30 things about me on my 30th birthday!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Today is my 30th birthday (eek!) and in honor of my 30th year, I thought I would share 30 things about me that you might not know!

1. I love scarves. Like LOVE. I wear one almost everyday. And not necessarily for warmth.

2. I love Starbucks. The obsession has gotten better but one time in college, my friend and I went 6 times in 5 days.

3. I love country music.

4. I was born and raised in California. And I love living in California, but it is so ridiculously expensive that I feel like I will never be able to buy a house. Which I so DESPERATELY want. Selfishly for me (and my husband), but mostly for Mason. I want to give him a backyard.

5. My brother's birthday is (3 years and) 9 days after mine and we used to have joint parties for as long as I can remember... until I got old enough to request my own.

6. My Grandpa lived in Palm Beach, FL and I had been to DisneyWorld many, many times before I had ever been to Disneyland. And Disneyland was in the same state that I lived in...only 7ish hours away! My first trip to Disneyland was when I was 16 but my first trip to DisneyWorld was when I was...?

7. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I guess that's a rare combination? My biology teacher in 9th grade called me a mutant. How kind.

8. My mom passed away from breast cancer in 2003...when I was 18. She never got to see me graduate college, never got to meet Seth, never got to go to my wedding, never got to meet Mason. I feel like she was robbed of so much and I miss her everyday. BUT, I know she is looking down on us and smiling and is so happy for the life that we have made. Though she might not been able to physically meet them or be there, I know she has "met" them and loves them just as much as I do.

9. Seth and I got married on my mom's birthday in 2010 because I wanted to include her in the wedding. We also had a candle lit in memory of her.

10. My husband and I met at Barnes and Noble... when I was his boss and he was my employee...oops!

11. I hate nuts in my cookies.

12. I hate root beer and have never had a root beer float.

13. When I was little, I hated peanut butter. But I loved PB cups. Explain that logic to me. Kids! Haha.

14. In 8th grade, I first found out I needed glasses. I refused to wear them at first because I HATED them. I would rather squint at the board in school, looking so crazy doing so, rather than wear my glasses. I was stoked when my grandpa (my ophthalmologist) said I could wear contacts. And that's how it's been ever since. I have glasses but I never wear them. They are only in case of "omg my eye is going to fall out and I will go blind if I stick my contacts in my eyes" emergencies. Let's hope this day never comes.

15. I'm almost as obsessed with layering as I am scarves. I ALWAYS wear a tank top under my main shirt, no matter how hot it is outside.
16. I've never broken a bone. {knock on wood} And I'd like to keep it that way.

17. I've also never been stung by a bee. And I'd also like to keep it that way.

18. If I didn't have a job that forced me to get dressed in "real clothes", I would for sure wear sweatpants/yoga pants all day, everyday....even though I've never done yoga (except in college once and I hated it).

19. I don't really like talking on the phone. I'm not really sure why, but I much prefer texting. Impersonal, I know.

20. Two of my biggest fears in life are raw chicken and uncooked eggs. We cook them both a lot, but I literally obsess over the cleanliness in the kitchen if raw chicken is involved.

21. One of my other fears is the garbage disposal. Irrational? Maybe. I know it won't turn on unless I flip the switch, but I have this fear that if I stick my hand/finger in there to get something, it will turn on by itself and chop my finger off. I refuse. And make Seth do it.

22. Another fear is bugs - especially spiders. I don't know how I ended up as a boy mom with this fear! I guess I better get used to them!

23. If I don't write it down, I won't remember it. I try to blame it on old age (ha) or pregnancy (or mom) brain, but honestly, I've always been like that. Which is why I carry my planner around 24-7!

24. Speaking of planners, I much prefer to have a paper planner than to use my phone. I used to use my phone and I swear it was deleting things (or maybe I forgot to input them? see #23 lol) so I got a real planner for Christmas last year. I love using pretty pens and washi tape and decorating it as well as using it for its function.

25. I don't like Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I know, I know. I'm like the only one in the whole world but I don't like the spicy-ness about them. I do love a good Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks in the Fall though!

