Six on Friday!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Wow. This has been a week. And I don't just mean from Monday to Friday. This exhausting, overwhelming week started last Saturday and has finally ended today. To say that I am excited for the weekend would be an understatement! This week I decided to do my five six a little differently in the fact that I wanted to recap what we've been up to this week since this week was a bit out of the norm.

Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, Saturday and Sunday. They seem like such a blur to me at this point. Saturday was a full day of work from 8am-5pm and then a whole lot of praying that the rain would skip us on Sunday and hold out until Monday. Unfortunately we did not get our wish and Sunday was a whole day of work in the pouring rain. I mean, come on Mother Nature. It's 80 and gorgeous for WEEKS and then the weekend of my outdoor only event, pouring. Oh well, it was definitely a learning experience and I will definitely be buying some rain boots and a rain jacket/pants just in case it happens again next year. Walking around in soaking wet shoes for 12 hours is not my idea of fun.  That being said, I did walk 9,923 steps on Saturday (which was pretty much done in the second half of the day since I was sitting for the first half) and then 16,666 steps on Sunday. Even though I had to work all weekend, I did get to be with Seth all weekend, did get paid, and did get a good amount of exercise - so that's a plus!

Oh, and as a side note, I also fell asleep on the couch at 5pm on Sunday afternoon, missed dinner, missed picking Mason up, and woke up at 5am the next day (well rested). I guess that's what waking up at 1:30am and working from 3:30am-2:30pm and walking 16,000+ steps will do to you!


Monday morning I went to work, had an event recap meeting, and then had a work lunch. I left work, went to Target, ran a couple errands, and came home to wait for Seth and Mason to get home. That night we had plans to go to a Bachelor : Women Tell All viewing party that my friend was hosting. They recently opened a new outlet mall by us and my friend is the marketing director.  They've been having several events at the mall since it's new and they're trying to get the word out and since Amanda from the Bachelor lives local to us, she had a Bachelor viewing party with her that night. Seth's mom came to watch Mason and Seth and I headed down. Poor, poor Seth was one of three guys at the Bachelor party but he was such a good sport about it. Luckily we had the hookup and he was able to get more than our two allotted drinks. But really, I think he didn't hate it (too much) since he watches the show with me (not by choice, because I turn it on and claim control of the remote lol). And, bonus, Amanda was super nice and we got to meet her and take a picture with her!


Tuesday was back to work for the majority of the day. I got off a little early where I had enough time to run by Total Wine and More to pick up beers for Seth's birthday present. I bought him 34 beers for his 34th birthday and let me tell you, when I was piling my 5 custom 6 packs of beer into my cart as well as my 4 large beers, I got some strange looks. Was it looks because they were impressed with my beer selection or because they thought I was an alcoholic, I will never know. But once I found all the beers I wanted, I headed up to pay and found out that one of the beers that Seth loves and that is extremely hard to find - Pliney the Elder - had been released that day, I had to get one more. (I am happy to report though, that no matter how silly I felt, Seth LOVED his birthday present, which made me super happy!) I had just enough time to head home and drop off and hide the beers before I had to head to my eyebrow appointment. After the appointment, I ran by the grocery store since we officially had no food since I hadn't gone to the store in nine days - oops. Then I met my boys at home for dinner and Mason's bath time. Seth had softball that night so he headed out and I watched Fixer Upper (it was SO good!) before falling asleep on the couch around 10pm.


Wednesday I took off work since I had a dentist appointment in the middle of the day. I planned to use it as a day to catch up on life and to prepare for Seth's birthday yesterday, but let me tell you... having a day off goes by SO FAST. I dropped Mason off at school and then headed to Target to "get a few things". I ended up with a bunch of new tank tops (the ones I raved about here!) that were on sale for $5 (from $9!), some birthday candles, and some ingredients for Seth's cupcakes. I came home, did some laundry, made some cupcakes, did some blogging, had some lunch, "wrapped" some beer presents, went to the dentist (to get not one, but two cavities filled (yay!)), made the filling and the ganache for the cupcakes, hung out with Seth and Mason for a while, met some friends for dinner, finished my blog post, and finally was in bed by 11pm.
(PS you can find the recipe for the cupcakes here - I blogged about it a couple years ago, re-shared it last year, and have been making them ever since. Believe me, they WILL NOT disappoint!)


