say anything. But that say still has not come. He has more recently found his voice but it most often shows itself as screams of excitement rather than words. I have noticed that things have been getting better since he started therapy. He uses signs and uses them correctly. He will walk over to us, hand us a toy, and sign "please". We know that this means that he wants us to turn the toy on. Or he will walk over to the chip drawer, grab his snack of choice, bring it to us, and sign "please". He wants to eat. He understands what we say to him and for the most part, we understand what he needs. We don't think it is hearing related because he does understand what we tell him to do and he does it appropriately though we haven't been able to fully test him because he won't keep the ear phones on his ears long enough to tell each ear's hearing capability.

And I have noticed that things have gotten better since he started preschool... which gives me great hope. The other day I handed him his socks (that I had bunched together) and he pulled them apart. I said "and now you have two" and he said "tuh" like he was trying to say two. Totally unprompted. He's been starting to say "tuh" also for truck. And the other day when we went to see dinosaurs, we asked him what a dinosaur says and he said "ruhhhhh!" for roar. They might sound like little things to you, but to us, it's a step in the right direction.

That being said, here's how he's been doing in preschool for the past couple weeks.

Day 1 - Tuesday, September 2.
Drop off went WAY better than expected. So good in fact that we opened the door to the room that he was supposed to be in and he ran inside. Without giving me (or Seth) a hug or kiss. Break. My. Heart. Kid. BUT at the same time, I was so happy that he was so excited. I did check on him once during the day just to make sure he was ok and the teacher said he did really well, ate really well, and napped well too.
Pick up went well also! He basically didn't want to leave because he was having so much fun playing with the train table. The teachers said that he did really well and he even napped for two hours (on a NAPPING PAD!). He did get a boo boo (on his first day of course) and they sent home an "incident report" to let us know what happened and what they did about it (he just tripped and bumped his head but he was ok).

Day 2 - Wednesday, September 3.
Drop off went really well again! I opened the door and Mason ran inside - straight to the train table. No hug or kiss again for me (it was only me who did drop off this time) which I was ok with because he was so happy. I told the teachers to have a good day and I was off. I even had the naive thought that "wow! this was WAY easier than I thought". Hahaha.
Pick up went ok. Mason ran to Seth but was crying. We think maybe it was confusing to him that all the other kids were getting picked up and he wasn't and so he was upset but happy to see Daddy come to get him. The teachers noted that day 2 was harder than day 1 but still not bad. They also noted how good of an eater Mason is.

Day 3 - Thursday, September 4.
Drop off was harder. Mason cried. I tried to comfort him, but ultimately I had to hand him off to one of the teacher's and just leave. It breaks my heart to leave him when he is crying, but I feel like sometimes he uses me as a crutch and if I am there, he wants me to hold him. But if I leave, he cries for a minute until he realizes all the fun things he has to play with.
Pick up was harder also. But harder in a good way? Seth showed up to pick Mason up and he didn't want to leave. So much so that he threw himself on the floor next to the train table and cried because his daddy was so mean taking him away from his favorite toy EVER. I swear we can have a similar toy and he wants nothing to do with it, but put it somewhere else and he LOVES it. Seth eventually won that battle and a temper tantrum later, the two of them headed home.

Day 4 - Friday, September 5.
Drop off was hard. Seth dropped Mason off since I had to work early. Mason cried and didn't want Daddy to leave. The teacher helped by taking Mason out of Seth's arms and walked him to the window to watch Seth leave. Not sure if that helped or not, but they were able to calm him down.
Pick up was hard again, but in a different way. Mason must have seen other kids leave and thought that Daddy wasn't going to come get him or something because when Seth got there, he ran to him, crying, and grabbing him like he was SO happy he was there and he didn't forget him. So sad. And so weird. Seth is always there and it wasn't any later than normal so I don't know what prompted him to be so scared.

Day 5 - Monday, September 8.
Drop off was HARD. Mason bawled his little eyes out and grabbed onto me and climbed into my lap. He didn't want me to leave. Monday's are usually like this so I didn't really think too much of it though it was hard to watch. I tried to comfort him a little but I think it was just making it worse. I handed him over to one of his teachers and quickly left. I know he is ok and he loves preschool, but it's just so hard to leave him upset in the morning.
Pick up was hard because Mason didn't want to leave. He was having so much fun and didn't want to go home. He threw himself on the ground when he saw that Daddy was there to take him home and had a temper tantrum. Seth picked him up, calmed him down, and gave him some snacks in the car on the way home.

