The Guys Behind the Blog // August Edition.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A couple months ago, I found out through Crystal that Betsy from Heavens to Betsy has this super cool series called The Guys Behind the Blog. Unfortunately it was a little too late to join for March but I joined in April and have been ever since! While I do talk about Seth often, I don't really know if you all know him very well. Enter : this series. Every month Betsy has different prompts that the guys behind the blog answer.

Here are August's questions.

1 // Share a funny wedding story with us - it could be from your own or one you attended.
I've never really had anything really funny happen at a wedding - ours or one I attended - but I guess the funniest thing that happened at our wedding was that our niece, Emma (who was 3 at the time), was the flower girl and was supposed to walk down the aisle throwing flower petals. Well she made it maybe 2 steps and then started bawling and ended up walking down the aisle with my sister (a bridesmaid). Once the ceremony was over, she was TOTALLY fine and was a dancing machine. AND she took pictures in the photo booth with EVERYONE - including our friends and other people she didn't know. We ended up playing "Where's Emma?" (like Where's Waldo) in all our pictures after the wedding!

2 // On the topic of love, who was your childhood crush?
Stephanie Tanner from Full House

3 // What is your top love language? What is your significant other's love language?
Seth : Uhh, I think I need to google that. He googles it. He says them all out loud and still looks confused.
Me : I think yours is physical touch and mine is quality time.
Seth : Sounds about right.

4 // How did you meet your significant other?
Barnes and Noble. She was my boss. Shh. Don't tell!

5 // If you're engaged or married, how did you propose? If you're not, how did you ask your girl out?
I proposed at Angels stadium. We were there for her birthday with a big group of her friends. I surprised her with the rest of my family and flew in her brother [from Northern California] and proposed to her before the game started. She was so surprised!

And there you have it! Thanks for playing along again Seth!


  1. So much fun! I love that little photo bombing girl! So cute!

  2. Ha ha, KIDS! You never know what you're gonna get from them!
    And oh my gosh, his family flew out for the proposal?! How stinking SWEET!!

  3. I love that story about the flower girl! That's so cute :) His response to the love language question had me cracking up too. Your hubby is funny :)

  4. Love that he flew in your brother for engagement! our proposal was in front of his family and while I never imagined it to be that way, it was perfect. :)

  5. Where's Emma? HA! That is awesome. And that picture of her walking down the aisle is classic. I hope her mom keeps that for graduations/weddings/etc.
    I love your engagement story. Seth put so much thought and effort into it. What a good guy. :)

  6. Awwww her crying! So sweet and cute!

  7. The where's Emma, so cute/funny. Loved this series when I found it last month too :)

  8. I finally got Brian to play along!!! Pat on the back for me lol. Even in tears Emma looks adorable. And I love Seth's childhood crush :)

  9. That's funny you were his boss :) Kyle and I met at work too, but we were more equals.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  10. I love that you were his boss! Yes!!

  11. Where is Emma that is just too cute :). Stephanie Tanner, bahaha that is so hilarious and I can completely see that one for so many children of the 80's too. I forget that you were his boss sometimes. He did so good! These were really tought to answer questions this month.

  12. K that last was so sweet and I've read it before. I just find it oh so sweet hearing it from the guy.

  13. I love the suspense of what a flower girl or ring bearer is going to do during a wedding! Kids are hilarious and you can never predict their behavior under those circumstances. Mason and Emma would have a blast together at a wedding…because of the photobooth. We can’t keep Mason out of them! Haha. His answer to the love language question – so similar to Nate’s. lol. I love how Seth proposed! That’s perfect. You two are adorable. Oh and did you know about the proposal? Because your nails sure were looking like they knew. Haha. Sorry, had to ask!

  14. Stephanie Tanner! I remember everyone lovin' her and I was like poor DJ, doesn't stand a chance!

  15. Haha, the pictures of your niece are too cute.
    LOVE your guys' engagement - WELL DONE Seth!! :)

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