[Thoughts on Thursday] Confessions.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I must confess...

... that I've had no motivation to do anything this week. I've had a couple things on my to do list for a week and only FINALLY got to them on Monday. Barely. It was a holiday ("holiday") so Seth was off work so when Mason and I got home from work/school, I figured now was my time to get stuff done. No such luck. Mason only wanted me. "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy." Anyone else's kid ONLY want them? Don't get me wrong. I LOVE him, but it's so frustrating trying to get anything done.

... which brings me to blogging. I had (have!) stuff I want to blog about, but the lack of alone time in the afternoons and the lack of motivation after dinner/Mason's bath time is really putting a damper on that. When it comes to This is Us or computer time... This is Us always wins.

... that, speaking of Mason and blogging... Mason's been having a hard time going to sleep by himself for the past couple weeks. Like, we put him to bed and try to leave and he screams bloody murder like something is happening. It's not. He's fine. So we have to lay with him basically until he falls asleep. Usually bath time is my job and bed time is Seth's job, but the other night he was at a meeting late, so I did it. Laying there is pretty boring, so I closed my eyes... and woke up two hours later. At 10pm. I should have and could have been doing SO much more in those two hours, but we woke up cuddling and I was in heaven. I checked to make sure he was asleep and then I snuck out and headed to my room to go back to sleep (he's a KICKER or I would have stayed in there all night cuddling).

... that I am full on addicted to my Letterfolk board. I even came up with my own hashtag (#letterfolkliz) to house all my quotes (and possibly make a Chatbook out of)!

... that I wish I had internet in my car so I could use my laptop while Mason is at speech. I could get a lot more done that way.

... that I don't know why I subscribe to any magazines. I never have time to read them. They all literally sit on a stack on my counter. I counted yesterday - four Real Simple's and three Cooking Light's. I'm sure they're great! I hope I eventually read them...

... that I've had Starbucks WAYYYY too much lately. And then they went out and announced this and I don't see an end in sight any time soon.

Can you relate to any of my confessions?


  1. I love your letter board and all the fun quotes you've been doing lately! It's on my list for my birthday, but I don't think I'll be as funny as you. Ha ha! Since you want wifi and love Starbucks, hang out there during Mason's speech time. ;)

  2. This Is Us, TOTALLY always wins. Although I will admit I find myself running like a crazy person in commercial breaks to get stuff done :P. Your thoughts on magazines made me laugh. I feel the same exact way.

  3. I have had too much starbucks lately too. I earned a free drink since I bought hot chocolates for the kids, so I had to cash in! And there goes the diet!

  4. BOTH kids seem to only want me when I want/NEED to get stuff done. I love that they want and need me, but dang, sometimes I just want to - oh, I don't know, pee - get stuff done without someone literally hanging off of me.
    I'm sorry Mason is having a tough time going to bed. Have you talked to his ped about it? He/she might have some tips or tricks to help with bedtime.
    When it comes to motivation, blogging always, always, always takes a backseat to everything else. #sorrynotsorry It's literally the lowest on the priority totem pole (kids, sleep, shows, group texts ;) win every single time).
    Your letterfolks are THE best. I LOVE the idea of making them into a Chatbook. That's a freaking genius idea.
    Dude. Starbucks. Just take all my money.

  5. I love your letter board! I SOOO want one!! If I ever get one, I will probably copy you! haha! I'm so sorry Mason is having a hard time going to bed. That's the worst. Calvin was having terrible bedtime issues, so I would have to stay in his room. He'd at least let me sit in the recliner so I could be on my phone... since he's in a crib still, so no cuddling. Do you have an iPhone? My iPhone 6 has the capability to be a hotspot, so I can use my computer/tablet with it. Just go to settings and see if personal hotspot is an option. We use it for the boys' devices on trips, too!

  6. You have the best Letterfolk Boards, but Im sure I tell you that enough ;) Is there some kind of WiFi stick you can use for your laptop? Im not tech savvy at all but it seems like there would be something like that. Anddd you totally got me with your Starbucks ice cream link on FB. Holy yes.

  7. LOL! Love your hashtag! Such a great idea! And yes, the kids will run up two flights of stairs to find me and ask for water when their father is standing in the damn kitchen!

  8. My Letterfolk board has it's own hashtag, too! I love coming up with new things to display on my board.

  9. I had no idea it was called a Letterfolk...I love all of them that you do, so freakin' creative! Love the hashtag and always look forward to when you post. And yes to internet in places that you have a ton of time. Maybe you can edit photos? Or write the wring part of posts in Word in your car, and then you just have to copy and paste and add photos? That would be somewhat helpful for later when you jsut have to add pictures.

  10. My kids NEVER go to sleep alone. And it is so hard not to fall asleep with them. Lately I've been popping one head phone in my ear and listening to podcasts to keep me awake.

    Also, I LOVE all your letter boards. Never stop!

  11. I got it! Stick your magazines in your car and read them during speech time! Also, I gotta get on the This is Us train. I keep forgetting to watch it but it looks so good! I let Jeff pick our current Netflix show and we're watching Gotham. I tried to like it, but it's not my cup of tea.

  12. Why don't you set up a wifi hotspot on your phone to use your laptop in the car while Mason is in therapy? I took me forever to figure out, but its actually super easy. It's in your settings but i'm sure good old google can walk you through!

  13. I love all your letterfolk boards lately- they're so great! What Erin said above- I was going to suggest using your phone as a hotspot. I don't use it like that often, but it's really nice sometimes. Also, I have TOTALLY fallen asleep more times than I can count, when putting the kids to bed. Paysen likes us (me) to lay next to her for a few minutes, and there were so many times when I would fall asleep and wake up and hour or more later. And then I'd be silently kicking myself because then I didn't get my wind down time at the end of the night. :)


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