Day 6 - Tuesday, September 9.
Drop off was better. Still a little crying, but nothing like Monday. I told him I loved him and left him to play with his friends.
Pick up was the same as Day 5.

Day 7 - Wednesday, September 10.
Drop off was better. We ran into one of his teachers, Miss Bobbi, in the hallway. I asked her a question and she took Mason from he so he didn't have a chance to get upset. I'm not sure if he noticed that I was gone or not, but she was able to transition him into the class room without any crying.
Pick up was the same as Day 5.

Day 8 - Thursday, September 11.
Drop off was hard but was better. I put Mason down to walk in to the classroom and he started crying. Not quite as bad as earlier this week. I walked him in to his classroom and told him to play with his friends. Crying. I told him to show me the train table. That we watch trains on TV. Crying. Other kids start to walk over and offer me a barrel of monkeys to play with. Mason sort of stops crying. I hand the monkeys back and another little girl tries to grab my scarf and comments on it. I walk over to the teacher to ask her a question and Mason wanders to the train table. He is happy. He is not crying. I get my answer and tell her I'm going to leave before he notices I'm still there. I quickly sneak out and peek in on him through the window and see he is having fun. I leave to go to work.
Pick up was the same as Day 5. Mason threw himself on the ground crying and screaming because he didn't want to stop playing and come home.

Day 9 - Friday, September 12.
Drop off was a little easier because Seth dropped him off after his follow up hearing test. Mason had gotten to sleep in a little longer and was happier, even after the "mean people" kept trying to put head phones on him that he didn't like. However once he realized Daddy was leaving, he was not happy and started crying. Seth handed Mason off to one of the teachers and left to go to work.
Pick up was the same as Day 5.

Day 10 - Monday, September 15.
Drop off was easier than I expected. Mason cried when I took him out of the car and wanted me to carry him in. I obliged and he, of course, had the biggest smile on his face. I check him in and set him down to walk into the classroom and he starts to get a little fussy and whiny. We brought his sippy cup with us this morning so I hand it to him and tell him to bring it to Miss Bobbi. He grabs the cup from my hand and walks right into the room like a big boy. I hear one of the teachers say good morning to him and he shows her his cup. I say "bye! have a good day!" to anyone willing to listen and quickly shut the door. I drop off a change of clothes in his cubby and look through the window on my way out. He's at the train table... of course. But at least he's happy and not crying!
Pick up was better. Mason was watching some of the bigger kids play a train game on the TV when Seth walked in. Mason an Seth made eye contact, Mason got a huge smile on his face and... threw himself on the ground and cried because he didn't want to leave. Seth walked over, picked him up, and... he was fine. Happy again. Toddlers. So weird.

I am confident that Mason is in the best place for him. He is surrounded by teachers who are trained to help kids who have speech delays. His speech teacher checks him out twice weekly for his speech classes and leaves us little notes as to how good he is doing and what they are working on. It is so much easier for us since we don't have to leave work in the middle of the day and take him to his speech classes (though we would do anything for him in a heart beat and have been since March) and it is so much better for him. He is learning and thriving and growing. I can see a difference in him already. Though he has not made any huge strides, it has only been two weeks. 

Drop offs and pick ups have been hard. I hate to see Mason upset or cry. It gives me anxiety. I feel like I am abandoning him when he needs me the most. I know he is safe. I know he is happy after I leave. But right then, when he is crying and grabbing for me, I can't help but feel helpless, like I am leaving him in this strange place where he doesn't know anyone. That he is scared and he needs his mom. I know how I would feel if I were all alone, didn't know anyone, in a strange new place. But what I need to realize is that it is only temporary. It is only the third week now. And Mason probably doesn't even feel the way I imagine he does. He is probably happy all day. He is social. I'm sure he has already made new friends. I just need to get creative. If I am there, he wants me. But if I can get him in the room without him seeing me leave, we are both better off. Pick up might stay hard for a while because when Seth gets there, Mason is so happy to be there, that he doesn't want to leave. I hope he always loves his school this much, but I do wish it were easier for Seth in the afternoons.

