[It's the Little Things] A Lazy Weekend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This past weekend, we had a lazy weekend. You know, the kind where you don't have plans and you just get to do whatever you want. Ahh, yes, that kind. I mean we had our regular grocery shopping on the agenda but that's about all. And it was GLORIOUS.

Saturday was our first weekend morning of being on the Whole30 and I must admit... we ate like a king and queen (and a prince)! Seriously. I wish we had more time in the mornings on the weekdays because our meal was delicious. We had a couple leftover sweet potato and sausage cups leftover from the week that we mashed up into a sort of sweet potato hash and then had some prosciutto, a fried egg, and lots of fruit on the side. I paired mine with some hot black tea with lemon and Seth had coffee.

After breakfast, Seth and I quickly took showers and got ready and then we decided to head to a new park before heading to Whole Foods so Mason could get his wiggles out before having to sit in a cart for an undetermined amount of time.

It was crazy windy outside (those Santa Ana winds are no joke) but beautifully warm and we had a blast running around and checking out the new climbing structure. The park was a little smaller than I thought it would be, seeing as how it was in a neighborhood with super expensive houses. Nevertheless, we had a blast playing.

Once Mason seemed like he was over it, we packed up and got back in the car, gave him a snack, and headed to Whole Foods. I was looking for a few new things for our pantry staples but we only successful on buying one thing. We headed home, had lunch, and Mason took a nap. About an hour into his nap, the power went out. We were guessing because of the wind (knocked over a power line maybe?) or maybe because people were using the AC and it was super windy and something just overloaded. I'm no electrician, so I have no idea what happened, but it was out for almost two hours. The power outage interrupted Seth watching TV and me blogging (the horror!) so I took the opportunity to clean up a little around the house and Seth ran a couple errands.

I feel so bad saying this (total #firstworldproblems) but when the power first went out, we had no idea what we were going to do. In this day and age, we have become so dependent upon technology to entertain us that we don't know what to do without it. I will admit, that was my first thought, what are we going to do?? And then I realized that I had been procrastinating filing away some papers and sorting through the mail from the week an reading magazines (that go back to November) that I took this opportunity to do so. I made a positive out of what some might think of a negative.

Mason woke up about a half hour after the power came back on, we played, made and had dinner, and then watched some TV and played with blocks.

We got these blocks in our last Citrus Lane box and this is the first time we really played with them. I don't know why I'd never pulled them out before because Mason LOVES them and loved helping to stack the blocks and then of course, he loved knocking them down too.

Sunday morning, we had a lazy morning, leisurely eating breakfast and getting ready for swim class. Swim was at 10am and though he is enrolled in a parent and me class and there's usually as many as 6 kids (and parents) in the class, Mason was lucky enough to have a private lesson (since nobody else showed up). We LOVE his teacher Miss Ashley and she is so good with him. He got bumped up to intermediate a couple weeks ago and they do a lot of back floating... which he HATES. Sunday he did SO SO good though and made awesome progress. I was seriously so proud.

After swim, I wanted to check out the farmer's market at the Great Park. We've gone a few times and I really like it. Swim is right by it so I wanted to stop by real quick after class. "Real quick"... that's what I told Seth but we ended up being there for almost two hours!

The Great Park also happens to be the location of "The Orange" - a hot air balloon in the shape of an orange. It was super windy so it wasn't flying, so we got to see it on it's landing pad. I've only ever seen it in the sky before (from afar) and I have to admit, it was a LOT bigger up close than I thought.

Over by the hot air balloon area were two airplanes. The Great Park is the former El Toro Airforce Base and so they had the airplanes on display to commemorate the history. I thought Mason would be super into them because he has been obsessed with airplanes recently but he was perfectly content sitting in the stroller. Bummer. Either way, I was super into them and went to take a closer look.

N3N-3 Canary

SNJ-5 Texan

Next to the planes was a carousel and a small playground. We went to investigate both and when Mason seemed too tired, we put him back in the stroller and headed to the farmer's market to get some fruit.

By this point, Mason was getting pretty tired (a combo of waking up before the crack of dawn, a swim lesson, and running around) so we headed home for lunch and a nap. Mason slept for almost four hours (cue the angels in heaven singing!) and then we went over to Seth's mom's house for family dinner Sunday.

Overall it was the perfect, no plans, no obligations weekend we've had in a long time!

Is it Friday yet?

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  1. Wow a four hour nap! I thought I was lucky getting a 3 hour nap this weekend and yesterday. Though I paid for it today when he woke up before 5 am!!! Anyway, your weekend sounds amazing! We are so slow getting ready on the weekends that I feel like we get nothing much accomplished before nap!

  2. Ummm... PERFECT weekend! The food, the fun, everything. Can we come play this weekend? (Instead of moving? Ha!)

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! I want that breakfast in the first picture, like right now lol!!

  4. I love weekends like these! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) Yay for long naps! Sometimes when Reese naps that long, I never know what to do, because I'm worried about when she'll wake up. I'm with you on the power outage too. I feel so lost when that happens; although not quite as much with a kid, since we just end up playing. Also, that hot air balloon looks crazy big.

  5. Omg. I always hyperventilate a wee bit when our power goes out here aka anytime it rains apparently. Lily sleeps with a sound machine and I'm always paranoid it will go out. Thankfully we have back up batteries in it for such s scenario but you have no idea just how long those will last. And I think I might need the sweetpot muffin recipe. Did you share that already? Breakfast is the hardest meal to come up with quick solutions for when eating clean, I think.

  6. Such a good weekend! No joke- my favorite ones are the ones with no plans but lots of family and errand time!

  7. Your weekend was perfect!
    A HUGE high five to Mason for doing so well in his swim lessons. Keep it up, buddy!!

  8. So behind here.. :) But what a great weekend!! I need to take notes..
    Good job at swimming, Mason!! That is so impressive. I love the pictures of Mason with his blocks and on the carousel. It makes me all warm looking at your guy's pictures outside, I love seeing GREEN grass. Missing that here in cold CO. :)

  9. Lazy weekends are so good and refreshing every once in a while! Seems like we live life on the go, so downtime is always welcomed. That breakfast looks delicious. And the park pictures? Too cute! And what in the world is it about a kid in pajamas that melts me? Just love jammies on tots! Your Mason is adorable!! Looks like y’all had a wonderful weekend!


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