Little Letters || February

Friday, February 10, 2017

Last month, a few of my friends linked up with Kristin from Taz and Belly for her Little Letters series and I thought it was a kind of fun take on the confessions posts that I love so much, so this month, I thought I'd join in on the fun!

Dear minivan that sped past me on the freeway doing 80+ mph with the "slow down" sticker on your bumper,
Maybe you should take your own advice.

Dear Mason,
That sweet "picture" that you "drew" me on my window is... "lovely". Maybe next time we can use a napkin instead of wiping waffle all over the window of mommy's car?

see that huge smudge there on the window... 

Dear people in line at the Costco gas station,
There are ten lanes. Use them! Why must you always all line up in the five middle lanes? There are lanes to the right and to the left that work just as well and are in fact... empty!

Dear short line at the Starbucks drive thru after I worked all weekend, 
I love you.

... that, speaking of the Starbucks drive thru... 
Dear Mr. Police Officer,
I was wondering the other day, can you get a ticket for being on your phone while you're in the drive thru? I mean technically you are driving? but you're also not driving? AND I use the app on my phone to pay, so... Clearly I was waiting in line too long to be pondering this.

Dear parents who drop your kids off at speech class with Mason,
Where do you go for that hour? It's pointless to go home because I'd just have to turn around and come back. Do you live close? The only place I can think to go is Starbucks, so I get myself a little treat every Tuesday and Thursday...

Dear Siri,
Do you EVER give the right directions? I swear I get lost more often when following your "directions" than I do on my own...

Dear freeway sign that just says "405 towards Santa Monica or Long Beach",
Why no "North" or "South" to go along with the city names? Some of us are directionally challenged and don't know which direction Santa Monica or Long Beach are in.

Can you relate to any of my letters?


  1. Is there a Target near where Mason has speech? You could walk around there and not spend money, lol!

  2. I love all of these! There was no line at Starbucks today when Emmy I went through the line and it was amazing. You could always go sit at the park and read a book during Mason's house long speech. Though I see nothing wrong with your Starbucks plan those days. Ha ha!

  3. I'd love to go somewhere when Annabelle has her physical therapy... but I wouldn't know where to go, since an hour isn't a lot of time. Plus, I have to stay anyway. And Starbucks is great :)

  4. This is my new favorite link up! I always laugh so hard! And cell phones just HAVE to be allowed in drive thrus!

  5. Thank you so much for linking up this month -- I am so excited to see this link party grow!! I'm with you on Siri. She sends me to the wrong place ALL the time. I finally downloaded Waze and it has been a life changer.

  6. I know when Noah has a short class, I bring a book. If the other moms stay, we usually end up chatting. Starbucks sounds good too though ;)

  7. The minivan one made me lol! Oh the irony. I never have a short wait at Starbucks, NEVER! Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. The minivan one made me lol! Oh the irony. I never have a short wait at Starbucks, NEVER! Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. I never ever use Siri. Ever. I have no use for her and now I'm glad I don't need her for directions.

  10. You're lucky you have 'bucks drive throughs! The closest one to us is like a solid 15 minute drive away.
    If I had an hour to kill between classes (and no Julia in tow), I think I'd just recline my drivers seat and take a nap.
    Your Starbucks drive/not drive/ticket pondering was hilarious. Your wait must have been substantial. ;)
    The freeway signs! Oh my gosh, when we first moved here it was all "Golden State Freeway" this, and "Harbor Freeway" that, and "blah blah blah." Why are they labeled like that? People who aren't from here have NO CLUE what that means!

  11. I've wondered about drive-thrus too!! I mean, it must be legal if the PO is doing it...right??? Haha, Mason!

  12. Mason's waffle picture made me laugh! And that grin is just the greatest. Nathan can't stand when I get directions on my phone! He says we always get lost. But, i think he's a bit dramatic because he's an Android user and gives me a hard time about having an iPhone.

  13. Youre too funny! Dont these little letters make you feel like youve acconplished something (even if it is just unloading?) :)


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