What to do when it {gasp} rains in Southern California.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Believe it or not, it does get cold (cold for us at least!) and it actually does rain in Southern California. Very, very rarely. But it does. And we need it and welcome it. Boy do we need it.

And yesterday? Yesterday happened to be one of those days! So, while I was at work during most of the rain storm, I wanted to share what we do when it's not bright and sunny and warm... 

We find fun things to do inside!

We play with fridge magnets and practice our animal and noise identification.

We look for and read books.

We bake.

We do laundry.

We make swords out of old wrapping paper rolls.

We do dishes.

We play with toys and the containers that the toys come in.

We go to the aquarium.

We watch movies.

And if all else fails?
You let your kid sit on your face and play with your phone.

What do you and your kids do on rainy/snowy, cold days?

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  1. Thank goodness it doesn't rain too often round these parts! Although my poor rain boots are glad they've been used like 4x this year ;)

  2. Great activities :) I still love that picture of Mason sitting on you, haha! Also, I am jealous of your kitchenaid mixer. I want one so badly!

  3. That sounds pretty similar to a winter day in this house! Although, I really wish we lived close to an aquarium. I think that's going to be put on our summer bucket list. Wyatt would love it!

  4. I still laugh at that last picture! definitely great things to do!

  5. So cute! I love and want those magnets... Where are they from? We are currently having a snow day (though not as bad as they forecasted). We've already done some baking this morning and will be doing some crafts this afternoon. We are all about coming up with inside activities with an northeast winter!

  6. Bahahaha! Love this! Mac is also obsessed with magnets! We play magnet for a surprisingly long time on indoor days. I've tried to get him into baking, but he just has no interest. Hopefully Mim will like to bake with me someday.

  7. Love love love this post and all of the pictures! Mason is too precious!

  8. Yup, your list pretty much covers it! I guess we would add 'play dress up' but we're a house full of girls ;)

  9. So if he was playing with your phone, how'd you get that last picture? =)

  10. Are those Lucky Charms rice krispie treats?! Because now I have a huge craving for that!!!

  11. lol at the last one! :P
    Toddlers are so much fun! :)
    && what a awesome little helper you have.

  12. Busy boy, such a good helper!! :) T would be right there ready for a sword fight..!! Puzzles & dinosaurs have made for major entertainment for us lately.

  13. baking, movies, messes of toy boxes sounds about right to me! You have some great looking anima magnets! I love that Masons helping so much -- it really does make things easier!! Thanks for sharing your indoor ideas - us mid west people need them all!

  14. He's such a lil man, helping out with chores around the house. I love it! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  15. Mason is such a good helper around your house!!
    We do many of the same activities. We've also become huge fans of Pump It Up, and Marcus is slightly obsessed with the bounce house gym.


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