Five on Friday!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Friday's post was quite heavy for a Friday. But it was something I've been wanting to share for a while, I just didn't know when. And then was perfect. I'm seriously still blown away by the amazing, wonderful, caring, loving comments that everyone left. This community never ceases to amaze me. And while that letter to Mason was important and I am so glad I shared it, I wanted to come back today with my regular, light hearted, Five on Friday fun.

Food Holidays Calendar.

An American Food Holiday Calendar. I mean, really, who knew such a thing existed? Apparently there is a different food holiday for every day of the year. I mean, I'm not mad, any excuse to celebrate and eat is a good reason in my book! I might have spent wayyyyy too much time going through all the days and making note in my calendar so I don't forget good ones like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day from last Friday.

LaCroix water.

I've been OBSESSED with this stuff lately! My old favorite was cran-raspberry but my new favorite is this one : orange! I get bored with plain water and love that this water is flavored and fizzy (and whole30 approved!). I wish it was on sale more often because I want to try all the flavors!

The Bachelorette.

Every season I say that I'm not going to watch anymore and every season I'm sucked back in. It's a totally guilty pleasure and I just can't help myself! Makes Mondays that much more bearable :)
Anyone else watching??

New Clothes.

I've been in the market for some new clothes lately but I'm having the hardest time finding anything I like. I want something fitted but not too tight. Something loose but not too boxy. Something reasonably priced (or on sale!) and not too expensive. Something nice but not too fancy (and toddler proof). Something short sleeve and good for summer. I've literally had the same outfits on repeat for the past couple weeks (and someone said something yesterday - oops!) so I thought I would add a couple new items to the rotation. I'm kinda liking this tank top from Loft. It's simple but fun and looks perfect for summer but I don't know!
Help! Mamas, where do you like to shop?


My mother-in-law got Mason come of these shoes last week and I was skeptical. I'd heard about how they were so awesome, but I was worried Mr. Big Foot's foot wouldn't fit into them as his feet are kind of wide. BUT lo and behold, they fit! I think my search for the perfect sandal for summer might be over. Though these aren't really sandals so I think I may still be able to justify a sandal purchase...

Happy Friday and happy long weekend!


  1. I shop a lot at loft and also at old navy and gap. Recently I've found some good tops at express (their one eleven line) and jcrew. I love to shop ;). We have the same width problem with Noah. Not that Chris would even "approve" since they are kind of girly, but Noah can't wear toms or saltwater sandals because they are too narrow.

  2. Natives are almost as amazing as that calendar!! And honey. You know I'm so totally watching ;) I mean did you see the preview for what's coming on this season?! I'm SO EXCITED!

  3. The Holiday Food Calendar - yes! Any reason to celebrate delicious goodness, I'm on board!
    Bachelorette Fan, guilty as charged. At first I thought this season was going to be just meh, but after the second episodes season teasers, OH. MY. GOSH. It looks like it's going to be a good one!
    Those shoes look amazing! We have a really tough time keeping flip flops on, but those look like the perfect solution. You'll have to follow up on them and how well they're working for you.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Old navy had similar shoes like the Natives and I loved them. So easy to clean!! I also might be watching the Bachelorette.... too good.

  5. Yes to The Bachelorette! Can't miss a single season!! And those shoes! I've purchased a similar pair for Brantley the last two summers (the first year from Buy Buy Baby and last year from Old Navy). They are amazing! Sadly, neither store seems to carry them anymore and I'm not sure I can justify the price at Nordstrom... :(

  6. Ok, so I'm sure everyone's going to say this, but have you tried Stitch Fix? I'm not trying to get a referral fee or anything (promise), I've just been stuck in a similar fashion rut where nothing fits and have been really pleasantly surprised by the stuff they've sent for me. Just a thought! And someone else just told me about Natives too - dishwasher safe shoes sound PERFECT for my little worm-digging dirt ball. :)

  7. I have a coworker obsessed with LaCroix. I need to try it out!

    You know what clothes I love, girl! Besides LuLaRoe, I also love Target's Merona brand. They always have cute tops that fit well for me!

  8. I LOVE LaCroix - orange is my fav too. I feel the exact same way EVERY season the the Bachelor and Bachelorette! This year I am looking into Toms and Sanuks :) I need comfy flip flops and wedges. Have a great weekend

  9. happy National Vanilla Pudding Day! Hahaha I love it. Happy long weekend!

    1. And I just noticed National Wine Day is right around the corner! I will definitely have to celebrate that one :):)

  10. food calendar! winning! I've been wondering if such a thing existed lately and just never bothered to look. Thanks for sharing.
    So why are there two ladies on the bachelorette? Do they both get to pick guys? Clearly I've never watched this but I thought it was one guy/girl.
    la croix. I'll have to be on the lookout for sales. chris enjoys his sparkly water, so does Aria. He likes the dasani if you see that on sale. I'm assuming it is pretty similar.

  11. Thanks for sharing that American Food Holidays calendar!!! Oh how I love a delicious excuse to celebrate! lol :) Your Disneyland starbucks mug is super cute by the way! ;) Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  12. I am going right now to check out that food calendar....why did you wait until the end of May to share this?!!!

  13. I saw those Native shoes and was wondering about them. Thanks for the heads up on them. I may try and find some while we're in "town" for a few days. ;)

    And I'm totally the same way about clothes. I only buy clothes twice a year so until then I just keep things on rotate.

  14. Oh my gosh, now I'm going to spend WAY too much time marking the important food holiday's in my calendar too. Any excuse to eat, right? ;) I also have a guilty bachelorette pleasure... I get together with a bunch of girls normally but I just wasn't feeling well for our premiere party (last night) so I missed the first two episodes... I'm super happy that Kaitlyn in the bachelorette though, I love her!

  15. Clothes shopping sucks!! Used to be my favorite pastime and now I can never fine anything I like. Just left the outlet mall with one shirt. From the whole mall (at BR). Sheesh. I also got a tank and a dress from Old Navy, which surprised me. As for toddler Sandals, we love the Teva Psyclones in our house. I love that the whole show opens and can be adjusted.

  16. Have you tried the coconut La Croix?! It's to die for!

  17. Food days... I am pretty sure that National Donut Day is coming up VERY soon. I should totally celebrate. Even though I am on a nutrition plan that would frown upon that.

    That water looks amazing, I must try and find some soon!

  18. I always see a random food holiday posted on FB and I am always curious where it came from. Going to check out this calendar for sure. Too fun! I watched the first 2 episodes and loved it, but I am behind (bachelorette) now with all of our traveling. I can’t wait to catch up! Were you happy with Caitlyn being chosen? Yes to new clothes! I got several new outfits for Disney, but they’re nothing to write home about. Just simple tshirts and shorts. We knew we wanted to dress light and comfy for all of the walking at Disney! And I adore those shoes! I always buy Mason similar ones from Children’s Place for the Summer!


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