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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello! I am so excited to be sharing today about being a boy mom. My name is Keri, from Living In This Season. I am the mom to 2 boys ages 5 and 2, and also a 3 month old girl. And yes, I was convinced baby number 3 was a boy, literally up until she was born, I was convinced she would be a boy. But today we are talking all about the boys - my little superheroes.

When I found out I was having a boy 5 years ago I was so nervous. I wasn't sure if I would know what to do... how to handle all things boy?! And then I had baby number 2 and another boy?! It is a good thing so many of our friends have all boys!


I certainly do not have it all figured out. It seems like each season, there are new things to learn and implement but so far there are 3 BIG things I have learned about raising boys

Let boys be boys. Okay, you say, of course. But really, let.them.be.boys. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Let them dig in the dirt, hunt for bugs, make inventions out of random items around the house, have collections, etc. Boys really will just be boys. They love to run and play all day long, so safe yourself some energy and let them do so. 

Embrace what they are interested in. As you raise kids, you see their personality unfold and it is so exciting and beautiful to see what they are interested in. My oldest has gone through many interests. Lately, our house is pretty much on superhero overload. So what do I do? Well I want my kids to love reading and books, so we find books about superheroes, or trains, or cars. Whatever they are interested in at that moment, we fully embrace it and use it for teaching. 

Have one on one time with your boys. Boys seem to just naturally have that connection with dads and it can be easy to encourage that soo much and not have some special time of your own. But, I encourage us as moms to reach out and spend one on one time with our boys. Take them for ice cream, mini golf, Target to try on superhero masks, a park to hunt for bugs. Spend some quality time together and build into your little guy. Something fun my oldest and I have been doing is every couple weeks, I like to go to a couple local Goodwill stores and see if there are any treasures. So I tell my son we are treasure hunting. He is always so excited as we set off on our adventure. Usually I do let him get something small (I mean seriously $1 toy is not that bad). Most of the time he actually finds something useful and of purpose. Afterwards, I like to treat him to a little ice cream or a donut (we both love our sweets). 


 I really could go on and on about being a boy mom. I think there is something special about it. When I meet other moms of boys, it seems like we have this instant connection. We relate as we talk about Legos, cars, trains, and dirt (and how dirty the bathroom can get, I mean seriously... working on that training here now). As moms of boys we have such a special calling, we are training boys to become men, and in our home we are training and hoping one day they will turn into godly men. These little guys I have truly are such a gift... dirt and bugs and all. Thanks again Elizabeth, for letting me share today! I love reading these Boy Moms post each week and how we can share stories and encourage.  


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  1. Great tips, Keri! I agree. Let them be boys!

  2. What a sweet post. Letting boys be boys is so true! There are far too many other things to worry about that a little dirt under the finger nails, or a wagon full of sticks, leaves, and rocks is going to be a-ok with me. :)
    Love the idea of one-on-one time! We may have to go on a little mommy/son date soon. I think we could both go for a little ice cream. :)

  3. Love this! Love my little boy even more after reading! ;)


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