Five Friday Favorites.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello Friday! I've been missing you... ever since last Friday ;)

Even though this was a holiday week for some, I still had to work all five days, and this week seemed to drag on forever and ever (and ever). Needless to say at 3:30pm today, I will be one happy camper :)

Surprise emails from Starbucks.

I got this email the other day from Starbucks and to say that I was surprised and happy would be an understatement. How do they know I have a card from 2006 that I haven't used?? Either way, I'm hopping on the opportunity to transfer that $5 to my account! High five Starbucks. Thanks for the reminder! (Glad they have a better memory than me!)

Ellen's Design Challenge.

Has anybody else seen the commercial for Ellen's new show? It starts on Monday and I am so excited for it! I love her regular show and can only imagine that this one will be just as great. It's already set to tape on my DVR!

This kid.

I just love watching his mind work. He LOVES the puzzle part on his Disney Junior app and could seriously play it all day. While I know it is obviously better to do a puzzle in real life, not on an electronic, I am always so impressed with his skills that this time I had to take a picture. I swear he knows exactly where each piece goes and knows exactly what to do and it blows my mind.

Desserts on Instagram.

I seriously did not realize how many people post food pictures on Instagram until I started the Whole30 on Monday.

Holy temptation Batman! Maybe I'm just overly sensitive now that I can't have these things but I swear like every person that I follow posted a picture of a donut this week.

Oh and not to mentioned that on Day 2 one of my co-workers brought a huge bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies in to work. I'll be honest, I wanted SO bad to have a cookie, but I didn't. Instead I just stared at the bag every time I walked by the break room table lol. Will power at it's finest! We're on Day 5 now and going strong!

The dentist.

Seriously. Why do they do that? I swear they ask you a question and then put their cleaning instruments in your mouth directly after, all the while waiting for you to be able to answer the question they just asked. Come again?

The dentist is not normally something I would post about because it's usually the furthest thing from my mind, but I had the pleasure of going for my half yearly teeth cleaning last night and let's just say my teeth are still thanking the hygienist for the gum stabbing she did last night. Oy. So while it's no secret that I don't enjoy the dentist, I will say (and this will make me sound totally old) that I DO enjoy the fact that I can go for free twice a year to have my teeth cleaned. I mean, I am fully aware that it's not "free", I do pay a lot for that good insurance, but it is free in the fact that there is no co-pay. In, cleaning, out, and I'm good to go for another six months. Gotta love that!

And with that... I wish you a Happy Friday and a Happy Weekend!


  1. LOVE Ellen - & how sweet of Starbucks! :) Happy weekend, mama!

  2. Starbucks has such a good memory because it's all those coffee fumes they inhale! Lily loves those puzzles on the Disney jr app too! I honestly didn't even know they were there until she found them. Haha have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Haha! That's awesome about the Starbucks reminder :) What a great company ;)

    I'm pretty excited to see the Ellen has a new show!! I wonder if I get it in Canada... I'm going to check it out :) xo

  4. Ugh don't even get me started on the dentist! I am terrified of the place and inreceny found out that I need two crowns! Two! How old am I? Plus, since I'm pregnant and then will be breastfeeding, I'll have to do it without any drugs! Grr.

  5. Pretty cool about Starbucks! Most places would be happy that you forfeited your $5! Oh the dentist. My MIL works at the dentist we go to. I never had a problem with the dentist until my last filling when it hurt! Now I dread going!

  6. a bonus $5 found for Starbucks?! that's amazing!!! I love when those things happen! Those desserts! oh my - good thing I'm not home now or I'd want to bake right now!!! happy Friday!

  7. I love the dentist and would go every day if I could!! I just love the clean feeling they give my teeth!! and I will take that $5 starbucks if you are giving it away!! haha

  8. Ahhh hate going to the dentist! The whole thing is just awkward! That app for puzzles is a favorite here too! Have a great weekend!

  9. Yes, Happy Friday!! :)
    How fun Starbucks reminded you, that's like getting a gift all over again..!! Haha enjoy it!!
    I head a commercial for that Ellen show, I wasn't sure what was up with it but she always cracks me up so I might have to check it out too.
    Mason!! Such a smart boy, it's so fun to see what they can do!!
    Damn all those desserts. They probably taste gross anyway.. ;)

  10. as much as i ADORE my hygienist at the dentist she's a conversationalist. . . and its always SO awkward! and those desserts. YUM. but hang in there with whole30 my inspiration is riding on you :) happy friday!

  11. I love the dentist...but I'm a hygienist :) I don't know why some of them talk so much - it gives the rest of us a bad name! haha I try to talk a little, but mainly because it's awkward sitting in silence. And then people just stare at you...which is really weird! Just close your eyes and relax :)
    Stopping by from H5FF!
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  12. Lol! Secret Starbucks money?! It doesn't get much better than that. Almost like winning the lottery... almost ;).

    Have a great weekend friend!

  13. I love Ellen and cannot wait to watch her new show.
    And, seriously, why do the dentists want to carry on a convo when you literally cannot move your mouth?!!

  14. hey a whole five bucks nice! Since 2006 ha, that is ancient times.
    Love Ellen, haven't heard of her new show.
    I really enjoy my dental hygienist actually. Never have that problem with the mouthful of tools trying to talk bit. Plus we watch movies. I hate that varnish I have to wear the rest of the day though, love finally being able to brush that ick off. Yay for clean teeth though!

  15. I so wish I had cable so I could watch Ellen's show on HGTV! You'll have to tell me how it is. And I am totally with you on the dentist thing. Thankfully, mine seems to have gotten smarter and will wait for me to answer before he puts all that stuff in my mouth. :) And yay for surprise Starbucks money! Crazy that you had something from 2006!

  16. You're the second person I've seen talk about the Disney Jr app. We've always just watched the shows, we'll have to check out the games!

    Haha! I always have the same problem at the dentist!

  17. Haha! Love this post. How awesome of Starbucks to remind you that you had $5 to spend. Most companies wouldn't just let that slip on by. Did you watch the Ellen show? I completely forgot about it, but I do want to see it. And YES! I'm on a diet, too and all the food posts are killing me. Your Mason is too adorable!

  18. Those desserts look yummy! And we love Disney Jr. at my house too:)

    Thanks for linking up!


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