[Stitch Fix] Fix #13 -- Help Me Choose!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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It's fix reveal day (again)! One of my favorite days! Gosh, I went like two months without posting anything about Stitch Fix and now within two days, I have two posts! When it rains, it pours... amazing clothes ;)

In case you haven't heard of Stitch Fix, it's basically a personal shopping service. You fill out your online profile by answering some questions about likes/dislikes, style, sizing, etc and then can write a note about what you're interested in as well as link a Pinterest style board to help your stylist know what you're looking for and what you're style is. Then your personal stylist gathers some items that she thinks you'd like and sends them to you. You try them on in the comfort of your own home and decide what you do and don't want to keep and then you have three days to send back whatever you don't want. Easy peasy! The styling fee is $20 and if you send back all the items, you lose the $20. If you keep one (or more) items, they deduct the $20 styling fee from your total and you pay the difference. And if you keep all five items, they deduct the $20 from the total and you get a 25% discount on all the items. Pretty great! If you're interested in signing up, if you want to use my referral code then I'll get small credit to my account and will be forever grateful.

If you missed it yesterday, I revealed that for my 12th Fix, I had requested a new stylist. While I did like my old stylist, I felt like she was thisclose to nailing my actual style. I always liked the things she sent me, but they just weren't quite me. So, I requested Desiree's stylist, Raquel. I always LOVE everything that Desiree gets in her fixes and figured that if we had a similar style, that Raquel would surely hit the nail on the head for me too. And sure enough.... SHE DID! Check out my FIRST 5/5 fix here!

For this fix, I finally was able to do something that I've been wanting to do -- I've been wanting to schedule a fix to arrive on a weekend day so I could take pictures and then post and have you guys help me choose what to keep. For almost all of my fixes, I schedule it, I take pictures, I decide what to keep, and then a couple weeks later, I post about it, and you all LOVE something that I sent back and I immediately regret sending it back. No more! I still have time to check out and need your input! For this fix, I asked for Raquel again... so you know it's going to be good ;)

So now... on to my fix!

Papermoon | Cresson Knit Top
Size : M | Color : Blue | $38


I had actually forgotten that I pinned this top until Raquel mentioned it! When I saw it on Pinterest, I loved the blue color and I loved the stripes. I also loved that the sleeves were a solid blue whereas the body was striped. When I got it in person, it was a lot more "see through" than I envisioned. I'm not really sure if "see through" is the right word, but the stitching is not very tight and if you hold it up to the light (or... don't wear a tank top underneath), you could totally see through it (or see your bra through it). In this picture, I paired it with a black tank top underneath and looking at the picture, you can't even really tell it's there except at the bottom. When I first tried it on, I thought it was a bit too boxy/big, but looking at these pictures, I kind of like it! Ahh. It's funny how you can think one way when you first see something, then try it on, feel the same way, and then see a picture and think a completely different way. Thoughts??

(PS Mason insisted on being in lots of my pictures this time, which I thought was super cute. In one a little bit further down, he even tried to pose like me!)

My Thoughts : Undecided.

Market & Spruce | Wilco Solid Quilted Vest
Size : M | Color : Dark Green | $68

I must admit, I was pretty excited to get a vest in my fix! This quilted vest wasn't quite the type I was thinking of wanting, I was looking for something more like my jacket from my 12th fix (that type of material), but this was still super cute none the less! I love the green and I love the idea of the vest but... I'm just not sure how often I'd wear it! It is a little small for my liking and was super tight in the bust area when I zipped it up. You can't tell in the picture, but it's very snug. The pockets are also a little higher than I think they should be, which I think would be annoying to me. I like the idea, I like the look of my outfit... but there's just something that I can't fully commit to.

My Thoughts : Leaning Towards Returning.

Laila Jayde | Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top
Size : M | Color : Grey | $58

I love dolmans! There was a time when my stylist would send me a dolman and I'd automatically keep it because it was a dolman. My love runs deep. That being said, I'm leaning towards keeping this one! You can't tell since I'm wearing a scarf, but it is a v-neck dolman. It's solid grey and SUPER soft and comfortable. I don't really NEED another dolman, but I love the simplicity of this outfit and how it looks super cute and put together, yet still casual.

My Thoughts : Leaning Toward Keeping.

Liverpool | Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean
Size : 10 | Color : Black | $78

THESE JEANS. They aren't quite my beloved Kut from the Kloth jeans, but they are pretty amazing! I actually had some blue ones sent to me many fixes ago and the stretchy, maternity pant-like waistband is what turned me off. But this time... that part is what made me want them! No, I am not pregnant, but for those of you who have had kids, wasn't that the best part of the pants? No buttons! I love the fact that there is no button on these because sometimes that annoying button sticks out and then your shirt pokes out funny and sometimes you just want the shirt to lay flat! 

These jeans were overall super comfortable though slightly tight in the waist. Obviously you don't want them to be too big so they fall off and they fit everywhere else (a flattering skinny jean), so I'm seriously thinking of keeping them!

My Thoughts : Probably Keep.

DV8 | Bria Wedge Bootie
Size : 9 | Color : Taupe | $80

When I first pulled these booties out of the box, I was excited and then disappointed. I really don't need any new booties as I have one pair that I rarely wear, but the detailing on the side made them so cute!!! I also wasn't sure about how I'd feel about there being a heel, but I kept an open mind and tried them on.

First thoughts, I like them! The color is perfect, the detailing on the side is amazing, and they were actually pretty comfortable for having a heel!

Second thoughts, I don't need them and I'd probably never wear them... or not often enough to justify the $80 price tag. That and I'd really prefer less of a heel. That and they were a little bit big (though I'm sure I could exchange, or at least try).

My Thoughts : Leaning Toward Returning.

