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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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It's fix reveal day (again)! One of my favorite days! There were a couple months where I didn't post at all about Stitch Fix and now within like two-three weeks, I have three posts. Goodness, I better slow down my spending ;)

In case you haven't heard of Stitch Fix, it's basically a personal shopping service. You fill out your online profile by answering some questions about likes/dislikes, style, sizing, etc and then can write a note about what you're interested in as well as link a Pinterest style board to help your stylist know what you're looking for and what you're style is. Then your personal stylist gathers some items that she thinks you'd like and sends them to you. You try them on in the comfort of your own home and decide what you do and don't want to keep and then you have three days to send back whatever you don't want. Easy peasy! The styling fee is $20 and if you send back all the items, you lose the $20. If you keep one (or more) items, they deduct the $20 styling fee from your total and you pay the difference. And if you keep all five items, they deduct the $20 from the total and you get a 25% discount on all the items. Pretty great! If you're interested in signing up, if you want to use my referral code then I'll get small credit to my account and will be forever grateful.

A couple fixes ago, I had requested a new stylist. While I did like my old stylist, I felt like she was thisclose to nailing my actual style. I always liked the things she sent me, but they just weren't quite me. So, I requested Desiree's stylist, Raquel. I always LOVE everything that Desiree gets in her fixes and figured that if we had a similar style, that Raquel would surely hit the nail on the head for me too. And sure enough.... SHE DID! Check out my FIRST 5/5 fix here!

So now... on to my 14th fix!

Market & Spruce | Wilco Solid Quilted Vest
Size : L | Color : Dark Green | $68

This vest may look familiar to some of you. Yes, it is the same vest that I got in my last fix. I decided last minute that I didn't need to spend the money on a vest and decided to return it. And then had immediate returner's remorse. Now, I'm not even sure that's a thing, but I was seriously mad at myself for returning it. So, in my note to my stylist, I begged and asked her to please send it back to me, but in a larger size so I could feel comfortable zipping it up all the way (since the medium was tight in the bust area). Well, again, I loved it, and again, I returned it. Yep, I am THAT crazy person. I still love it. I still wish I kept it. BUT I decided that for the money, and living in Southern California, that I wouldn't wear it enough. Being a responsible adult is hard sometimes. (#firstworldproblems)

Verdict : Returned. Again.

Kut from the Kloth | Connie Frayed Hem Skinny Jeans
Size : 10 | Color : Blue | $88

Kut from the Kloth!!! Boy do I love this brand. I was super stoked to see that Raquel had sent me not one but TWO KFTK jeans in this fix! At first glance, I thought these would be great, but then I saw it... the hem. Whomp whomp. The frayed hem. I know this sounds kind of weird, but I feel like the frayed hem makes them more... hippie? I don't know what it is, but the frayed hem makes me confused on how to style them. I'm sure they'd really go with anything and clearly they go with the top I'm wearing, but I just didn't see myself reaching for them as often as my regular hem KFTK skinnies, so back they went.

Verdict : Returned.

Loveappella | Harriett Woven Hem Knit Top

Size : M | Color : Navy | $44

When I pulled this shirt out of the box, I LOVED it. I mean, look at the bottom portion?! YES. It's almost like two shirts in one because the top is a plain dark blue and then the bottom is floral. All the heart eyes! But then I tried it on... and it was a little tighter/more form fitting than I would prefer. It was also a bit shorter than I like. I thought about exchanging it for a larger size, but I don't think you can return things if you change them, and I didn't know if it would fit right, so I opted to return it. Had it not been for some fit issues, this is totally me!

Verdict : Returned.

Kut from the Kloth | Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
Size : 10 | Color : Blue | $78

THESE JEANS. They aren't quite my beloved Kut from the Kloth skinny jeans, but they are pretty amazing! I had been asking for some distressed jeans for forever and I was super excited to see that these were in my fix. Not only are they KFTK but they have slight distressing. I don't really know how much is too much, but I don't want a huge hole in my pants, so this seemed like a good amount of distressing to me. Of course these jeans fit perfectly as all other KFTK jeans do. I was a little apprehensive at first because I've been wearing and loving skinny jeans so much lately, but after some texting with Desiree, she convinced me that these would be super versatile and so I just knew I had to keep them. I've already worn them three times this week... and it's only Wednesday. So, needless to say, I love them!

Verdict : Kept!

Ink Love & Peace | Calyn Cowl Neck Knit Top

Size : M | Color : Dark Purple | $64

When I first pulled this shirt out of the box, I had mixed feelings. 

