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Monday, July 10, 2017

When I last left you, we had gotten through April 21, 2017. We had an event for work on April 23rd and again on June 4th, so today I wanted to share all of our post office adventures between the two events.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures that I've shared on Instagram as well as the captions (+ the emojis!) that I've shared from April 24, 2017 to May 30, 2017.

4.24.17 // We sent off some very important mail this morning... an RSVP for Anisa's wedding! 

4.30.17 // Post office weekend vibes. Needed to pick up a box to send a friend some stuff so naturally we had to see the mail truck line up! 🚐✉️📮📬

5.1.17 // Funny story... Mason is so used to mailing things that as soon as the ($18!!!) shipping label popped out, he ran over to the mail slot to drop it in. 😳 I've never screamed "NO NO NO NO!!!!!!" so loud in my life. Then the big package container was full so we had to ring the bell to drop off the packages and Mr. Impatient rang it twice in a matter of seconds. That poor mail lady. I apologized but thankfully she thinks Mason is cute so she wasn't mad. 😂 ps @thefamilysmith4 your package was sent this morning with love! 💙✉️📮📬

5.3.17 // I asked him how many postcards there were. He said 10. Not quite buddy, more like 10...
times 140. 😂✉️📮📬

5.4.17 // When your mail man pulls the truck in your cul-de-sac (which he never does! he parks on the street and walks), you stop on your way to ABA therapy (last night) and take a picture. Even if it means you're a few minutes late to therapy. 🙈🚐✉️📮📬

5.8.17 // Bet you can guess what happened next... 😳🌪✉️. 
Happy Mailman Mason Monday! ✉️📮📬

5.10.17 // Sending some surprise mail to someone special! 📦✉️📮📬

5.15.17 // Before he started counting the mailboxes in front of him, he said to me, "Mommy, that mail box up there has a bandaid on it." That it does sweet boy, that it does. ✉️📮📬

5.17.17 // When your mom asks you to help and you just don't want to. 😂🙊
Someone has a case of the Wednesday's! 😜

5.19.17 // My happy little mail man is back! 
Could be something to do with it being Friday! 🙌🏻🎉✉️📮📬

5.19.17 // On my way back to the post office for the third time today (yes, you read that right)... first time with Mason, second time without, and third time with. While I'm sure you'd love three post office pictures in one day (😂😂), I'll leave you with two because... YOU GUYS HE'S TALL ENOUGH TO REACH THE PO BOX ON HIS OWN. 😳 He asked for the keys this morning and stuck it in the key hole (that's our box!) by himself. He needed help turning the key because he couldn't quiiiiiiiite reach but holy cow. When did he get so tall?! 😭✉️📮📬

5.20.17 // One more from yesterday because... #mailtrucks . 🚐✉️📮📬

5.22.17 // Happy Mailman Mason Monday! The little mailman was excited to use the big mail box to return something to Old Navy this morning. 📦✉️📮📬

5.26.17 // One final stop at the post office and it's officially the weekend! Thank goodness. 
Happy Friday! 🎉✉️📮📬

5.28.17 // Packing break to pick up the mail, go to work and process the mail, and drive to the distribution center to mail the mail one last time before our event next weekend. Holidays are great and all... until they fall on a Monday and mess up your mailing schedule. 🇱🇷✉️📮📬

5.30.17 // First order of business, check out the mailbox situation at the new house, of course. 


A little back story... When we stopped doing the Picture Perfect Project last year, I stopped sharing Mason's post office pictures on the blog. I had deemed it my "photo project of the year" through the PPP and when it ended, I didn't stop taking pictures of him at the post office, but I forgot to share them here too. I was thinking about it the other day and I want to continue to share them here even though I don't technically "have a reason" to each month. So instead of sharing per month, I'm going to share per event cycle (for my work - essentially why we go to the post office so often). We have seven events per year and as the events approach, we go to the post office more often and as they pass, we go less often.

You can find more of our post office adventures on Instagram here.


  1. So cute! Every time I go to the post office. Which is REALLY outdated, I think of y'all and snap a photo. I just love your post office photos of Mason. Such a fun adventure.

  2. Still my favorite IG hashtag. What is that "bandaid" on the mailbox? Did someone forget to pay? 😂

  3. You can never ever leave your job. Mason would have less trips to the post office and well, that's not okay. He would be heartbroken!

  4. I'm impressed you have so many ideas and different photos of Mason like this. It's so fun!!

  5. I agree with Jess! You get so creative with your post office pictures and I love it! They're always precious.

  6. I just love these pictures! He is getting so tall!

  7. I spotted the package that made it's way to us, which we are still SO thankful for!!
    Speaking of mailing stuff... We still need ideas of things we can send Mason's way. He needs to open something next week! ;)


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