Little Letters || March

Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm excited to link up again this month with Kristin from Taz and Belly for her Little Letters series and bring you a few little letters...

First and foremost...

Dear Seth,

Dear Amazon,
Why do you have 675 options for plungers? Are they REALLY all that different? Maybe 20 options would be sufficient?

Dear Dentist,
Thank you for calling me to tell me that there was a cancellation on February 20th and for bumping my appointment up after I had to push it back. I'm very sorry that I came straight from work and didn't have a chance to brush my teeth... and that I ate a bunch of Girl Scout cookies about 10 minutes before you called.

Dear Freeway Sign "Stay alert. Pedestrians don't wear armor",
Random for you to be telling me about pedestrians on the freeway (I sure hope there's none!), but true none the less. Here's hoping that you're a generic sign for always and not a warning for watching for pedestrians walking on the freeway...

Dear Internet,
You are slowly killing me. Waiting for things to load is so 1999. Get with it.

Dear No Reply Commenters,
I'm sorry I'm not responding to your comments! When you don't have your email attached to your profile, your emails come through as "" (or something like that) and I don't know how to comment back. Please make sure your email is linked to your profile! Here's a quick tutorial to fix it or to make sure you're not one of them!

Dear Amazon (again),
When you tell me that something is available for same day delivery and I order on 2/15, I assume it will arrive later that same day... on 2/15... not on 2/16. Additionally when I place an order on 2/15 and you tell me something is available for 2 day delivery, I assume it will be here 2 days later... on 2/17... not on 2/20. Someone needs to get Amazon a calendar!

Dear Disneyland,
See you soon!

If you need me today, you know where I'll be 😉

Can you relate to any of my letters?


  1. Our internet has been so slow lately too!! We are actually switching internet providers and they're coming this afternoon to install the new stuff and I am so excited!!!

  2. Oh gosh, who needs that many plunger options!?!?

  3. Happy Birthday to Seth!I hope you have fun at Disneyland!
    And, yes, that both of those are huge Amazon pet peeves for me. The overabundance of options and the fact that Prime shipping can be a week or a month later. Not cool!

  4. I've been having the same problem with Amazon! I ordered something with prime shipping and they sent it 3 day UPS. Um, no. Luckily it got here on time!

  5. Liz I'm dying over you eating Girl Scout cookies right before the dentist! Please tell me they were thin mints and you had black teeth?!

  6. We've had internet issues lately too... blerg! I feel the same about Amazon. Sometimes they're great. Other times not so much. I probably am a no reply blogger. Sorry. I never know why it happens :(

  7. My internet has been spotty, too! I have no patience for that. I also feel bad for not responding to all comments and wish there was a magic way to help eveyone fix their no reply blogger status.

  8. Yessssss. The amazon shipping drives me crazy! Like that's why i pay for prime - for TWO DAY SHIPPING! It's maddening, haha!

  9. Hi! I found your blog through the Day in the Life roundup that Julia did. And I am feeling the same way about waiting for the internet to load!
    Oh, and I recently ordered something from Amazon that was prime, and it took over a month to get here. Just don't even label it prime if I can't have it in a few days!

  10. I hope there aren't pedestrians on the freeway either! And can I just admit that I've "responded" to non reply bloggers not realizing my email was basically going nowhere!

  11. Happy Birthday Seth! I hope he had a great day and your day at Disney was amazing. Loved the IG photos. :)

  12. I hope Seth had a great birthday! Does the Disney trip have anything to do with said birthday? Happy weekend friend!

  13. The freeway sign - yes!! Why in the world are we being alerted about pedestrians THERE?! I am so confused each time I see that.
    Amazon delivery dates confuse me. Same day delivery basically means next day... (eye roll).
    DISNEY!! So fun! I'm so glad we could join you for part of Seth's day. I know it was his day, but I cannot tell you what a lifesaver he was for us (from finding diapers to helping keep an eye on my kids to make sure they weren't kidnapped or got lost).

  14. Hahaha - dentish + girl scout cookies, yumm!! I told Dan, why should I brush before I go? I'm paying them to clean my teeth..!! Haha :)
    If your two-day shipping items don't arrive on time, email Amazon and you should get a free month added to your Prime membership.

  15. Bahaha!! Amazon,!


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