[Mother's Day Mom Exchange] The Goodies!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I've been looking forward to this day ever since we announced the Mother's Day Mom Exchange a couple weeks ago! I just love being able to spoil someone on a holiday (or birthday) and what better way to spread the love on Mother's Day than to give each other something to make each other feel special. I can't wait to see what everyone got!

As for me, I was partnered with Holly from Holly's Housewife Life. I hadn't known her before the swap so it was nice to get to know her through email and through her blog. I found out that she was really in to makeup and thought I found the perfect gifts to send her...

...and then I went to send them and the USPS asked me what was inside. I wrote everything down, the lady took one look at the paper and said "you can't send nail polish". I said "but it's in a plastic bag!" (thinking, you know, if it opened or leaked, I was protecting it) and she said "you can't send nail polish" and I said "but it's in a plastic bag!" and she said "it could explode on the plane and blow up the plane". (ok maybe not blow up the plane, but she said it was combustable and I pretty much just assumed the plane would blow up). So I hung my head in shame for not checking the USPS website for what you can and can't send on an airplane and took the nail polish out. I felt EXTREMELY bad as my gift was now half a gift, but I did try to make it up to Holly. To find out exactly what I sent her, you'll have to head over to her blog!

My partner ended up being Tawnya from All of Life's Little Adventures. I was so excited to find out that she was my partner because I love her and I love her blog! Tawnya's package arrived all the way from Canada and held lots of goodies that I absolutely loved!

PS do you notice something? Yes, that is nail polish. AND it came on a PLANE from Canada. And clearly no planes were harmed in the transporting of this nail polish, so the USPS must just be super strict!

She sent me a gorgeous notebook (and what blogger doesn't need a notebook?), a candle, some nail polish, and some Canadian candy. She also wrote me the SWEETEST card. I love it.

I immediately tried out the nail color and LOVED it. I've been starting to collect some Essie colors and only have 3 so this color was a beautiful addition to my small collection. And as for the candle... it smells amazing and I can't wait to light it! 

Also, I swear Canada has the BEST candy and I was so excited to try this Coffee Crisp. It tasted and looked kind of like a thicker Kit Kat with a coffee flavor. I promised Seth that I would save him some so I only ate half, but let me tell you, that took a lot of will power!

Thank you so much for everything, Tawnya!

This Mother's Day exchange was so much fun and I hope this is the first annual one because I would love to do it again next year! The mama's that participated this year were :

Ally // Even Miracles Take a Little Time
Angela // non-blogger
Ashley // Everything's Hunky Dorey
Ashley // Life on the Parsons Farm
Ashley // Perks of Ponder
Courtney // Sweet Turtle Soup
Elisabeth // non-blogger
Elizabeth // Chasin' Mason
Emily // Raising Avery Mae
Holly // Holly's Housewife Life
Jamie // Cocktails and Carseats
Jenny // The Chronicles of We
Jessica // All Because Two People Fell in Love
Jessica // Being Mrs. Beer
Johannah // The Sirois Family
Kate // Creative House
Kristen // Rainbowtized
Laureen // Chateau Deveau
Liz // Ellie and Addie
Mama // The Mama Bomb
Michelle // Grammie Time
Nina // The Joni Journey
Sarah // Foxy's Domestic Side
Sarah // Seeing All Sides
Shelly // Windy City Baby
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me
Susan // non-blogger
Tara // A Tale of Four Maples
Tawnya // All of Life's Little Adventures
Whitney // Work It Mommy

Participating mama's, please link up with us below and share your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #mothersdaymomexchange so we can see the goodies that you got! 

Wishing all the moms a very Happy Mother's Day!


  1. That's so crazy about the nail polish. I'm assuming others were either not asked what was inside or they were vague with their answers. Canadian chocolate/candy really is the best! We always stock up whenever we go! What a fun swap... I should have participated!

  2. Let's try this once again. Too early for typos and computer issues. Anyways as I was saying prior to my delete...that would have made me real mad about the nail polish, especially because it was a very cool gift. Nice color too. Anyways, Holly now knows the thought behind the gift. This was fun to do and I thank you for hosting it.

  3. bahahaha I can't even - you GOT nail polish FROM Canada but couldn't send yours. I'm annoyed giggling for you =) See again..just lie next time.
    That purple is fantastic and the candle just looks like it smells amazing! And, fun candy! I love it. I almost always stop at the UK section in the store and look at the candy. It has been a while since I actually tried something though. Just fun to see something you've never heard of before.
    Yes let's do it again next year!

  4. How funny about the nail polish! I would have just gone back at a later date and lied. :) Does that make me a horrible person??

  5. That's pretty funny about the whole nail polish thing! :D I would've been annoyed though too. I got nail polish too and I'm pretty sure the plane my box was on didn't harm it either :) I love that notebook you got! And yes, Canadian candy is the best! Thanks for hosting this!

