We Moved!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Disclosure: TinyPrints provided all of the below products to me for free. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Well... we moved!

I've been hinting around at it for a while, but now it's official official and we've been in our new place for about a month and a half now. We literally only moved up the street a few miles, still in the same city (so not very far). Still the packing and the act of actually moving was hassle enough. I don't know how people move across the country!

With the fun of moving comes the fun of telling people that you've moved... I mean, you gotta update the Christmas card address list, right? 😉

Even though we've never moved into a house or bought a house (or bought anything for that matter), I still like to send out fun little "moving announcements" to let people know that we have a new address. You could do it one of multiple ways, but I personally like to send a little something in the mail. Plus, who doesn't like getting fun mail and not a bill?

Choosing a moving announcement (similar) was HARD.... way harder that I thought it would be! There were so many cute options to choose from that I had to decide what I really wanted out of the announcement. There were some with pictures on the front, some that included updated phone numbers and emails, and some that just had a simple message that we had a new address. I opted for the simple route on the front, only stating we had a new address, and then added a picture of Mason on the back. Because, let's be real, nobody cares about what Seth and I look like. 😉 They want to see Mason!

I absolutely love that TinyPrints offers customizable stamps. It just adds so much and makes it so much more personalized to have a stamp with a picture on it than a regular 'ol flag stamp. I WISH I had known about these when I ordered my Christmas cards because I love the fact that it would have given me another opportunity to share a photo. I had such a hard time narrowing it down on the actual card that adding a little something on the outside makes it that much more fun.

Another awesome option that they offer that I took advantage of was a personalized "deliver to" and "from" address. I opted not to, but I could have, imported all of my friends and family's address on to the website and they would have printed the "to" addresses right underneath the "kindly deliver to". I think I might take advantage of that next time, but for this time I just used some regular 'ol labels printed from my computer address label file that I stuck on under the customization. Not pictured, but on the back flap, I had our return address pre-printed on all the envelopes. I also love the matching envelope inserts that coordinate with the cards I chose. It really ties the whole thing together vs just a blank inside envelope.

I opted to mail all of the announcements from our mail area at our apartment vs going to the post office to mail them, but regardless of where they were mailed from, I made sure to recruit my little helper to help me.

I also added a touch of fun washi tape on the back of the envelopes because really... I love any excuse to use washi tape and make things look pretty!

Some of you may have heard that Shutterfly and TinyPrints recently merged (if you haven't, you can find out more here in their press release). While TinyPrints' new home is officially linked to the Shutterfly website, TinyPrints and Shutterfly have always been affiliated as they have been sister brands since 2011. With this merger comes some stream lining in the sense that you can upload all your photos to one site, use them to make cards, announcements, etc with TinyPrints as well as easily making a photo book, keychains for the grandparents, or home decor through Shutterfly. TinyPrints will still have the same high quality, amazing products that you've always counted on.

Unfortunately as with any move (like mine), "unpacking" takes a while. Most items are live on the TinyPrints site, but not all, so unfortunately I can't link you to all the fabulous products that I was able to get from them. But! Check back later. As they continue to "unpack", more items will be available for purchase. In the meantime, you can find all of TinyPrints' birth announcements here, gorgeous stationery here, baby shower invites here, and you can even check out some of the upcoming holiday cards here!

A huge THANK YOU to TinyPrints for helping me announce my move with such gorgeous announcements!


  1. Such cute cards! And a great idea to send them when you moved. I sent out an email when we moved. H ha!

  2. So much fun Liz. I have thought about how I am going to need to do something similar down the road!

  3. I wasn't sure what you were mailing us when I got this. At first I thought "baby announcement". Seriously? Sorry :)

  4. Congrats on the new place and those are cute cards!

  5. Yay for moving! I love sending out change of address cards, it's just fun mail.

  6. Loved the cards!! The picture of Mason is absolutely PERFECT for the personalized stamp. Brought a smile to my face!! :)

  7. Congrats.

  8. These were the cutest! Totally made my day to get some unexpected mail! And you know how much I appreciate an address update! ;-)


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