This is where you come in now! Help! What should I keep? What should I return? I truly like them all, but really should NOT spend that much to make it a 5/5. Plus there was some fit issues and things I just don't need. But I want to hear your input! What do you think looks best?

Please help! What should I keep? What should I return?


  1. Ok so you have to keep those jeans! As for the vest, if you don't think you'd wear it a lot I wouldn't keep it. Go to old navy and get one for a lot cheaper ;). As for the boots, they are cute but not worth it if you don't think you'd wear them. And for the tops, they both look cute so I don't think you can really go wrong if you keep them. But if you don't keep them I still think you could find similar pieces elsewhere.

  2. Everything is very cute, but I tend to agree with your first thoughts on everything. The vest is nice but in green it's not as useful as say grey or navy. The jeans are called Elizabeth so they're meant for you!

  3. I really like the color of the vest. It really pops! I am now leaning toward keeping my jeans...

  4. I am just going to nod my head in agreement with Meghan^. Also that last outfit with the booties is SO cute!

  5. Okay -- love you hair! I'm getting mine cut a bit and I think I'll use you as inspiration :)

    I love the vest. I think it could really make an outfit so maybe keep it. Return the booties and find a pair that are more reasonably priced since you aren't sure if you'll get your monies worth of wear.

  6. I'd totally keep that vest and the booties! But I have a feeling you'll go for the Papermoon stripes, the pants and the dolman! All of which I love on you and you look so great in them! You can just send me the others! ;)

  7. I love the striped top and the vest the best--both things you're on the fence about! The jeans are also a winner and I love the booties...but you're right $80 is a lot and you could probably find a similar, cheaper pair at Target. Also, please share the details of the outfit in your bootie picture!! Is it LuLaRoe?? It's super cute and I love the pattern mixing!

  8. I would keep that entire box!!!! The only thing I didn't "love" was the first shirt but would totally keep it for a 5/5. I love the gray dolman and I have that exact green vest(I wear it ALL the time!) I also think the jeans are great and I love the booties. I also don't think $80 is a horrible price for booties. I assume they're a better, long lasting quality than like Target or Old Navy, but what do I know :p

    Great fix!

  9. First of all, I love how Mason is posing with you. So cute.

    Secondly, I pretty much like all of these things especially the first shirt. :)

  10. stripes! grey! jeans! I like the booties too, but if you won't wear them....shrug =) And, apparently my internet popped off so now I wait. And it is back!

  11. I really like the jeans and the vest, but if it's too snug, I wouldn't keep it. That color looks really good on you though. I also love your last LLR outfit :) The booties are really cute, but I'm not sure about them. I would pick the jeans and the dolman to keep.

  12. I think my favorites in just scrolling through, not reading all the details, are the jeans and booties. The first top I think I had received once and remember it being sheer and just feeling somewhat cheap. I like the vest a lot, I have two similar ones, but not sure if thats a cali style vest or not (if that makes sense), like I wear them all time now, but it's a lot colder here than in CA. The gray dolman is meh, nothing special if spending the money. I usually try to keep SF items that I couldnt buy elsewhere or normally would have skipped over if shopping on my own. This kind of seems redundant on their part, but if you will wear it a lot, then def go for it!

  13. I vote for the jeans and the vest! But you're right, it's all great! Tough decisions!!

  14. LOVE the jeans and the booties!


  15. I vote the jeans, dolman and depending on your budget the blue knit top. Everyone needs a skinny black Jean and the dolman top outfit that you put together with the scarf, jean and flats looks great. I like vests but I agree with Meghan Old Navy has them much cheaper and they are a great fit from Old Navy and if it's tight against the boobs then you'll likely never feel comfortable in it.

  16. First off YOU LOOK SO CUTE in your LLR outfit!!!
    Now down to business- keep the jeans and the dolman everything else is just ok. The booties are darling but if you already have a pair uou hardly wear that pretty much says it all.
    This was so fun! Lol.

  17. The jeans are awesome!!! Love the dolman too!! The best is awesome but if you don't think you'll wear it then send it back. I know, I'm so much help!

  18. I'd keep only the jeans if you really love them. I want to love that Papermoon top, but it drives me crazy to have to wear a shirt under a tshirt. I also love the vest, but I just got an olive green vest for much cheaper at Old Navy and I love it. I like the Dolman top, but I don't $60 love it, which is always my argument with Stitch Fix. The booties are cute, but nothing too exciting. So...nothing or the jeans only from me, if they aren't actually too tight that you won't wear them.

  19. Gah! Raquel did an outstanding job - again!
    I truly like every single thing!
    But, if you can't keep it all my vote goes towards the dolman (KEEP, KEEP, KEEP!!), the jeans, and the booties. The detail on those booties is cute, the color is perfect, and will pair with SO many things!!

  20. I'm loving the Papermoon top and the dolman... maybe the dolman just a little bit more!

  21. Those jeans, keep! And the dolman looks fantastic on you! I like the first shirt too, the vest is just eh, considering you'd only really be able to wear it for another month before you can't any more, ya know?

  22. I hope I'm not too late! I really like the vest on you but only if you feel comfortable in how it fits. It's so cute and I love the gold zipper detail! Also, I strongly cote for more Mason in the stitch fix photos!!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  23. I really like the booties but think everything else looks kinda plain for the asking price. Then again, I'm a cheapskate! I know they're not a part of your Stitch Fix package, but I'm totally diggin' those black sandals you're wearing in a couple of the photos.

  24. First of all, I love that Mason is in these pictures. He is so adorable. I am swooning over that green vest! I have an obsession with vests right now. I think it looks great on you. That green works well with your hair and skin color. Dolmans were made for you, friend. Definitely a keeper! I think this is a 5/5 box because it all looks so great on you!

  25. Adorable!! I love the dolman and the vest!


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