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Monday, September 8, 2014

hey ya'll! i'm lori from a crazy walk on the safe side... where i blog about my sweet little family. i am so happy that elizabeth has asked me to be a part of her #boymom series because there is really no greater joy in my life than being a momma to this guy.

but if i were to be honest, i'd tell you that i've always pictured myself having a daughter... i babysat a little girl for years and then i became an aunt when i was in college and obsessed over my sweet perfect niece, sophia. i had been through all the girly stuff myself. i know about barbies, american girl dolls, and tea parties AND i can french braid hair {is that still a girl mom "must"?... i don't know}. 
i was comfortable having a baby girl.

there was so much i didn't know about having a baby boy- important things- like how do you change a diaper without getting peed on? and where do you even shop for cute boy clothes?

well, you know what they say about life starting outside of your comfort zone? that's exactly how i feel about being a boy mom.

when we announced that we were pregnant with our little GUY {around 22 weeks}, every boy mom that i knew would tell me how much fun they were- and emphasize the fact that boys REALLY love their mommas. i'd smile and agree, but i didn't really get it. not until carter came into my world on august 27, 2013.

from the beginning i have felt a special bond with my boy. when he was a little baby, i swear he had a smile that he reserved just for me. i love the way i am always able to calm him down when he is upset, and how i know he feels safe and secure when i am holding him. even during the newborn stage, in the middle of the night when sometimes my boy wouldn't sleep unless i was holding him.

despite the pure exhaustion, i really cherish the memories of nights sleeping sitting up, pillows propped on both sides of me, a baby carter sleeping snuggled on my chest.

a lot has happened since then. my boy has grown into a crazy fast-paced walking one year old, and my life is BUSY. whether he's playing in cat food, pouring a bottle all over his outfit on the way to dinner, or eating potting soil/grass/fuzz from the rug... carter keeps me on my toes.

i have even found him happily splashing in the toilet. twice. maybe three times. {we try to keep the lid down and doors shut, but it happens}.

i've found that whatever makes your baby happy makes YOU happy. so i've traded in my thoughts of bows, dolls, and teacups for cars, planes, and trains.

and i'm really excited about future trips to legoland and riding a real train together one day. i wouldn't trade being a boy mom for anything in this world... carter lights up my life and i know that he will always keep things fun and interesting! being his mom is everything and i am SO blessed to call him mine.

oh, and don't worry, i've figured out where to shop... it turns out they make pretty cute baby boy clothes, too ;)

the hubs is happy that i am able to save a little money on all the hairbows that i'm not buying.
{so let's not mention all the bow ties, monogrammed clothes, and party hats... deal?}


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  1. that last picture is just the cutest.. as a momma of two boys they are pretty awesome

  2. I mentioned to my husband that having a boy saved us tons. He quickly replied with "what about all the items we have monogrammed?" I just walked out of the room.


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