Five on Friday!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Friday!!! For some reason, all week I've been confused on what day it was. On Monday, I thought it was Tuesday. On Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday. On Wednesday, I was just confused. But now, after consulting the calendar, I am positive that today is Friday and I couldn't be happier! A few hours of work, and it's officially the weekend! Let the countdown commence.

Easter Basket Link Up.

I'm super excited to be co-hosting a super fun Easter basket link up, starting next week! The link up will be open from March 23rd all the way through March 30th. Feel free to link up and show us your child(ren)'s Easter baskets any time next week, or even after Easter. I know this may sound nosy, but I totally love seeing other kid's Easter baskets and getting ideas for Mason's for next year!

Making a Murderer and Parenthood and the OJ Story.

Apparently I've been watching a lot of TV lately? A couple weeks ago, we seriously binge watched Making a Murderer. It was at the height of it's popularity and I had to see what everyone was talking about. I literally think Seth and I spent one weekend watching all of the episodes. Darn you Netflix for making it so easy to binge watch things!

We started watching the OJ Story a little late but have been catching the episodes online and have almost caught up. It's so interesting to me to watch and learn details and kind of re-watch it since I was so young when it all first happened.

We also watched the first episode of Parenthood and it hit CLOSE to home. I definitely almost cried in episode 1. We haven't watch anymore and Seth isn't sure he wants to keep watching, but I think I do... with a box of tissues.

Non-Dairy Ben and Jerry's.

I came across the news that Ben and Jerry's just came out with a new non-dairy line of flavors a couple weeks ago and keep forgetting to share! You can find out more about it here and find out what flavors they came out with. I don't personally need non-dairy, but I know a lot of people who might so I didn't want to forget to share! Exciting news!!!

Bloglovin' Organization.

I follow blogs and read blogs on bloglovin. Wayyyyyy back when I never used to and I had all the blogs I followed bookmarked and I would just check back every couple of days to see if they posted a new post. And then I discovered bloglovin and my life was forever changed. Ok, that is a bit dramatic, but it saved me A LOT of time I'm sure. Now, the only way that I follow a blog is on bloglovin. You don't have bloglovin? I don't follow you. #sorrynotsorry . There is one exception to the rule, but I might try to convince her to get bloglovin too :) Anyways, I recently was getting so overwhelmed with posts that I hadn't read and the people who's posts I wanted to make sure I read were getting hidden. Then I remember this post from a long time ago that Jess posted about organizing her bloglovin feed. I FINALLY had time earlier this week and I hope this keeps me more organized and more on top of the posts that I want to make sure I read daily.

Champagne stopper.

I ordered this champagne stopper a couple months ago and finally tried it out last week and all I have to say is... that thing is amazing! It kept my champagne bubbly for a couple days, as if I had just opened it. I never knew stoppers specific to champagne existed, but now that I know, I'm never going back!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Ok you (and Jess) just changed my bloglovin life. I remember when I bookmarked blogs too, but now I'm strictly a bloglovin reader! Grouping into categories is totally gonna help!!! And I'm so excited for our Easter basket linkup... I'm nosy too ;)

  2. Yay for the champagne stopper! That would be so nice! I have bloglovin' and subscribe to things there, but I use feedly mainly... and I have a few categories on there to make reading easier. So fun about the basket link up! Hopefully I can get my act together for it!

    Happy Friday!

  3. I JUST did a little orgainization on bloglovin' on Wednesday! Although I did two categories, Must reads, would like to read and then the rest is just in the feed...not sure if that's going to work. But I really like her organization...

    For the record, every single Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy and I'm sure there are others, I cry. No joke, I either get teary eyed or full on cry. I'm an emotional mess, haha, but so worth it!

  4. Non-dairy Ben & Jerry's is just so fun to say!!

  5. we just started the oj thing! only one episode in. but i feel like we were weirdly too young to know all the details when it happened? so i'm learning SO MUCH!!!