  6. Yayyyyy this was so so fun!!
    I'm Loling about the nail polish as well!! I'm totally with Sarah above ^ because I'm so stubborn I would've left in a huff then went back and lied. And I work at the post office!! Hahahahaha
    I loved loved my gift so much Liz it was perfection!
    Can't wait to check out all the ladies blogs and see what other goodies were shared :)
    Happy Mother's Day mommas!!

  7. Also coffee crisps aren't available in U.S.???
    Omgosh that's my favorite chocolate bar, now I'm craving one soooo bad. I'm getting my husband to pick one up!! :):):):)

  8. That is the prettiest color nail polish! And I can't believe they wouldn't let you send yours! I probably would have lied and not listed everything had I known that! #rebel Thanks so much for hosting this swap, it was so much fun!

  9. How funny about the nail polish! I sent some to my partner and the usps guy said it wasn't a problem and I didn't meet to write it down or "claim" it. The lady just must have been having a bad day.... This was so much fun that's for putting it together!

  10. Oh noooo! I had no idea about the nail polish! Probably because I never divulge what exactly is in my packages, ha ha! I'm a sucker for nail polish and always end up gifting it!
    LOVE the purple shade Tawnya picked out for you!! What a fun exchange!!

  11. Oh what a bummer on sending nail polish..?!?! I had no idea?!?!
    OMG, your package from Tawyna is beautiful and so perfect. Those candles are the BEST, and that coffee crisp?!?! We need those here ASAP, looks delish!! So many thoughtful ladies in this exchange, thanks again for hosting. Happy Mother's Day, momma!! xo

  12. LOVE that brand of candles! They smell amazing. And that nail polish is so pretty. I always lie when they ask if there's nail polish in my packages. So far, no explosions - knock on wood! Thanks for hosting, I loved this exchange :)

  13. So lucky you got Holly, I love her! And yeah, that's why I just never tell the post office what's in my packages anymore. ;)

  14. I got Essie also! Mine is a really pretty pink. I like the purple also. Great box of goodies!

  15. Ooooo I LOVE Coffee Crisps! One of my favourite chocolate bars. Do the states have salt & vinegar Lays yet? SO good too!

  16. No shipping of nail polish - really?! Very weird. But I do love the color you got in the exchange. Looks like a fun exchange, I don't know how I missed it. :(

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  17. What a great box! I LOVE that nail color and that chocolate bar...?!?! That looks so stinking good.

    You got yourself one heck of a box friend.

  18. oh my gosh I want in on this gift exchange stuff! That all looks awesome! And that is so funny about the nail polish being combustible. Cause I highly doubt that when nail polish is delivered to a store that it had to be on an airplane at some point. the polish you got is so pretty! I need to branch out of my light pink and nude polish faves and get more pretty colors!
    Xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  19. Such great things! As you know, chocolate isn't really my thing. But that. looks. amazing! And, if/when I send polish in the mail I always just kind of forget to mention it… I've sent so many bottles in the mail, and I'm 100% certain not a one has blown up. :)

  20. The polish you got is beautiful ! It looks great on you. We all got some great colors, the nail tech in me loves seeing all of the fun colors! The notepad is prefect too .
    Thanks again for hosting ! It was so much fun
    Have a great Moms day :)

  21. I just went through the whole list and this was the best swap ever ladies! Thank you thank you!!

    Everyone got amazing gifts and I'm smiling like a huge goof reading all the amazing posts :)

  22. I'm wearing flowerista right now! :) My post office always asks if anything liquid, fragile, flammable, etc. I can't remember a specific time where I had something, but I just thought they'd stick a like a "warning" type sticker on it. How does nail polish get distributed in the first place???

  23. That nail polish shade looks great on you! And I hate that about USPS and nail polish. I'll have you know USPS faithfully delivers my Ipsy bags with nail polish all. the. time. UGH. Happy Mother's Day, Liz!!!


  24. THE NAIL POLISH!!! I didn't even announce I mailed any in my package...whoops! I also sent mimosas...Thank you so much for hosting! You are such a beautiful soul! Happy Mothers Day! LOVE YOU!

  25. WHAT??? They made you write down what you were sending? WOW! I'm glad you ended up with some awesome nail polish though, it's the perfect color! I love how you wrapped everything for Holly, so cute! Thanks for hosting such an awesome swap!

  26. What a great exchange! I love that color of polish Tawna sent you! I'm going to have to try that one out next time I'm at the salon! And I had no idea you couldn't send nail polish in the mail. Hmmm.

  27. How fun! I love how you wrapped and labeled all of her gifts. Super cute. And your gifts are great! I love the color of that polish.


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