[$10 at Target] February.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm excited to be back again today co-hosting this link up with Becky and some other fabulous ladies!  If you posted today as well, don't forget to link up with us below and then hop around and check out how the rest of my co-hosts (and everyone else!) spent their $10!

For this month's $10 at Target, I shopped... on Saturday. As in two days ago Saturday.


I completely forgot what day it was and realized this weekend when I was looking at my planner that our link up was today. Nothing like last minute shopping ;)

I try to keep the items that I buy with my $10 as things I don't need. Yes, I did buy soap, but did I need this type of soap? No. I wanted to try it out and see how I liked it so I considered it an "extra". We've been using the Mrs. Meyer's dish soap and I really like it, but we usually just use the Soapsoft that I refill when we run low, so this was kind of a splurge. Even though it's soap.

I had wanted to pick up this little holder at Target as well as a part of my $10 shopping spree, but I couldn't find anything I liked. I googled what I had seen some others have and found that they have it at Crate and Barrel. We just so happened to be by one on Saturday afternoon when we were at a birthday party, so I convinced Seth to stop so we could pick one up. To my surprise, it was only $4.95 (I don't think I've ever gotten out of Crate and Barrel so cheap), so I happily purchased it and we were on our way.

Now that we've thoroughly talked about soap way more than I ever thought I would on my blog, I did also get two other items. FOOD items! First up, I decided to splurge a little and get some Boom Chicka Pop. I love that stuff, but usually only get pre-made kettle corn on special occasions (like at the fair or a baseball game), so I thought it would be fun. I've been kind of obsessed with popcorn lately and on a Skinny Pop kick, so I thought I'd spice things up and get some kettle corn instead this time.

For my last item, I got this salted caramel ice cream topping. My friend had been raving about how good it is so I thought I'd try it. Let me tell you... it does not disappoint!

So, how'd I do on my budget?
Since I bought these along with some other items, I don't have a receipt to show, but here's the breakdown.

Soap : $3.99
Boom Chicka Pop : $3.29
Caramel : $2.12
Minus RED Card discount : ($0.47)
Tax (7.75%) : $0.69

Total : $9.62


Not sure what I could have bought for $0.40 to get any closer so I consider this a win, especially since I over spent by a quarter last month. It all evens out eventually.

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Next month, we'll be sharing our hauls on Monday, March 20th. Mark your calendars, get your shopping on, and link up with us on the 20th and show us what you got!


  1. I've heard great things about that soap, but have never tried it. I need to change that. The crate you got at Crate and Barrel is adorable! Such a fun addition. Yay for under $10. Way to go.

  2. You had me at salted caramel. I made some once and it was amazing... but this seems so much easier. I have yet to try that soap too. I guess I need to fix that.

  3. I bought 'essentials' this month, too. My favorite soap is Method dish soup. I really like all their products. It's funny how little things like dish soup can make our day :)

  4. Great purchases. I think buying a fun soap is a great idea!

  5. Love this series and love your purchases!

  6. I like how your sink looks with the pretty soap and the holder!

  7. Ohhh, salted caramel topping. I might have to give that stuff a try! Yum!

  8. I love what you got! That little container is super cute too, even though it's not from Target.

  9. Great purchases. I've always wanted to get that popcorn, but then I realize I'll probably eat the whole thing in one sitting, oops!

  10. Talk 'hand soap' to me all day..!! Haha I love a good lookin' and smellin' hand soap. :)

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  12. I am far too obsessed with the regular (yellow bag) of boom chicka popcorn! Like I'll eat a whole bag in a sitting (eek!!!). And I love Meyers soap... dish and hand. Chris doesn't love the extra cost but I love it!

  13. Really just some excellent choices! I may need to make a target run tomorrow!

  14. Staying under budget is a definite win! I've been wanting to try that hand soap and dish soap. Is it good?

  15. Love the purchases! We are a softsoap family, so I say that soap is a splurge. ;)

  16. I loooove that mrs Meyers soap! And the little crate to put it in! And let's not forget the popcorn!!

  17. I agree, Mrs Meyers is a splurge lol. But it smells SO good. We usually use the Method refillable soaps, you should try those next if you want new scents.

  18. That little soap crate is adorable! Who knew soap and it's caddy could be so cute?!
    Boom Chica Pop is so good. Like. I can inhale that stuff. And, the ice cream topping? Holy smokes, I need that. (I mean, I don't *need* it, but I have to try it!)

  19. I love Mrs Meyers soap! That's the exact scent I get too. What a fun link up, I need to try and remember to join in next month


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