I am SO PROUD of my baby and how well he is doing. He makes me such a proud mama.


And while we're on the subject of Fall and back to school.... I have some exciting news!

Now that the "cooler" temperatures have arrived here in Southern California (HA! by cooler I mean it was only 98 yesterday since of 100 like Sunday!), it’s time to DECORATE FOR FALL!
Yep, even though it's hotter than it was over the summer, I'm starting to celebrate Fall anyway. I plan to hit up the Dollar Section at Target this weekend and maybe Hobby Lobby to find some festive decorations to put up (high up so Mason doesn't tear them down!). But it wouldn't be Fall without a Fall Bucket List to mark fun, family adventures off our list!

Does that list not make you ache for weekends filled with family fun? In true Mom blogger fashion, I've teamed up with Desiree over at Macke Monologues and Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me to bring a weekly linkup that will allow us to share our 2014 Fall Fun on our blogs and with our readers. Each Tuesday, starting next week, September 23rd (which just happens to be the official first day of Fall!) you can share with us what Fall bucket list item you've checked off your list.

So pick an item, start celebrating Fall, and come back next Tuesday and link up with us! I would love to see how you and your family spend Fall.

Grab our Fall Family Bucket List Button (just right click the photo and add it to your post) and be sure to link up with one of the three hosts next week: DesireeStephanie, or myself!


  1. He seems like he's adjusting to pre-school at least when you're gone or you'd be getting a million phone calls right?! It sounds like a great school and that all the resources he needs are there to succeed. I feel like a bit of jerk talking about how awesome talking is all the time! He will get there - I've heard boys are often slower talkers. My sister had speech therapy as a kid for years (at least long enough that I have memories of playing at a park while she was at her therapy) and once it was done she was great - never stops talking! :) It sounds like he's already making progress and every little sound/word is awesome! This is not the same at all but I can relate a little bit to how you feel. Callie had no words until almost 18 months but then just took off talking. I remember how hard it was to talk to other moms whose babies had been saying "mama" since 9mo - so I can only imagine how hard it is for you guys to work though all this. Hang in there lady and know you're doing the best job for him and try (it's so hard) not to compare and you will all figure things out! Oh and excited about your fall link up -- I'm hosting one for just Halloween -- existed for double the fun!

  2. Noah didn't say much at all until 22 months. I know how you feel just wanting to hear their voices. I felt like I was always comparing Noah to other kids who were early talkers. I finally realized that like other things, every kid is different. Noah was a little late with sitting, crawling, and walking so why should this be any different. I'm so glad to hear that he's starting to repeat words and is adjusting to preschool!

  3. Aw. Elizabeth! I can't imagine the ache you feel at times yearning to hear your baby's voice. Y'all have made such a good decision with the preschool and speech therapy though. It sounds like Mason is already making strides to vocally communicate! I pray it becomes easier as time goes. On the drop off/pick up note. Your struggles are the exact reasons why in terrified of putting Lily in preschool. It's just so hard because your rational side turns off and your anxiety takes over. I feel ya girlfriend! Poor Seth. Sounds like he is getting the brunt of it all. Ha! And yay for a Festive Fall link up!!!

  4. Just a virtual hug, we moms can really take so much on to ourselves. You are doing a great job getting him early intervention and trying so hard to help him develop. I know hearing the, so and so's kid stories can get old especially since it's not your own, but we have 3 different friends - in real life - who's 2yo boys are the exact same. They all communicate in their own way, just don't really speak. I know they all have been in therapy too and it does seem to be helping. It's so strange how girls and boys can be so different. I hope pick up and drop offs get easier for everyone with some time and regularity, I'm sure he's having a blast while there, just loves his mom and dad so much he wants to keep you with him! You are doing a great job!

