[A Year of Color] Green + [Wall Crawl] Orange County Edition

Friday, March 17, 2017

Alternatively titled "If I wait long enough to post this, then it will still be applicable."
Yeah, I am a little behind.

These pictures were actually taken at least a month ago, if not more. I had planned to share a couple weeks ago when it was actually relevant and then again the week after and then... life got the best of me. I didn't want to just forget about the pictures though. So, thankfully I waited long enough, and can share one wall because today is the [A Year of Color: Green] link up and the rest of the walls because today is [St. Patrick's Day] and all my walls together make a bit of a rainbow! Perfect timing if I do say so myself. Maybe I actually planned it this way. (Spoiler alert: I didn't.)

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, some of these may look familiar (because #chatbooks), but there are plenty more where those came from so without further ado...

First, I'll start with this awesome green "wall" water feature. It's essentially all these oil drums painted green and put together into a waterfall/water feature. It was super serene and pretty awesome to see.

Moving on to our green inspired St. Patrick's Day gallery wall.

Annnnnd I guess that's where my green inspiration ends.

... now back to the rest of our wall crawl! 

Because St. Patrick's Day and rainbows go together... here are the other fun walls that we came across.

Technically a sign. In the parking lot. But it works.

Rainbow inspired painted building/garage in the parking lot.

Orange wall.

Hopscotch between the orange and purple walls.

Purple wall.

Ivy wall.

Cool greenery-ed archway.

And no trip would be complete without... finding a mail box. 


I swear, Mason doesn't find mail boxes and post offices, they find him!

All wall photos as well as the mail box photo were taken at "The Lab" in Costa Mesa, CA.

Everyone behaved so well (mainly Seth (being patient with all my picture requests) and Mason (posing and taking pictures) ... ha!) that I thought we all deserved some yummy donuts. Of course, donuts was the original plan and I added the extra stop, but what can I say, I'm generous?

We had so much fun finding these fun colored walls to take pictures with. I'm always so jealous of all the fun, colorful walls that Desiree finds, but there is definitely more of an abundance of them in LA than there are in Orange County.

Be on the look out for a possible LA wall crawl coming soon and also a Disneyland inspired wall crawl as well!


  1. That green waterfall wall looks so cool! I like the other walls too.

  2. that green waterfall, so cool! And that archway, so pretty!

  3. Just when I thought Mason couldn't get any cuter you go and put glasses on him. He is just the sweetest.

  4. Well I for I am glad you waited so you could link up with us ;) That giant hopscotch is amazing! And I would pretty much do anything for donuts lol

  5. I literally laughed out loud when your inspiration "ran out" after the art work display.
    But. The walls you found. DYING! They're all so awesome. The green barrels are hands down my favorite, though. So cool, so unique! I'm also swooning over that purple wall! And hopscotch?! What a great find!!
    I'd do a wall crawl without donuts. But, donuts are obviously the proverbial icing!!

  6. This post is so full of fun walls and photos girl, love it! That fountain is GENIUS too. I wish we had more fun things like this around here. We have been looking for hidden treasures lately. I hope to share more as we find them.

  7. That green water feature is so cool! I love all of your wall posts, it really inspires me to get out and find some awesome walls of my own! Actually we have a couple of really awesome walls nearby that I still have to get pictures of, I'm such a slacker!

  8. You guys always have the best gallery wall projects! Pretty sure ours is still sporting Christmas crafts. And that "wall" of green barrels is so cool!! Love the picture of you and Mason together in front of the colorful wall!

  9. Ahhh I just love all the walls. I can't wait to explore walls this summer with my boys!


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