Five on Friday.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hello and Happy Friday!

I'm so happy it's finally Friday. This week seemed to drag on for forever. I don't know if it's just because it's the week after the holidays or what, but boy am I glad it's the weekend!

The Bachelor.

Why yes, yes I do watch this garbage. Such fun, entertaining, mindless TV for the first week night of the week. And my gosh, did you all watch the premiere on Monday???

"I'd love for you to plow my field." Really? Really? I'm sorry, but that girl has GOT to regret saying that. The only thing better would have been if she waved hi to her Grandma after. YIKES.

And then the ballet teacher that said that Chris makes her want to drop her panties... yikes. Imagine your 4 year old daughter taking ballet lessons from her. You would never look at her the same way again.

Oh and if you're looking for a quick, easy, and entertaining recap of The Bachelor, check out Pinterest Told Me To. She posts her Bachelor recaps (see Monday's here) a couple days after the show and they are amazing. I believe she started with Sean's season (or the season of the Bachelorette that he was on) because she is Sean's sister's best friend. If you don't follow her blog, YOU SO SHOULD. Follow now. Thank me later.

You're welcome.

Fixer Upper.

Apparently I watch a lot of TV?

I just discovered this show this week and boy do I LOVE it. It's kind of like Property Brothers but with a husband and wife instead of brothers and they make the most BEAUTIFUL house make overs. I've only seen one show and I'm hooked.


Kiiiiiiinda thinking about doing the Whole30. I was super scared of it at first and had NO idea what we would eat, but after checking out a few Instagram accounts and blogs and looking up some recipes, I think we might try it. Before we do though, I want to come up with a full meal plan and a grocery list and figure out exactly what we are going to do. I need to know what I will bring to work for lunches and snacks, what I can have a for a quick and healthy breakfast in the mornings, and exactly how much this is going to cost us. We try to eat relatively healthy already and I can't spend a fortune on this diet.

Anybody tried it? Or know anyone who did? Tips? Tricks?

Valentine's Day.

Seems crazy to be thinking about Valentine's Day already but in reality... it's only a month away! Found these on Instagram the other day and am loving the simplicity of them and how cute they are.

#boymoms recap.

 I recapped my #boymoms series on Monday. I had the privilege of sharing some amazing stories of a mother's love for her son over the past year and recapped all the amazing stories on Monday.

To see the recap, click here and if you're interested in guest posting, please email me!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


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  1. Ahh I missed the a bachelor- it is always hilarious and fun. I have been debating about doing whole 30 too... has a lot of recipes and meal plans on her blog.

  2. I stopped watching the bachelor but I remember the good old days in college when my friend and I would order the greasiest cheesy bread from dominos and watch in my super tiny dorm room! And speaking of healthy eating ;) ice thought of doing the whole 30 but everyone says it requires so much prep that when I'm out with Noah I would just be setting myself up for failure. I'd be so curious though to see how you do it realistically!

  3. Love the Bachelor and love Shaeffer's recaps! Here's to another most dramatic (and romantic) season ever!

  4. Too bad we didn't live closer, then we could have Bachelor viewing parties on Mondays! :) I love that show! I haven't read that blog, but I do follow Sharleen's recaps, and Reality Steve. I love the Fixer Upper show too. I pretty much like most things on HGTV- so wish I had cable! Happy weekend friend!

  5. I want to try the whole 30 too!! Badly. But pregnancy keeps winning (damnit!). If you start tell me and help me. And so excited for the season of crazy bachelor!!

  6. Those Valentine's are adorable! I am so excited to embrace another holiday now that the Christmas let down is in full effect!

  7. I was just telling a co-worker about Fixer Upper! I like that show way better for one reason, they redo the ENTIRE crappy house and not just several rooms. I like Property Brothers but hate how they only complete like the kitchen, living room and dining room; but what about those bathrooms or the floors in the rest of the house?

  8. I've heard loads of great things about Whole30 but haven't tried it...if you do you have to let me know what you think! And love those valentine's...super cute!

    PS I'm with ya on the Bachelor, it's a little addiction of mine and I won't give it up =)

  9. Good luck with Whole 30!! It looks fantastic, but I am such a bad planner that we would fail immediately. (I have a lot of faith in myself, huh?!) Haha...I LOVE Fixer Upper! However, I could watch HGTV for days on end!! Happy Weekend!!

  10. Oh, the bachelor. He makes Iowa look awesome.... haha! There's a group over Liberating Working Moms ladies doing Whole 30. Check out the Liberating Working Moms blog for more info on that.

    I actually started thinking about Henry's valentines yesterday. Eeek!

  11. I have never watched the bachelor, but I am obsessed with fixer upper!

  12. The Bachelore is soooo entertaining, isn't it?! Who's your favorite girl so far? My sister and I text each other the entire time last Monday. We plan to make our lives easier and just FaceTime this Monday...that way we won't miss a thing! Can't wait!

    1. SO entertaining!!! I must admit that I totally watch for all the drama. There are some crazies on there but that's half the fun. "There's an onion on the tree! An onion! Oh, it's a pomegranate... I am so strong!" What?? Haha. I'm loving Britt so far! The one who got the first impression rose. She seems super cute and nice!

  13. I've never watched The Bachelor. I have no desire but Fixer Upper - LOVE IT!!! I've seen ever episode. Maybe more than once.

  14. Yea Friday!!!!! :)
    Ohmygosh, fixer upper is adorable - their family is precious, the homes are beautiful and I think Joanna is absolutely gorgeous and I want all her clothes. :) It's sitting on my dvr, hoping to actually watch it someday. Ha!
    Love those Valentines!! Looking forward to another reason to be festive and lovey-dovey.

  15. It is still the holiday season in my book until Easter! Last year I did the hooked on you with gummie worms thing. Basically I just wanted to eat some gummie worms. no shame.
    I love hgtv and food network when they have something good on. So rare. I was into that one called...something...big fat reno or something. I think Aria might stab me if I put on something that isn't Mickey or Sofia these days though. Although she likes Pioneer Woman. Haven't seen this one of which you speak! Maybe it'll be on sometime.

  16. I am so excited The Bachelor is on!! YAY! I need to catch up on the first episode but I can't wait for this season!
    Those Valentines prints are ADORABLE! I gotta get thinkin' about this, so glad you shared that!
    Whole 30?! You are BRAVE! I don't think I'll ever buckle down and get strict enough for that diet. I'll just run a little further to make up for my sweet tooth, ha! But I am the BEST cheerleader if you decide to do it!!

  17. Full on Bachelor fanatic over here. Even more so this season because Chris is an Iowa boy! Holy cow, there were some CRAZIES during the premier (but three hours, really? A little too long for me). If the season is as good as the previews, then I CANNOT WAIT!
    Also, obsessed with Fixer Upper. Even Scott likes that show.

  18. The bachelor…oh goodness! The first night was pretty darn interesting. And Fixer Upper…YES! It’s only 1 hour 15 minutes from me…I’m so going to the Magnolia in the Spring!!!


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