  5. First off, it seems like Mason is doing really well in preschool. Glad to hear that everything is going well with his teachers, and he seems to be enjoying the train table :) Dropoffs are hard, and while I don't deal with it too much right now, Reese likes to cling to me in the morning before Scott takes her to my mom's. Hopefully as the weeks go by, it will get a little bit easier. Leaving your crying child is never easy.
    Also, love the bucket list! I may have to link up in addition to our countdown to Halloween :)

  6. I would handle drop offs like that so poorly. Why do they make it so hard when they end up having so much fun!! So much so that they don't want to leave. Like come on child! That's great that he is using a few sounds here and there and signing! I can't get Aria to shut it for a second anymore. I hate noise, so she is trying to give me a nervous break down daily. I love her little voice, so I wish my body would stop freaking out about it so much. I can't wait for you too to have Mason's little voice on high speed a few decibels too high and constant! I'm sure the first i love you from the kid is burned into every parents brain. Aria hasn't said that yet, but one day!
    Hey great minds think alike! Fall link ups all over the place =)

  7. Elizabeth, this is so much to share!! I am so happy you guys have found a place that seems really good for Mason and that's AWESOME you are already seeing progress in speech. Those new sounds from him have got to be music to your ears, that is so exciting!! :) I want to pat you on the back and let you know what a GREAT momma you are (and daddy too). It is so hard to watch your little guy get upset, but I would almost bet as you continue with this new routine/schedule, he'll continue to do better and better. ;) Good job at being strong and encouraging for him. :) Hang in there and thank you for sharing!!
    Love the Fall bucket list - I've already been dreaming about so many of those exact things, how fun!! :)

  8. Wow, preschool!! Go, Mason (and mom and dad!). Toddlers are such interesting creatures. Crying because he doesn't want to stay, then crying because he doesn't want to leave...yep - sounds like a toddler! Hope it gets easier for you guys in the coming weeks.

  9. heck yes for school! and with him going more than 2x a week he's going to adjust so much quicker (seriously. it already seems like he's getting used to the schedule!). what helped the most with us was telling lex exactly when i'd be back "mommy comes back AFTER LUNCH". but mason sounds like he's doing AWESOME!! hooray!! and i bet it'll help with speech 1000000% to be around teachers trained to help AND other kiddos (peer pressure man). i can't wait until his voice comes out and then you'll wonder if he'll ever stop talking :)

  10. Way to go for you and Seth for knowing that Mason needed a little extra in his world. So many folks are put off by preschool but I am a huge supporter of education at a young age. Connor will be going to school next Fall and I know that there will be bumps in the process but it's so good for him socially along with his learning.
    Before you know it, Mason will be chatting away and you'll be wishing for some quite! Stay strong, love!

  11. My mind is blown that Mason is already in preschool. Such a big boy!
    You're doing the right thing, and the very best thing, for Mason! Your drop offs and pick ups seem to be getting better and smoother by the day. And, how great that his speech therapist is there!
    Can't wait for the fall link up to see what fun everyone has in store for this season.

  12. It's so hard to leave them when they are upset. Mine has cried everyday for 2 solid years. He has to adjust though, he has to go to Kindergarten next year. I sure hope Mason gets adjusted soon. My son is in speech at preschool and it's helped dramatically. Hopefully you will have the same result.

  13. I am seriously such a sob these days.. yesterday I cried over a post about someone's dog passing away and now you got me all choked up over here. You have such an amazing spirit and are full of such joy and love for your family! Of course I don't personally know Mason, but I can tell he is just the sweetest and most perfect little boy for you guys. I'm glad you shared a bit of your personal story with us and I think you are doing a great job with Mason. If after two weeks he is already progressing so much, can you imagine what it will be like in a couple months!

  14. I love the Fall Family Bucket List, I may have to steal some of those...or all of them.

    I think that's great that Mason is doing so well with preschool & that he's starting to say some little things. That is awesome. &, like you said, it may seem like pebbles to some people but it's a boulder for yall. That's great & I hope that he continues to make more dinosaur noises for ya. :)

    Mandie ~

  15. Preschool!!!! I can so relate to those feelings, friend. Especially the anxiety of leaving while your sweet boy is crying. It’s hard. But, just remember that he’s having fun and enjoying himself while you are gone. It’s just the drop off that’s hard! I’ve had many friends with kids with speech delay (all boys too) and it just seems to happen overnight…the talking. Hang in there sweet friend! One day he will talk your ears off. And I pray for the day that you get to hear his sweet sweet voice! It sounds like you found the perfect preschool and having that peace that you’re at the right place is all a Mama can ask for!


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