Thursday was Seth's birthday. We both went to work - me for a little less time than Seth. I ended up getting off slightly early and didn't have to pick up Mason until 3pm for his ABA home session so I went to Starbucks to try to get some work done. I succeeded for about an hour or so and then went to pick up Mason. We came home, he had his ABA session and then Seth came home and we went out to dinner for his birthday. I figured since he is the cook in our house, it was only fair to let him have the night off :)


And now we're finally to today! Hallelujah! I'm super excited about this weekend because we plan to celebrate the birthday boy all weekend long. There's a birthday dinner tonight with some friends, a birthday brunch on Sunday with family, and hopefully a little get together with Desiree, Scott, Marcus, and Julia if Marcus is well. I'm hoping the antibiotics that he got kicked his sickness's butt and Marcus and Mason can have a play date because I know the boys are excited to see each other!

And with that, have an amazing weekend!!!


  1. Wow!! What a week. ;) seth's birthday gift sounds and looks awesome. Way to go girl! I hope you can get together with Desiree and fam. Enjoy!

  2. Pliney the elder..?!?! Impressive, and I loved how you wrapped all the bottles, so cute. Mason tracing his hand is too cute. Have a great weekend, friend!! :)

  3. What a GREAT week! Sleeping 5pm - 5am sounds heavenly to me right now! Hope Marcus is better so you guys can get together!


  4. What kind of event did you work? I am sorry that you had to work it in the rain. There’s nothing worse than wearing wet clothes or shoes. Yuck! And that’s so cool that you guys got to meet Amanda. She’s so cute and sweet. I just adore her. The beers is a perfect present for Seth. Fixer Upper was so good! I was shocked when they wanted the shotgun house considering they had those three large labs. We had one in an 1850 sq home with 2 acres and it still wasn’t enough for the energy or the size of that dog! Lol. But, I loved what they did with it. Chip and JoAnna are just amazing. Oh and I want that antique refrigerator they had. Swoon! I was drooling over those cupcakes you made. They look so freakin’ delicious.

  5. How freaking cute are you wrapping up the beer caddies!!! What a week, you werent kidding about being busy busy! I hope you get a nice, relaxing weekend full of good company!

  6. Wow, you sure did have a week but it seems that it was a good one.

    Those cupcakes -, I want them. Ha!

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  7. Wearing wet clothes, especially shoes is the worst! What type of even was it? And is that Target two stories?? It sounds like Seth had a great birthday!

  8. Those cupcakes do look amazing!! And I feel you on the rain, we're on day 3 and we still have 2 more!!

  9. So fun! Jealous of your weekend plans with the Macke clan! I so wish we all lived closer!

  10. my god I'm exhausted now. You wrapped the beer holders? I'm impressed, seems like a tricky thing to wrap. I would never side eye you for a cart full of beer. We only go to Total Wine like twice a year and load that cart up!

  11. The cupcakes, the birthday beers, and meeting Amanda!! Jealous!! But then again, I met Jade. ;) She looks as gorgeous as ever! What a fun WTA viewing party! Two more days until the finale!!

  12. Wow what a week! You working weekend sound exhausting! And then a night out on Monday... Good thing you did fall asleep early on Sunday night! And I love how you wrapped all the beer you got! Happy birthday to Seth!!!

  13. Love all the beers you got Seth! And a get together with Desiree?! So jealous!!!

  14. I need to make those cupcakes asappington. I drool every time you post a picture of them! Hope you had a fun weekend filled with celebrations!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  15. For Scott's next birthday I'm recruiting you to come help me pick out some beers. Handing over 36 beers would be so fun!
    Also. Those cupcakes. I'll take a dozen.
    And, today was SO MUCH FUN!! Marcus had the best time ever! We must do it again soon!

  16. Wow, what a week! I love how you 'wrapped' his beer - I'm going to borrow that idea :) And ooooh those cupcakes! One of these days I'm going to make them. I saw that you had met Amanda and thought that was so cool! I'd love to meet someone from that franchise at some point. I think Sean and Catherine or Ashley and JP would be fun to meet. And holy cow- your Saturday and Sunday sound exhausting! Waking up at 1:30?! Hope this past weekend was more relaxing!

  17. so that's the prettiest picture of target I've ever seen. LIKE EVER.

  18. What a great and busy week you had, total whirlwind, right? P.S. now I want a cupcake :). Those look SO good.


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