[Thoughts on Thursday] Confessions

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I must confess...

... that Mason's school provides snacks and lunch everyday and I (not so) secretly love it. He gets a wonderful variety (I don't think lunches duplicate at all all month!) and I don't have to think about packing anything. I literally just make sure I have him, he's wearing a sweatshirt if it's cold, and that's all!

... that I really like drinking out of the Starbucks plastic cups. It's weird I know, but sometimes after I'm done with whatever drink I bought, I'll fill it up with my own iced tea or water and keep drinking out of the cup. One time I even used it the next day to bring iced tea to work.

... that I kind of giggled and smirked when Seth told me this story ...

(on the phone)
Seth : Hi, I was wondering if I could make an appointment to bring in my truck for an oil change this afternoon.
Midas Man : Sure, does 1pm work?
Seth : I was hoping for more around 11am.
Midas Man : You do know that you asked for after noon and 11am is before noon, right?
Seth : Haha. You're right!
Midas Man : We do have an appointment at 11am if you want to come in then though.

(the Midas Man was nice, not a jerk, but I don't know if how I typed it comes across that way!)

... that I almost always have 5-10 windows open on my computer at any given time. When I find something I'm interested in (an article, a recipe, etc.), I click the link and open a new window. I never have time to go read it then so I "save it for later" by leaving the window open. I literally have windows open from 2 weeks ago that I still haven't gotten to but I'm afraid that if I close the window, I'll never remember and never read it.

... that I drink soda so infrequently now that when I do, if I drink it too fast, I get the hiccups, especially when it's in a can.

... that sometimes I get so, SO far behind on blog reading that I just hit "mark all as read" and start with a clean slate. I WANT to read all the posts, and I feel terrible, but reality is, I just don't have the time.

... that when Mason has a cold, sometimes I "blow his nose" with my fingers. It's disgusting and gross and I can't believe that I admitted that, but sometimes when your kid sneezes and you don't have a kleenex, you do what you have to do. And then you immediately go wash your hands.

So, there you have it! Can you relate to any of my confessions?


  1. That story is hilarious!

    I'm the same way about tabs & windows. It drives Luke crazy!

  2. hahaha I also reuse the plastic cups from Starbucks! sometimes I will just buy an iced coffee or something to have the ability to reuse the cup! I should start saving them but..instead I'd rather just give them my $5 for their silly little cup! haha

  3. I totally re-use my Starbucks cups too. I just love them. Soda from a can makes me burp, gross but it does. I am NOT a soda drinker either. Happy almost Friday!

  4. I'm sort of jealous Mason's school provides food!!! Such an annoying morning task for me!
    Also I'm the same way about tabs & windows!!!! I will have so many open and then one day I just say "screw it!" and close them all because I know I'm over whatever the article was. ha!

  5. Who hasn't blown their kids nose with their fingers?! Ha!!!! So glad you admitted that! Love the oil change conversation!! I am SO jealous that Mason's schools provides snack and lunch!! Cam's old one did, and when we switched, it made mornings 23847 times crazier!

  6. Hahaha! That phone call is so funny! Glad he was nice about it!

    And I'm the same way when it comes to blog reading. Sometimes it gets too overwhelming.

  7. I do the same exact thing on my computer! Except I do tabs instead of windows. And yeah, they're open for like foreverrrrr.

  8. I do the same thing with my computer! But then more often than not, I accidenatlly hit the 'x' and everything disappears. My confession, when at work and I see something I like I send a link to my email to pin it...I have a whole inbox full of "pin it" emails and haven't done anything about it.

  9. I think once you become s mom sll notions of "gross" fly out the window! Ive had a couple of pee incidents happen in the bed and I didnt wash the blankets until days later, haha. I think Mason goes to the Greatest school! Heck yes no lunch packing!

  10. Starbucks cups are the best and starbucks ice is also the best.

    I would be confused if I was midas man also.

  11. I'm so jealous Mason's school provides all the food! Marcus is only at school for three hours, but we have to pack snacks. It is so hard to come up with new stuff regularly!
    Right now I have 8 windows open on my computer. I have to otherwise things don't get read, replied, or written!
    Just today I used my fingers and Julia's kleenex. It was totally gross, but I had no other options!

  12. Cam's school provides snacks. The first thing he tells me when I pick him up is what he had for a snack. It's so cute. Next year he will get to stay on Wednesdays to eat lunch with the teachers. I'm so excited about that and how cute he will be sitting with them. That is totally something I would do with the appointment time. Ha ha! Umm...I do the same thing when it comes to blog reading. Sometimes there is just no way to catch up. And I usually have at least 5 windows open on my computer. How can you not? ;)

  13. YES to getting super overwhelmed with blog reading! I often "mark as read" too, but I do it to individual posts. The control freak in me sometimes wants to save a post for later! And I even cleaned my blog roll a few weeks ago too. Unfollowed a bunch and I still get overwhelmed every few days!!

  14. I'm with ya on blog reading. It's so hard to keep up... which also makes me ponder the amount I post!

  15. Not worrying about lunch sounds amazing! And oh was I overwhelmed with how many blogs I had in my feed when we got back from vacation. I did my best reading and commenting on my friends' blogs but had to skip over a ton!!!

  16. I clean slate my bloglovin roll all the time. I am never up to date with anything ever. Same with emails.
    Starbucks cups are just better. I saved one for Aria to play with outside and she stepped on it which made it crack. I told her she had to throw it away and she cried big tears over that one. Then when I told her I'd save the next for her she was over the moon. SB makes everybody happy!

  17. That's so funny that you wrote about keeping windows open on your computer. I do the exact same thing! Speaking of... I had your Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes post open since you posted about it!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  18. Ha! I love the phone conversation :) I do the blog read clean too - I feel bad but I hate feeling so behind! I too save websites but I use Chrome, so things are much easier to find if I accidentally close something :)

  19. Mason’s school sounds awesome! Is Mason a picky eater at all? Mine is! So we could never take advantage of the lunches at school. He doesn’t like most of them. Darn it! Yes to all the windows opened on the computer. I just counted and I currently have 21 opened. Haha.


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