[BOY MOMS] Ashley from Everything's Hunky Dorey

Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm Ashley and I blog over at EVERYTHING'S HUNKY DOREY. I'm a mama of one sweet and rambunctious little boy, Wyatt, who is 17 months old. We're also expecting a baby girl, Stella, who is due any day now. But today is all about being a #boymom!
I remember when we found out on November 14th, 2012 that we were having a boy, we were both in shock. Although now looking back, I'm not sure why, I had already convinced myself  we would have a boy. Plus, we had always said we wanted a boy first, ya' know, the whole "big brother/protector" thing.

 I was really nervous about having a boy. I knew nothing about boys. I hate anything that's messy -  dirt, being sticky, insects, reptiles, sports, basically anything boy. I really didn't know what I would do all day with him, since at that point I knew I'd be home with him all day.
When Wyatt entered our lives on April 26, 2013 I knew all was right. And I couldn't wait to experience everything with him. When you have a baby, every experience is so exciting because you get to experience it for the first time all over again.

 I've had so many fun, "first", experiences with Wyatt. From swimming to zoo trips to parks and the  holidays. The list could go on and I know we'll continue to experience so many new things together.

 He has taught me so much about being a mama. I've definitely become a lot more laid back in "messy" situations. The boy knows how to make a great mess! He's shown me how much the "little things" in our everyday matter. I really couldn't imagine anything different in our lives at this point. We spend our days playing in rocks, building with blocks, and playing with cars and tractors.

I'm definitely looking forward to experiencing this next journey of life with him. I know he is going to be a wonderful big brother!
Thank you Elizabeth for letting me be apart of this wonderful series!


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