Five on Friday.

Friday, January 16, 2015

We've had a bit of a rough week this week over here. We found out (via an urgent care trip on Tuesday night) that Mason has a double eye infection AND a double ear infection. While we could tell his eyes had a problem, we had NO idea his ears were hurting! What a trooper he is. So after the diagnosis from the doctor, we were off to Target Pharmacy to get our meds and I am happy to report that Mason is on the mend now. However, that didn't come without a fever on Wednesday night and a call to the on-call nurse line to find out if we could give him Tylenol with the meds he's on. Oy. Definitely in need of some weekend time!

But before we get too ahead of ourselves (after all, I do have an 8 hour work day between me and the weekend), here are my weekly five.

Starbucks Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccinos.

These beauties  will soon be available!!!!!
Now before you go all crazy and thank me for sharing these, hear me out. These baby's are becoming available in... Australia soon. Whomp whomp. But, according to the article, all hope is not lost. They debuted elsewhere and are now being introduced in Australia (since it's summer there now). I think we should start a petition now for these to come to the US. Who's with me?

Bus Riding Dog.

Did you guys hear about the Seattle dog that rides the bus by himself to the dog park? If you haven't, you seriously need to check out this article. I thought for sure it was impossible but if you watch the video, the dog gets on the bus at the stop by his house, rides the bus until the dog park stop, and gets off to go play. Seriously. Dogs. They never cease to amaze me!

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons.

I was searching Pinterest the other night when I came across this blog post : 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons and I LOVED it. Some of my favorite rules are :

2. Be a cheerleader for his life.

There is no doubt that you are the loudest person in the stands at his t-ball games.  There is no doubt that he will tell you to “stop, mom” when you sing along to his garage band’s lyrics.  There is no doubt that he will get red-faced when you show his prom date his pictures from boy scouts.  There is no doubt that he is not telling his prom date about your blog where you’ve been bragging about his life from his first time on the potty to the citizenship award he won in ninth grade.  He will tell you to stop.  He will say he’s embarrassed.  But he will know that there is at least one person that is always rooting for him.

6. Make sure he has examples of good men who are powerful because of their brains, their determination, and their integrity.

The examples of men with big muscles and a uniform like Batman will surround your son from birth.  But make sure he also knows about men who kick a$s because of their brains (Albert Einstein), and their pen Mark Twain, and their words (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), and their determination (Team Hoyt), and their ideas (The Wright Brothers), and their integrity, and fearlessness (Neil Armstrong), and their ability to keep their mouths closed when everyone else is screaming (Jackie Robinson).

7. Make sure he has examples of women who are beautiful because of their brains, their determination, and their integrity.

The examples of traditionally beautiful women (like Daphna Blake) will surround your son from birth.  But make sure he knows about women who are beautiful from the inside out because of their brains (Madame Maria Curie), and their pen (Harper Lee), and their words (Eleanor Roosevelt), and their determination (Anne Sullivan), and their ideas (Oprah Winfrey), and their integrity (Miep Gies), and fearlessness (Ameila Earhart), and their ability to open their mouths and take a stand when everyone else is silent (Aung San Suu Kyi).

8. Be an example of a beautiful woman with brains, determination, and integrity.

You already are all of those things.  If you ever fear that you are somehow incapable of doing anything - remember this:  If you have done any of the following:  a) grew life b) impossibly and inconceivably got it out of your body c) taken care of a newborn d) made a pain go away with a kiss e) taught someone to read f) taught a toddler to eat with a utensil g) cleaned up diarrhea without gagging h) loved a child enough to be willing to give your life for them (regardless if they are your own) or i) found a way to be strong when that child is are a superhero.  do not doubt yourself for one second.  Seriously.

9. Teach him to have manners.

Because its nice.  and it will make the world a little better of a place.

12. Let him ruin his clothes.

Resolve to be cool about dirty and ruined clothes.  You’ll be fighting a losing battle if you get upset every time he ruins another piece of clothing. Don’t waste your energy being angry about something inevitable.  Boys tend to learn by destroying, jumping, spilling, falling, and making impossible messes.  Dirty, ruined clothes are just par for the course.

14. Go outside with him.

Turn off the television, unplug the video games, put your cellphone on the charger, even put your camera away.  Just go outside and follow him around.  Watch his face, explore his world, and let him ask questions.  It’s like magic.

16. Give him opportunities to help others.

There is a big difference in giving someone the opportunity to help and forcing someone to help.  Giving the opportunity lights a flame in the heart and once the help is done the flame shines brighter and asks for more opportunities.  Be an example of helping others in your own actions and the way your family helps each other and helps others together. 

20. Let his dad teach him how to do things.

…Without interrupting about how to do it the ‘right way.’  If you let his dad show and teach and discover with your son while he is growing up, some day down the road (after a short period of your son believing his dad knows nothing), he will come to the realization that his dad knows everything.  You will always be his mother, but in his grown-up man heart and mind, his dad will know the answers.  And this will be how, when your son is too busy with life to call and chat with his mom,  you will stay connected to what is happening in his life.  Because he will call his dad for answers, and his dad will secretly come and ask you.

