Little Letters || July.

Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm excited to link up again this month with Kristin from Taz and Belly for her Little Letters series and bring you a few little letters...

Dear apartment,
You are finally starting to feel more like home. I'm finally starting to feel like I live here and am not just visiting.

Speaking of that...
Dear neighbors,
I'm not sure which one of you I hate (the people above, the people to one side, or the people below - so many options!), but I hate you. I hope you don't read my blog, so you don't know I hate you (or maybe I do in a passive aggressive way?), but the fact that you blast your music and/or tv and/or play video games with the sound turned WAY up from 8:30pm-10:30pm EVERY night is getting a bit old. Day 1 and Day 2, I was annoyed. Now, I hate you. I would call the "anonymous Courtesy Patrol", but really how anonymous is it? You KNOW the neighbors would know who called. I'm too chicken to knock on the door and ask you to turn down whatever the heck you're doing in there (plus I don't even know whose door to knock on), but I'm also too chicken to call the Courtesy Patrol. So I live in annoyance from 8:30pm-10:30pm everyday.

Also, I'd like to add, how do NONE of your other neighbors hear anything or complain?

Dear couch,
YOU FINALLY SHOWED UP!!! I ordered you on May 29th. I was under the impression from that salesman that it would be 2-3 weeks until you were delivered. Apppppppparently what he meant to say was it would be 2-3 weeks until my order was delivered to the manufacturer and you were even started to be made and it would be more like SIX weeks until you were delivered to me. My bad. Clearly I misunderstood him saying "delivered to your house in 2-3 weeks".

I would have canceled my order, but apparently you can only do that by 8pm on the same day you ordered it. (What?!) I would "return" the couch that I don't even have yet, but I reaaaaaaally do not want to pay a 25% restocking fee to return something that I haven't even gotten yet (and possibly hasn't even been made yet?).

Dear Living Spaces (where said couch was ordered),
How nice of you to send me a survey to review my purchase with you. YES, I'll happily tell you how I feel about your customer service.

I also plan to leave a review on Yelp of you one of these days. It will be my very first one, unless I've done one that I can't think of now. I hate being rude, but people have to know. I am never, ever shopping with you again.

Dear Book of Mormon,
WOW. You are so politically incorrect, so full of bad words and shock value, and so, so insulting to so many, but I loved you. I feel like that makes me a bad person maybe, but I could. not. stop. laughing. So glad we went to see you!

Dear pictures,
Why do you take so long to edit? If only you could be perfect the first time (ha!), I wouldn't be so terrible at blogging. Writing the post isn't hard... editing the photos is the time consuming part!

Dear (Anaheim) Ducks (hockey) fans,
Where are you during the regular season and the off season? Only when the Ducks went in to the play offs did I know you existed. I'd never seen so many Ducks flags in my life. And then? They lose and don't make the Stanley Cup and where are you again? Clearly we have a lot of bandwagon fans here in Southern California. At least Angels fans are fans all year and fans whether they win or lose.

Dear Costco,
Why do you tease me with your samples? I had a sample of these amazing chocolate glazed old fashioned donuts a couple months ago. We didn't need donuts then, but now I want them for Mason's birthday, and now? They're gone! Whyyyyyyy? Why do you always discontinue everything I love? This happens all the time with your apple sauce pouches and pretzel thins. All. The. Time.

Dear Mason,
Tomorrow you turn five. Somebody hold me! 😭😭

Can you relate to any of my letters this month?


  1. I love your letters. Ha ha!! I laughed so many times. I'm annoyed with your neighbors for you. How rude!! Can't believe our boys are 5. TEars!

  2. I couldn't help but giggle when I read the neighbor comment. I wrote a letter (that really wasn't all that bad) to one of my neighbors once and he send me a message on Facebook saying he didn't appreciate my comments. I mean what in the heck is a 23 year old guy doing reading my blog anyways, lololol. Honestly, I didn't care. Soon enough, we won't even have neighbors!

  3. OH man the neighbor thing, I would have no problem coming to your apartment and telling them to shut the heck up! 5...whaaaah, where does the time go?!

  4. That sucks about the neighbors! I had to deal with that in apartment living too but that was before kids! I also hate when Costco discontinues things we like!

  5. I want to see the Book of Mormon so so bad! Glad to hear you loved it!

  6. We go to Sams on the weekends for a Sample lunch... that's what we call it. It's not really how we eat lunch but it's funny to go there and get almost full on samples.

  7. Girl. I FEEL YOU on the insert lical team bandwagoners (here its the Giants and Sharks) makes me roll my eyes EVERY TIME. Also funny to note that apparently we are the "haters" since we dont support many local teams lol.
    And why I can never rent an apartment/attached unit ever again- people are not courteous these days and its sad.

  8. Ooooh the neighbors! I'd be scared to knock or use that courtesy service too! I'd make Dave do it for me HAHAHA. Hope its gotten better!


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