[Summer Wish List] Check in #1

Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy Friday! Before I get started here... I just have to ask. Is anyone watching Bachelor in Paradise? Because holy moly, what a TRAIN. WRECK. and I can't stop watching! I didn't know it was going to be on TWO nights a week for hopefully only one hour each (but possibly two). I don't know if I can handle it and I don't know if I can stop watching. I'll tell you one thing though. As mean as it sounds, it sure does make me feel better about my life :) Oh, and if you aren't already, check out Pinterest Told Me To's recap from this week. She recaps the Bachelor/ette and she is HILARIOUS!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand : our summer wish list!

Last weekend we had a BUNCH of fun and were able to check a lot of things off our summer wish list. In fact, we've actually checked a lot off so far this summer and I realized I hadn't officially shared yet, so I wanted to do a little update.

This past weekend we...

- had a family ice cream (sandwich) date at Stax Cookie Bar

red velvet cookie with white chocolate chips
chocolate ice cream
half chocolate chip/half chocolate chocolate with white chocolate chips

(this was taken moments before that big scoop of ice cream fell on the floor :( but sweet Mason didn't care! He moved on and started eating his cone and was as happy as can be. My little carb lover!)

- went to the OC Fair (our local county fair)...

... and had the BEST time! Believe it or not, I used to hate the fair. Like I literally told Seth to remind me that I hate it when it comes back around and tell me not to go. Then we had Mason... and I convinced him that I was wrong and we should go (this was last year) and we had the best time. I couldn't wait to take Mason again this year! Last year he fell asleep before we got to really do anything, so this year I was so excited to take him on rides and show him the fair. Well he had another idea... he was so NOT into the rides (despite my valiant efforts) and was much more interested in seeing and petting the animals, eating everything he could (turkey leg, corn on the cob, and fries dipped in ranch), and playing the games. All of these were just fine with me and we all had the best day.

I also convinced Seth that we should take a photo booth picture... but clearly someone doesn't understand the concept of the photo booth yet. Maybe next year :)

But we've also...

- celebrated Mason's 3rd birthday (here)

- gone to Disneyland (here)

- gone to an outdoor concert (July date :: here)

- done many Lowe's Build and Grows (here // here)

- gone to a movie theater (here)

- saw fireworks (sparklers) and celebrated the 4th of July (here)

- went swimming (here)

- made our own popsicles (here)

Clearly I should have checked in much sooner as we are definitely more than halfway done with our wish list (which I totally didn't even realize until I started checking things off and listing the things we've done)! While summer officially doesn't end until the end of September, I kinda of feel like summer ends when the kids go back to school, so I'm hoping we can squeeze a couple more fun activities in in the next couple weeks!


  1. Looks like such a fun summer! That ice cream sandwich is to die for.

  2. That ice cream sandwich is serious business! And I can't believe Mason didn't care when his ice cream fell! Noah dropped his McDonald's ice cream cone once and immediately started crying. Since they are only a dollar (and probably even if it wasn't) my mom right away said she'd get him another. Apparently a worker saw it happen and gave him a new one for free... Noah was just happy to have his ice cream back! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. I could eat that ice cream cookie sandwich right through the screen....

    You guys had such a busy and fun summer. I love fairs, we don't have them down here too much, but they are so much fun. Definitely a highlight of my childhood.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. You've accomplished so much on your list! I could eat that ice cream sandwich now. YUM!

  5. I can't stop watching Bachelor in Paradise - too addicting! It looks like you guys have had so much fun and I'm loving all the adventures and outdoor time!

  6. Looks like a blasty blast! I especially like the picture of Mason going to town on the corn on the cob. Tee hee! :)

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Um, I need that ice cream and cookie combo in my life asap. Well, as soon as I'm back on dairy that is. Womp, womp. Looks like you guys had such a good time together as a family at the fair:)

  8. I don't watch Bachelor/ette but I think Sheaffer is hilarious and sometimes just read her recaps for a giggle. Look at you accomplishing your summer list!

  9. Wow! Y'all have been busy! Sounds like fun and I grew up going to the fair since I showed my horse in 4H. I love the fair and so glad you're coming around!

  10. I looove photo booths! Mason's expressions are priceless haha!

  11. I waaaaaaaaaaaant that ice cream sandwich SO bad! Looks so delish!
    Oh my gosh, thank goodness for Hulu! I totally need to play catch up on Bachelor in Paradise, ha ha! Why do I love the trashy shows?! And girl, they ALWAYS make me feel better about my life ;) ha ha! Like FOR REAL!

  12. Bach in Paradise - yes!! Holy cow what a mess. Ashley I and her sister are something else. And that ice cream sandwich looks soooo good! I wish we had a place like that around here! You guys are doing really well on your summer list!

  13. I am watching Bachelor in Paradise. Wowsa! So wild. And Ashley I drives me nuts with all of her drama and crying! And poor Clare...how many of these shows is she going to do? Looks like y'all are having the best summer ever!! I adore the photobooth photos. So precious!

  14. So where exactly did you go in pic number 3 of the photo thingy?
    And, you look very serious about your water squirt game and Mason looks like it is the best thing ever!

  15. THAT ice cream cookie... good night! It looks amazing I am literally sitting here drooling. Sigh, now I'll just go be sad because we have NO WHERE like that around here.

    Glad you had so much fun at the fair. All of our fairs are VERY country (and lame) around here.

  16. All such fun things! How is summer already over and school starting? I seriously can't handle it!

  17. Yall are my kind of peeps...always eating some ice cream! ;) I love the photobooth! I'm always saying we should do one but then I forget until after we have already left the area....plus the husband requires a bit more convincing.


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