[A Year Recap in Pictures] The Collect App

Thursday, March 9, 2017

So... I've been wanting to share these pictures for a good 2+ months, you know, since the beginning of January. I know it's WAY late to be sharing anything from 2016, but I've always wanted to share about the fun Collect app that I use, so I figured, hey, it's my blog, I can do what I want, right? Right.

So, here I am on March 9th, sharing essentially a year in review from 2016. #sorrynotsorry

The Collect app is an app that you can download on your phone that stores photos in a calendar format. I believe you can actually save more than one photo per day, but it shows in the monthly view so I just choose my favorite from that day and save it to the calendar. It's super easy to use and is an awesome way to look back on the highlights from the month or year. It literally pulls from your camera roll and the beauty of it is that you don't have to upload on the day. For us busy moms, we don't always have time to log in to the app on the day, heck, even sometimes I'll back load in 2 weeks worth of photos (just being honest - in fact, right now I still have half of February and all of March so far empty).You click on the date you want to upload the photo on, the app accesses your camera roll and shows you which photos were taken on that date. Didn't take any photos on that date? No worries! You can always upload a photo from a different date in to it's place (I like to think of the app as a highlight of the whole month so it doesn't matter if the dates aren't exact).

Anyway, enough chit chat about the app (you can always ask me questions in the comments below), here are my monthly recaps from all of 2016.

As you can see, it's not just all my Instagram photos in a different place. Yes, a lot of them are that, but I also used some photos of pretty flowers I got or the weather or whatever really. It's just a snapshot of our year in review and the things I wanted to remember.

I used to scrapbook, but haven't much anymore for lack of time and since I started blogging. I wish I had some sort of Shutterfly photo album to look back on for the years as well, but I just haven't had time to sit down and make one. I really should have started fresh this year and then worked backwards eventually. I remember my parents always having actual photo albums to look through and I have SO many pictures and rarely print any of them, so this is what has worked for me in this season of my life.

If you're interested in downloading the app for yourself, just search "collect" in the Apple App Store. I have an iPhone so I know that's how to find it for other iPhone-ers, but maybe they have it for Androids too? This is what it looks like when you find it in the App Store.

How do you save memories? Do you have any apps you use?
What do you use to store all your photos on your computers?


  1. LOVE that you have whole years worth. I can't seem to get my stuff together and always seem to miss a day on my phone. I use 1 second every day that also does video clips too.

  2. I print photos once a month. I use Shutterfly and usually have a coupon code. I have 4 albums filled. It's mostly all Connor but that's where our vacation photos go, too.

    And I have to tell you now, I had planned this exact same post for May, which will be my 1 year of using it :)

  3. I have pretty much stopped taking photos on my phone because it's always full! But if I did, I'd like this!

  4. I always love these collages so much but never get around to doing them (nor am I consistent with taking pictures...sometimes it's 20 per day, other times zero). I love yours though so keep them up!

  5. That is honestly one of my favorite apps! And, I love that it get a reminder each night to add a photo - I'd totally forget if I didn't have that.
    April. LOOK HOW LITTLE OUR KIDS WERE! And, how is that almost an entire year ago? That doesn't even seem possible.

  6. I just love it and it sounds like the app is so easy to use!

  7. That's so cool!!! I used to do a year in review Post but have gotten lazy. This is so much easier! Thanks for sharing!

  8. This app sounds amazing! I just started using chatbooks too, it would be fun to print these pictures in those books!!


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