[Back to School Activity] Window Clings.

Monday, August 24, 2015

As a tribute to my previous job at the bookstore, I thought I would share a fun back to school activity that Mason and I did this weekend. If I were still working at the bookstore, school would be starting today, so a huge shout out to those of my co-workers who are still there (and who might be reading this)... I hope you all have a WONDERFUL first day!

Window clings. One of the ways to Mason's heart.

I feel like Mason might be a little old to still love window clings as much as he does, but regardless, who am I to deny my little man the joy of window clings, so when I found these four sets in the Target dollar bin, I knew I had to get them.

There was a "crayon" set labeled with different colors, an apple set, a "learning is fun" set, and a school bus/school house set. We started off with the crayon set and I read each color to Mason as he put them up. "Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Pink..." There were 12 in all. And after he hung them all up, I asked him where certain colors were and had him point to them.

Then we hung up all of the rest of the window clings and I described them all to him as he hung them up. I gave him the yellow school bus and then asked him to put the wheels with the bus.

Then I pulled off the school house, the sun, the grass, the clouds, the apples, the leaves, etc and just let him put them wherever he wanted. As you can see, the grass went in the sky and the clouds went on the ground. I tried to correct him and help him move them, but he immediately moved them back and looked annoyed that I moved them in the first place. Touché Mason, you win :)

The activity only lasted maybe 15-20 minutes total since he knew exactly where he wanted to put each item, but nevertheless, he enjoyed the activity and has gone back multiple times to look at his masterpiece. He even brought Daddy over to check it out when he got home from work. It's the Little Things that are the most fun!

Has your child gone back to school yet? Do you have any fun traditions? Link up with us below and don't forget to check out the other fun activities that have been posted!


  1. Window clings are fun! Even though noah ends up ripping them (on purpose)! What a great way to practice colors!

  2. I never think of picking these up for P - I know what I'm adding to the Target list today :)

  3. Oh my gosh, window clings, talk about throwback, that's all I ever wanted to do as a child....

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  4. These are awesome!

  5. First thing - I LOVE that Mason did this little activity sans pants! I mean, why not?
    Second - our Target dollar bins have been slacking. I haven't seen any window clings in such a long time.
    Third - there is no way Mason is too old for such an activity. Shoot, *I* still think window clings are fun.
    Last - I love that you incorporated a little bit of learning into the activity (colors, shapes, what pieces go where). Learning through play is the best!

  6. I had students older than Mason who loved window clings, I put them on the bathroom door mirror in my classroom and everyone enjoyed playing with them! Target has great selection as does Michaels!

  7. How fun to turn such an activity into a learning one!!! Two for one sort of deal! I don't think you are ever too old for window clings! They are filled with nostalgia for me when Lily plays with them. ha!

  8. Our dollar spot was super empty when we went last time. Although I still found a few things for book activities I have planned. But I hope that means they will be getting fall type things in soon! Bring it Target. I wish they had the Halloween section up already.
    I definitely need some window clings for the holidays! I think Mason does a better job than Aria. She just wanted to cuddle them last year. Called them her babies. Would not put them on a window. lol.

  9. Oh, I love this idea! We haven't done window clings in such a long time! The last time we did them Mac kept pulling them off and either trying to eat them or threw them on the floor (where they'd immediately get covered in dog hair and not stick) and then he'd try to eat them. Good times...

  10. maybe I need to get Ellie some of these....I know she would be all over the school bus one!

  11. So fun I love that you spelled out learning is fun to... because it is so true! In our house I'm the one obsessed with the window clings.... so embarrassing :P.

  12. We've actually never had/done window clings before, I'll have to keep an eye on our dollar bins.. Perfect to sneak in some 'learning' while just having fun and playing, that's my favorite way to do it. :)

  13. LOVE IT!! I totally have those window clings stashed away for when it's just a little closer to Callie's start of school! I too love that he's just in a shirt! Callie only wears dresses and as soon as she's inside she strips to just her undies. All the time! Kid doesn't even wear a nightgown to bed anymore lol!


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