First thoughts, I LOVE this color! The purple color is perfect and I love that it had thumb holes. And then I tried it on with jeans and it seemed ehh. I didn't love the draw string at the bottom and the top cowl neck laid weird. I thought, I'm sending this back for sure!

Second thoughts, I tried it on with leggings and loved it! It made it more athleisure and I loved the look. I thought, I can wear this every Sunday! And then I looked at the price again and... buzz kill. I cannot spend $64 on athleisure, so back it went.

Verdict : Returned. Sadly.

I tried to be really good with this fix and really only keep something I KNEW I would wear a lot. I probably shouldn't admit this (sorry Seth!), but I feel like sometimes I get so caught up in the "ooohhh it's Stitch Fix! It's amazing!" thing that I keep things that I don't reach for often (or at all). These clothes are expensive and I need to REALLY think about what I'm buying when I buy it and make sure it's going to be something I wear all the time - like the jeans. I've DEFINITELY gotten my money's worth out of my KFTK skinnies and now even the distressed jeans too. I'm pretty excited for future boxes though and to get some new short sleeve shirts and some shorts for summer. Stitch Fix has a way of always finding the perfect fitting bottoms, something I can NEVER do myself.

Bring on my next fix!

Do you agree with my choices? Should I have kept anything that I sent back?

And now for the exciting part!!!! I've teamed up with some amazing ladies to bring you a giveaway for a $150 Stitch Fix gift card!

Enter on the rafflecopter below. Entries will be verified. Giveaway runs from February 1, 2017 at 12am Pacific time to February 8, 2017 at 12am Pacific time. Winner will be emailed the Stitch Fix gift card.

Good luck!

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  1. The solid & floral top is adorable! I wish you would have been able to keep it! I always have the hardest time finding jeans. I've actually saved some Christmas money to find a new pair, but I just haven't had the time to go shopping yet.

  2. I have frayed hem jeans from Old Navy. I just cuff them if I don't want to see the hem! I love double layered tops like that floral one!

  3. I love the purple top, what a fun color but that price is a bit too high for something that's supposed to be leisure wear.

  4. That floral top! Every time you guys do all of your fixes, I just want to run out and get one too! But the same thing happens to me, I just can't with the prices...but they are super fun to get! That purple top, man so super cute on you! But you're right sort of expensive for what you're doing with it...oh and I think I have those same jeans that you kept! Let's get together and do a twinsies post :)

  5. Love the Boyfriend jeans I received those in my first stitch fix last month and wear them more than I should. Great choice!

  6. That floral too is so cute! Too bad it's so short!

  7. The floral top is so cute! Bummer about the fit!

  8. Big bummer on the top :( But those distressed boyfriend jeans are EVERYTHING!

  9. I LOVE the solid and floral shirt. Such a bummer that it was so short. Ugh! I WANT those boyfriend jeans!! I need to look for some Kut by the Kloth ones.

  10. I am cracking up over the vest. Too funny that you returned it again! I have the jeans you kept and wear them all the time. Also, definitely do not have returners remorse over that purple shirt. You did good sending it back! Your clothes are way cuter than that top!

  11. Ok. I really, really liked the skinny jeans with the frayed hem, and I know you would have pulled those off, no problem. I'm totally 100% pinning those for my next fix.
    The boyfriend jeans are AH-MAY-ZING, and I love them on you!
    And, that last top - you didn't tell me there were THUMB HOLES! Had you mentioned that I might have said KEEP! But, alas, adult-ing is hard... :/

  12. That knit top is cute, so sad it didn't fit right. And that sweater...the draw string looked awkward in that placement. Haha. But, I would've loved to have those thumb holes.

  13. I love those jeans you kept!!!! And I agree about that one blue top, super cute but it seems like it should be a little more flowy! I still love that vest...but again, it's silly to pay the money if you won't find yourself wearing it!

  14. You are hilarious with this vest! I really love it - that color is amazing. Maybe I'll ask for that one in my next fix. And no no no to frayed jeans. That is not my thing either. Love the purple top - looks so comfy - but that is a lot for athlesiurewear.

  15. I think those are the boyfriend jeans they sent me and I kept! And bummer about the floral top, that's totally my style too, but I would have returned it too.

  16. I love the jeans you kept! Good choice!

  17. I pretty much everything you got! That vest is super cute, and that floral top is gorgeous! But I know what you mean about the fit. I think I need to schedule a fix soon- I really really want those KFTK skinny jeans you have. Not the frayed ones though. Not my style :)

  18. So I just got that purple cowl neck top in my fix and am obsessed. It with leggings nonstop over here. I justified the price tag since I had lots of credit to use!


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