  6. Looking forward to the link up! Making a Murderer was so addictive - we couldn't stop watching. I think we finished in 3 or 4 days. I'm not sure what I believe, but something's definitely not right with that case. The OJ series is a great one too. I think I was 14 when it happened and there's so much I forgot or never knew at all!

  7. Excited for Easter baskets, it's like the prettiest link-up ever, ha!! :) Ok, check 'Vanity Fair's fact checks' after watching the OJ episodes, it's fun to see what's really true/false on a few things from each episode!!
    Also, you have read my mind with sharing the Bloglovin' organization, I SO need this. Can't wait to check it out. TGIF!! :)

  8. So excited for the link up!! I need to take pictures. Oops! I don't watch any of those shows, but I have heard great things. There is bloglovin organization? Holy crap! Where has that been all my life? I need to go read that post now!!

  9. Parenthood is so SO great, but yeah, you'll cry in like every episode. SO tissues are a for sure must.

    I need to reorganize my bloglovin too. It's a hot mess!

  10. I ordered the last thing for Aria's basket today - excited to link up. I looove Easter baskets.

  11. I had to organize my bloglovin feed too, otherwise I could go crazy. Sometimes I go a while without reading and then get overwhelmed so it helps to keeps them put into categories!

  12. Oh goodness, Parenthood. I binge-watched the first 4 seasons when Arden was a newborn and I cried last year when it ended (and every other episode). It's so good and SO real. Keep watching!!! And The OJ series is on my list!

  13. I remember watching the actual trial on tv when I was a kid! I didnt know what was going on half the time but I knew he was guilty haha! Ive tried a lot of different nondairy "ice creams" that arent bad I would totally try Ben and Jerry. Yay for Easter basket link up! Youre so funny "being nosy" ;)

  14. I'm so glad you said that about Parenthood. I've always wanted to watch but I'm such a baby and know I'll just cry and be sad. ha. And thank you so much for sharing Jess's blogpost!! Life.Changer.

  15. My days were all off this week too! I had no idea that blogloving has a categories option. I may try this out! And I'll definitely be joining in with your basket linkup! I have already started putting together my niece and nephew's baskets!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  16. Okay so 1- that champagne stopper is going to change my life. Seriously. We had champagne on New Years and sadly I ended up dumping most of the bottle because we're total lame lightweights now (well, I am). Must ORDER!

    And Parenthood....oh, my favorite show of all time. It's the only show I watched in real time. I was hooked the very first episode and was SO SAD when it ended. And absolutely yes, you will need tissues every episode, but in the best kind of way. It's just a phenomenal show with great acting and writing and I'm still holding out hope there'll be a spin-off of some sort. That first episode hit so close to home for me too (we've talked about my sister), and I remember loving that there was FINALLY a portrayal of someone like her on TV. Okay, I'll stop now, but trust me, it's worth EVERY episode and every tissue.

    And 3, thanks for the shoutout - hope you got organized!!! :D

  17. I'm obsessed with the OJ trial too! But I actually remember quite a bit from when I was a kid! Not a fan of Cuba as OJ, but perhaps that's because I've met him in real life and I do not like him!

  18. I am SO excited about the Easter basket link up!! We are coloring our eggs today!
    So, I'm STILL trying to finish up Making a Murderer, AND I want to watch the OJ one. I need a few more hours each night to get all these shows, plus the ones I normally watch!

  19. Yay for the Easter basket linkup! Can’t wait. I started stashing things away for Mason’s Easter basket a few weeks ago, so I feel prepared. Parenthood is my all-time favorite show. I don’t think I made it through one single episode without crying. I loved it and hated when it ended. Why can’t the good ones go on forever? I love Bloglovin and that you can make categories or folders or whatever.

  20. Totally agree on the Bloglovin and I don't think you are exaggerating at all. It was a TOTAL game changer for my blog reading. I don't know how in the world people read blogs without it.


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