[Thoughts on Thursday] Confessions

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I must confess...

... that Mason made the CUTEST gingerbread house at speech way back in December. He was SO excited to show me and I was so excited to see it. But how do you get a newly "painted" (aka frosted) gingerbread house home without getting frosting all over the car? Well, I put it in a Target bag and had planned to leave it in the car while I was at work and then cut the bag off and display it at home but then I... threw it away as soon as I got to work. Yep. That happened. Thankfully Mason didn't ask about it when we got home...

... that I don't particularly like Star Wars (or have any interest in watching the movies), but I LOVE Star Wars Hanna Andersson pajamas for Mason! He has 3 pairs -- one from Valentine's Day last year, the fair isle ones from Christmas, and some regular ones with all the... AT AT's on them? I'm not even sure what they are, but they're cute!

... that I've been going in to the bank to do the deposits for my work recently versus going through the drive up ATM and I secretly giggled to myself the other day when I was in and out before the person in the drive up was done. YET I seem to always choose the drive thru at Starbucks versus going inside and I know there are people doing the exact same to me because I know it is WAY shorter to go inside than wait in the drive thru!

... that I hate when people don't fully smile in pictures. I'm sure this is a weird thing to hate, but show me your teeth! No duck face or closed mouth smiles please.

... that I also hate when people use Instagram as Facebook. I don't mind if you post a few pictures a day, but spread it out! Ten pictures in a row deserves a Facebook album.

... that I ALSO hate hate HATE when websites/blogs have a million pop ups. Like that is the fastest way to get me to click away. I literally clicked on a website to get a recipe the other day and first there was a pop up to tell me to follow them on Facebook. Clicked the x. Then there was a pop up ad for something at the bottom. Clicked the x. Then ANOTHER pop up to follow on Facebook came. Clicked the x. And THEN there were those picture pop ups that cover the whole picture rendering the picture useless because I can't see half of it because there's a pop up and no where to click the x. And THEN there were ads IN BETWEEN the words of each paragraph. Seriously? Good bye.

... that sometimes I wonder if Seth thinks that I ever wear real pants. When he leaves for work, I'm in a tank top and sweatpants/leggings/pajama pants and when he comes home, I'm in my sweatpants/leggings/pajamas... but with whatever shirt I wore that day! lol.

... that I LOVE that Mason sings along to songs in the car, but if I really listen to the words and think about what the song is saying, I probably shouldn't be letting him listen to those songs... His current favorites to belt out are : Shawn Mendes "Treat You Better" and Maroon 5 "Don't Wanna Know".

Can you relate to any of my confessions?


  1. I totally agree about the smile one. I seriously can't stand the duck face. It just annoys me, especially when I know people have a great smile. Show your teach damn it! :) Ha ha!

  2. Now I'm going through some photos realizing that I often don't show my teeth when posing for outfit photos... is it driving you crazy lol!?!

  3. Unless I'm going somewhere in the evening, I am always always in comfy clothes when James gets home. And by comfy I mean pajamas.

  4. Marcus brings home so many papers and projects from school. I display them for a week and then they magically disappear into the recycle bin. Oops?
    Duck face... UGH. GO AWAY with that. Unless you're 12 - scratch that - no one should do duck face.
    LOL! 10 photos TOTALLY deserves a Facebook album versus cluttering up the 'gram.
    Give me all the comfy clothes all day long. Scott probably wonders why in the world I do SF or buy any other clothes besides workout clothes.

  5. Comfy clothes always! :) I'm in yoga pants pretty much all weekend, except for if we go somewhere. And ugh, pop ups. I can handle like 2 or 3, but when you have to constantly click out of them, that's super duper annoying.

  6. I’m not a Star Wars fanatic either, but Mason is always drawn into all the Star Wars things. He’s had a few pairs of pajamas and dare I say that I loved them? Laughing at the Instagram thing! I have been guilty of doing that. But, in my defense we were on vacation and had spotty signal. So, when we got a good signal I posted away! Haha, I think the same thing when I look at old videos and hear the songs Mason was singing! It was dang cute, but probably inappropriate that he was singing Red Solo Cup at the tender age of 1.5 years old. Geez, Crystal!


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