26. I fall asleep on the couch more often than I care to admit.

27. I can't cook. But Seth can and does. He can't bake. But I can and do.

28. I hate shorts. Hate them. I never wear shorts, except to bed. I would much rather wear pants even if it is 100 degrees outside. Or more recently, I would rather wear a (long) maxi dress.

29. I love chocolate. If I were to suddenly become allergic to it... I would just deal with it. And still eat chocolate.

30. I love being a mom. A boy mom at that! Seriously. I didn't know how much I would like being a mom until I was pregnant and had that special bond with Mason. A special bond that nobody else could ever have. And then I fell in love instantly with this little person that I had only known for 5 seconds. My greatest joy is watching him grow and learn and mature into the little man that he has become.


  1. Happy happy 30th birthday!! Loved this post! I too have never been stung by a bee, and when I tell other people that, they look at me like, how is that possible? Haha. Oh, and I don't like talking on the phone either, so don't feel bad :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! #11, #18, #29 are so true for me too!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  3. So many new things I learned about you! That is so wonderful that you were able to "include" your mom in your wedding. I've always wondered what it would be like to live somewhere besides Iowa...but we do have it good here with cost of living. Love, love, love learning all these things about you!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, you are so cute!! LOVED getting to know you better!
    I wish I liked wearing scarves!! They make the cutest accessory but I always feel like I'm suffocating when I wear them... I rarely wear necklaces as well for the same reason :(
    You are the most beautiful mutant I've ever heard of ;)
    I would LOVE to live in California! But agreed! Hate how expensive it is! You can always come be my neighbor in UT if you want ;)
    I didn't know that about your mom, I am so sorry!! I also believe she is watching over you (and that you'll see her again someday!) but I'm so sorry that you have to miss her every second of every day!
    I bet the pb and reeces cup thing had to do with the texture... maybe?
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You deserve the most spectacular day!! xoxo

  5. Happy Birthday love!! Enjoy your 30's, they have been good to me so far!
    And this is a fabulous post that allowed me to get to know you so much more.
    We lost James' Mom to cancer in 2011. She was able to see us get married but never experience my pregnancy or meet Connor. Her name was Connie so we named Connor is honor of her. And like you said, she didn't get to meet my little guy but I know she is watching over him every single day.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!! I hope you're enjoying a beautiful one!! XxOo

  7. Happy Birthday! I'm with you on so many of these... Fear of spiders, don't like wearing shorts either (but got over it this summer lol). I also prefer to text and when a friend calls on the phone I get all weirded out and wonder what's wrong lol.

  8. I LOVED reading this!! And I hope you have the bestest birthday ever.

  9. Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! Loved the list. It is amazing you wear pants all the time, I die in them. I hate spiders. I think I look like a dork in scarves. And I have to write everything down too or it won't happen.I love my planner!

  10. Loves getting to know you better! Happy birthday and welcome to being 30! I turned 30 this year too. Oh my I know what you mean about scarves! I love them so much!! And the layering cracked me up because I do the same hahah. Hope was a wonderf birthday!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm totally with you on numbers 18, 29, &30! I think I was actually in 7th grade, but same, I never wore my glasses! I totally love being a boy mom, and am actually pretty nervous about having a girl. I'm just not as girly as I once thought I was! ;)

  12. LOVED this post and getting to know you a little better!
    I hope you had the Happiest of Happy Birthdays! I truly believe the best years of life begin at 30 (and beyond)!
    I'm right there with you when it comes to writing things down. My phone planner? Nope, not even slightly useful.
    Seriously, please, if it can be said in a text, don't call.
    Spiders? Can't even handle them.
    And, you don't like PSLs?! Whaaaaat? :)

  13. Also LOVE this!! Hope you had a wonderful and very special birthday weekend!! (From one fellow 'mutant' to another.) :)

  14. I didn’t know a lot of these. I enjoyed learning more about you, friend. I love that you guys married on your mom’s birthday to incorporate her into your big day. So sweet!!! We have a lot in common (1,2,3,11,15,16,19,22,28,30).

  15. I loved reading this & getting to know you a little better. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  16. I've been to Starbucks 3 times in a day before! haha
    Happy belated Bday!!


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