Fourth of July Weekend.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Saying weekend makes me feel like this stuff all happened SO long ago, but really the fourth was only a couple days ago, on Tuesday, so it doesn't really seem like THAT long ago if I think of it that way.

Seth and I were both lucky enough to have a four day weekend (actually lucky Seth had a FIVE day weekend since last Friday was his Friday off), so we had quite the little celebration! We went in to the weekend with no real specific plans other than celebrating the fourth with a BBQ with family, but it ended up being quite a busy weekend.

Friday was for...

- work for me and school for Mason
- an oil change for Seth
- a text to me from Seth saying an airplane crashed on the freeway by the airport (thankfully everyone was ok!)
- a failed attempt at a haircut for Mason
- a trip to California Adventure since the weather was so nice and unusually cool for the summer
- churros and ice cream for dessert

Saturday was for...

- last minute ABA session cancellations
- a trip to IKEA
- an attempt at taking a cute fourth of July picture
- a certain child dumping the remains of the confetti from said "cute picture" over the edge and on to the roof of our apartment complex and me thinking we were going to get fined or evicted (I tried to clean it up as much as I could but most was out of reach!)
- a belated celebration of my brother in law and sister in law's anniversary

Sunday was for...

- slow mornings
- a belated birthday lunch for our friend, Vickie
- dropping Mason off with Nanny so we could go see The Book of Mormon in LA at the Pantages
- a trip to Target sans Mason to take some pictures of birthday gift ideas for grandparents and aunts/uncles
- getting pictures of Mason and his cousin, Addison, at dinner together

Monday was for...

- a Best Buy run, a Target run for fourth of July dessert supplies, and a Lowe's run
- dropping some stuff off at Nanny's house and checking her mail
- I'm sure more stuff, but I can't seem to remember due to the fact that I didn't take a picture #momfail #bloggerfail

Tuesday was for...

- celebrating America's birthday!

It was the perfect mini-vacation-away-from-the-real-world-and-work weekend. I didn't want it to end!

Hope you all had a great fourth as well!


  1. What a fantastic weekend you guys had. I mean Disney alone is amazing, but add in IKEA AND the Fourth and you have a winner for sure. I hope this one is almost as good. Although that seems pretty hard to compete with.

  2. It looks like you you all had the most fantastic weekend and holiday!!

  3. What a great family weekend. Mason's sunglasses reminded me that I bought some for my kids to wear and forgot about them completely until just this moment. Darn, hopefully I remember them for next year?

  4. So fun! I love these pictures. I love Mason's sunglasses and the pool float!

  5. Those holiday weekends are always so much-needed!! You had an awesome one too. The confetti on the roof though is priceless, haha.

  6. I love (and a tad bit jealous) that you guys can just up and go to California Adventure on a whim! Love the 4th of July pictures. Him in those sunnies is just too cute! Sounds like a perfect extended weekend.

  7. What a great weekend! I love the pool pics!

  8. Your 4th was SO good.
    How was The Book of Mormon?? I've heard nothing but great things about it, and want to see it so bad! And don't you just LOVE the Pantages? One step inside and you're instantly taken to Old School Hollywood. I love that theater.
    Omg, Mason's reply to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond! BAHAHA!


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