22. Build him forts.

Forts have the ability to make everyday normal stuff into magic.  Throw the couch cushions, a couple blankets, and some clothespins and you can transform your living room into the cave of wonders.  For the rest of his life, he’ll be grateful to know that everyday normal stuff has the potential to be magical.

23. Take him to new places.

Because it will make his brain and his heart open up wider, and the ideas and questions and memories will rush in.

24. Kiss him.

Any mother of sons will tell you that little boys are so loving and sweet.  They can be harsh and wild and destructive during most of the day.  But there are these moments when they are so kind and sensitive and tender.  So much so that it can cause you to look around at the inward, reserved grown men in your life and think, ‘what happens in between that made you lose that?’  Let’s try to stop the cycle by kissing them when they’re loving and kissing them even more when they’re wild.  Kissing them when they’re 2 months and kissing them when they’re 16 years old.  You’re the mom – you can go ahead and kiss him no matter how big he gets – and make sure he knows it.   p.s. (this one is just as important for dad’s too). 

25. Be home base.

You are home to him.  When he learns to walk, he will wobble a few feet away from you and then come back, then wobble away a little farther and then come back.  When he tries something new, he will look for your proud smile.  When he learns to read, he will repeat the same book to you twenty times in a row, because you’re the only one who will listen that many times.  When he plays his sport, he will search for your face in the stands.  When he is sick, he will call you.  When he really messes up, he will call you.  When he is grown and strong and tough and big and he feels like crying, he will come to you; because a man can cry in front of his mother without feeling self-conscious.  Even when he grows up and has a new woman in his life and gets a new home, you are still his mother; home base, the ever constant, like the sun.  Know that in your heart and everything else will fall into place.

Date Your Spouse : A Year of Dates.

Did you see my post on Tuesday where I shared the Christmas present that I gave to Seth this year? If you have a spouse who is hard to shop for, check it out for a great birthday/anniversary/Christmas present idea!

No-Reply Blog Commenter.

I've noticed some new friends around here (hi and welcome!) and I've been wanting to reply to your comments but I can't because your account is not linked to your email! Check out the super simple and easy tutorial that Beth posted last week.

Happy Friday!

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  1. So sorry for the sickness Mason is definitely a tough boy alright!

    That frappuccino!!! Oh my goodness I bet it's 1500 calories and worth every single one :P.

    Thanks for sharing my post, I hope it helps someone!

  2. Oh poor mason! Glad he's on the mend! I didn't get to post today because Noah and I both got sick Wednesday night! Stomach bug for me and a bad cold for Noah... I just hope we don't swap ailments next week!
    Love those "rules" too! Have a great weekend!

  3. Awww! Poor little guy! I hope he is back to 100% soon!
    I would die for one of those drinks! Maybe by summer they will be here! Lol
    And I love those rules! They totally apply to little girls too!

  4. Glad Mason's on the mend- hope he continues to feel better! I love some of those rules you posted - those are great! Definitely can apply them to girls too. Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend!

  5. Oh poor poor Mason! I hope he is feeling better soon! And I can't take no reply bloggers seriously! How is anyone supposed to communicate with you?!

  6. Double eye and double ear?! Oh HECK NO. Poor little guy. I hope he feels better ASAP.

  7. Ok, I didn't have ANY cravings… UNTIL NOW. Strawberry Cheesecake Frapp?!! GET IN MAH BELLY! If I gain a 100 pounds I'm blaming you for this introduction!
    I read the 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons - pretty much cried my way through it. So many amazing points.
    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  8. OH NO!!!! What a trooper, for sure!!! I hope he feels better now...poor bug. Those "Mom of Boy" lists get me everytime. I seriously don't want him going anywhere without me!! I will totally be that mom who does his laundry in college - haha!! (Who am I kidding, I already have him trained to put his clothes in the washing machine when I was his clothes....please don't call DHS on me!)

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. Sickness stinks. It's been going around so much. I love that boy mom article! So good!

  10. Poor guy! Holy smokes! He must have been miserable!!
    And the no reply blogger... I deal with it daily it seems.

  11. Ahhhh, I want that frappe, like, RIGHT DAMN NOW! It looks AMAZING! You get that petition going & I will sign it, my dear! :)

    I'm glad to hear that Mason is feeling better. Poor lil guy. :(

    Mandie ~

  12. Poor Mason, feel better!! :) Happy Friday!!

  13. Oh, poor Mason! I hope he's feeling much better soon! And that Starubucks Frap look amazing!

  14. I think a lot of those rules apply for the mother of a daughter as well!!! What a great post and I love how you shared Beth's letter to the no-reply comment blogger!! I think I will add that one next week.

  15. That's a lot of sickness, poor guy! I've never even heard of an eye infection. Ouch!

  16. Yeah, I've given up on the no reply bloggers. I don't respond via the thread almost ever anymore. I do try to go find them on their blog and respond if they have a question though. Still no reply is the pits! No more! i blame google though really. asshats.
    That cheesecake things is delicious looking WHAT?! need.

  17. Aww! I hope that Mason is 100% better and was able to enjoy his weekend!

  18. Hope Mason is on the mend now! What a trooper (both him and you!!). Hope you're having a wonderful week. Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  19. I hope Mason is feeling better now! And I'm not a Starbucks fan, but that drink looks amazing!!!! Thanks for linking up with us:)



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