Long [Birthday] Weekending.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Last week Friday (the 10th) was Seth's birthday. A very special one. But I won't tell you which one. Let's just say Mason thinks he's two (and he's way off, but I don't have the heart to break that to him). To celebrate, we went to the place that any 35 year old (oops, spilled the beans) would want to go to... DISNEYLAND! What, that's not your ideal birthday celebration spot? Ha. Somehow I doubt it was Seth's either, but he didn't complain... too much. I made sure he got lots of beers to keep him happy :)

Anyway, we had more than just fun on Friday this weekend, so I thought I'd do a little birthday weekend recap in pictures.

Wednesday and Thursday were for...

- working
- birthday prepping
- trips to See's candy
- early birthday presents

Friday was for...

- Disneyland!
- hanging out with Desiree, Marcus, and Julia
- being introduced to my new favorite drink -- the cinnamon almond milk macchiato!
- wall crawl Disneyland style
- picking up my new ring (a band with rubies for Mason's birth month)
- Wood Ranch birthday dinner

Saturday was for...

- ABA therapy
- errand running
- laundry
- grocery shopping
- Costco
- play dates with the bestie
- late night donut runs for Sunday morning

Sunday was for...

- eating said donuts from the Saturday night donut run
- more laundry
- lounging
- family birthday dinner

Monday was for... 

- a birthday weekend hangover -- whomp whomp
- a trip to the post office
- a trip to the glasses store to fix someone's broken glasses
- and a trip to Target because nothing cures a weekend hangover like a trip to Target!

And here we are! Thankfully halfway through the week and a short week for me! Mason's school is closed on Friday for a teacher prep day, so I'm taking the day off work and hanging out with some special people. Stay tuned for that!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I would love to go to Disney for my birthday! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  2. What a fun filled weekend. My Mr's birthday is today, so taking off early so I can deck the house out for him when he gets home from work today :) Any reason to leave work early right?

  3. Broken glasses, yup that sounds familiar. So far one pair of ours have died. I am very thankful for backups and for insurance that will replace them once, lol.

    Looks like you guys had THE BEST time celebrating friend.

  4. What an awesome weekend! Especially spent at Disneyland :) Nothing cures a birthday hangover like a Target trip! Hope Seth had a great few days celebrating!

  5. You know Disneyland would be my birthday trip of choice!! You guys had an epic weekend. Now I want to see your new band, bet its beautiful!

  6. Awww! Looks like such a fun birthday weekend! I think beer at Disneyland sounds perfect! :)

  7. I'd love a birthday at Disney (land or world... I'm not picky)! And I can't wait to see your new ring!!!

  8. Oh man, going to Disney! So fun! And DONUTS! Perfect!

  9. Best weekend ever!! Disneyland and donuts. and beer. I'd be the happiest 35 year old you ever did see.

  10. Disney is totally my ideal place to celebrate a birthday!! And, I'm so glad we could join you guys on Seth's big day!!
    That Starbucks wall... Man, that thing still has me swooning.
    New ring? Did you have it at Disney, or did you get it after???

  11. I would love to see your new ring! I have been wanting one with my little boys birthday month too!


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