Lions and Tigers and Baseballs...oh my!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

This past weekend was a fun one... we got to go to a baseball game and to the zoo!

The weekend started off on Saturday with Seth helping one of our friends move. While he was having fun doing manual labor, Mason and I were off for a fun day of shopping. Unfortunately for us, it was not my preferred shopping (i.e. clothing) but it was to Babies R Us and Costco so we still had a good time. I even impressed myself because I bought my first Christmas present! And it wasn't even September yet. Now I don't want to be too proud of myself because knowing me, I probably won't buy my next one until like November so I'm not really that on top of things.

We came home and played and Mason found my hidden stash of birthday presents that I hid under his Cars table. He immediately noticed Jake on one of the Lego boxes and pulled it out.

I secretly was excited because I thought they looked so cute on the box and was eager to build them. I opened the box, Mason got SO excited, and I got to building. It took on a few minutes and once I was done, I was so excited for Mason to play, but what did he do? He tore it apart. Immediately.

Toddlers. Crushing parents dreams one Lego at a time.

We ate lunch and I put Mason down for a nap. And then? Then I re-built the Lego set that Mason wrecked and then I built the other two sets that went along with it.

After I finished building, I did some stuff around the house, got ready for the baseball game (we had bought Seth's Dad tickets for his birthday in July), and waited for Seth to get home and Mason to wake up. Then Seth's Dad (Papa) came over and we all went to the Angels game.

Overall, it was a really fun evening. We ended up leaving our seats slightly early because it was getting late (8:30pm-ish) and Mason was getting tired and squirmy. So we walked down to the team store (which was a horrible idea because Mason just wanted to run ALL AROUND the store touching EVERYTHING) and then headed back to the car.

What made the evening even better was that the Angels won (!!!) (and beat the A's!!!) and that it was a Saturday night game and there were fireworks - Mason's first fireworks. I was a little worried about how he would react but he was in awe the whole time and LOVED them. Not a bit scared.

Sunday we had plans to use a Groupon that we bought for the San Diego Safari Park, but forgot to check the black out periods (oops) and found out that we couldn't use them on Labor Day weekend. So instead, we made this place our home for the day :

We had a blast taking the bus tour and walking around and seeing the animals. My favorites were the giraffes, elephants, koalas, zebras, and pandas. I don't know what it is but I am always in awe whenever I see them. Mason, of course, loved everything about the zoo and had the best time. 

I haven't been to that many zoos, but the San Diego Zoo is one of my absolute favorites. If you are local or vacationing or just want a fun place to visit, definitely check this place out.

The kid didn't nap all day. AT ALL. I was actually quite surprised, happy, and scared. I felt like we were in for a meltdown at any time and was pleasantly surprised that he was so happy the whole day.

But the minute we got into the car...

...the whole way home!
I had to pry his water out of his hand. And he didn't even flinch.

We finally got home, got some take out for dinner with Papa and then headed home. I was worried Mason wouldn't sleep because he had taken such a late nap, but all was good and he slept through the night. And all the way until 8am on Monday! The poor boy must have been so tired from the day before.

Monday I had to work so it was a daddy/son day.

We had such a great weekend and are already counting down until the next one. We have some fun stuff planned and luckily it's only two days away now!

Happy Thursday!


  1. What a weekend!! I love it all! And I swear baseball games rock for toddlers! Maybe because of all the delicious food? We're going to SD later this month and definitely want to check out the zoo!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Can I come hang out with you some time & have a weekend like that?! :)

    Mandie ~

  3. I've heard amazing things about the San Diego zoo and would love to go one day! Maybe when Noah is older we will wake a trip out west!

  4. Such a fun weekend! Yay for seeing fireworks, too!

  5. Great weekend!! That's so funny you build up the Legos too, I always want to do them just like the box shows and Tyson only wants to shoot the cannon and try and knock Hook over. :) Oh well, we're both entertained I suppose. Looks like a really cool zoo, how fun!!

  6. What a fun weekend! I love the zoo!

  7. Glad your missed nap day went well! We had one Saturday and it ended in the biggest tantrum of all time followed by a toddler in only a diaper sleeping on our bed on top of a giant stuffed pig. It was scary!

  8. Love all your pics of the baseball game! That is one thing that we have yet to do with Liam. I keep thinking we'll take him to a Mariners game the next time we are in Seattle, but we might have to hit up the smaller league in SLC before then! I think he would love it!

  9. What a fun weekend! I absolutely love the zoo but we never get to go. The closest one to us is 4 hours or more away :(

    Boys are a breed of their own for sure. My son LOVES to destroy anything I build!

  10. Those are two of my favorite places; a baseball game and the zoon! Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I say I am going to start Christmas shopping early every year and I never ever do! Ugh! That lego set is awesome. It that one of the Duplo sets? Mason is totally into legos right now! But the actual Lego brand can get so expensive for the bigger sets! Love the picture with Mason and the icecream! Adorable!! The San Diego Zoo looks awesome.

  11. Great weekend! Zoo and baseball! Plus ice cream! And fireworks!! I love our little zoo, but a big zoo with harder to find animals is really fun. We've just got the basics. I've always wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo!
    hahaha, love that you built the legos at nap time. Nice!

  12. Awesome weekend - I love the SD zoo! :) I've never been to the safari park though- let me know how it is when you end up going.
    Love all your pictures, and I totally understand the lego drama! We have one of the duplo sets that we put together and Reese knocks down. Oh kids, haha

  13. Yay for loving the fireworks! I'm so glad he wasn't scared. It's been a long time but i've been the the SanDiego zoo and I loved it! It's one of my favorite zoos! I totally understand the duplo problem - I'm always rebuilding Callie's ariel set or even just rearranging her little people princess castles. I can't help but make them all look "pretty" for her to play the next time (ie destroy them)!

  14. San Diego zoo! I've heard it's the best around!! I love that you put all his Legos together! I'm am waiting for the day I get to do that! I always want to buy him one but dang they are so expensive now. I remembering buying cool sets for $20 when I was young and now they are like $50! Rest assured I will still buy him tons when he can play with the older kid Lego sets though! Labor on Labor Day... Booo to that!!!

  15. We need to go to an Angels games on a Saturday. We haven't seen their fireworks.
    The San Diego Zoo! It's one of my favorites! We haven't taken Marcus - yet - but it's certainly on our to-do list!
    Looks like you successfully tuckered out your toddler. Way to go. :)


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