[Countdown to Halloween] Candy Corn Craft

Monday, October 12, 2015

Welcome to Week 2 of our Countdown to Halloween link up! Thank you all for sharing your Halloween fun with us last week!

This week I wanted to share a fun and easy craft with you. I had searched on Pinterest for a fun sensory craft for Mason and some friends to do last week for a playdate when I came across this easy craft. I did all the prep and then let the kids go to town... or that was the plan. We went over for the playdate, everything was fine, Mason was a little shy and then seemed tired. Seth was holding him while I talked to the other moms and then he had to use the bathroom so I held Mason and then all of a sudden... (I'll leave out the visual)... all over my poor friends chair and carpet. Needless to say we were embarassed, very apologetic, and we left without completing the craft. However, there were leftovers from the other kids and I thought Mason would still have fun so we did it a couple days later when he was feeling better.

Materials :
- 1 piece of black construction paper
- 1 piece of yellow construction paper
- 1 piece of orange construction paper
- 1 piece of white construction paper
- scissors
- glue
- white crayon

I feel silly even including instructions since this was SO easy!

First, I took the white crayon and the black construction paper and I drew a candy corn shape (a triangle with rounded sides) and then drew two lines inside to make three different areas.

Then I took each of the other colors of construction paper - orange, yellow, white - and cut them in to about 1 inch strips (I didn't measure) and then cut each strip into a few squares (so they were probably 1x1 squares when I was done). Then I divided up the colors in separate bowls and let Mason go to town.

He opted to put glue all over the candy corn to begin with... however, I wouldn't necessarily recommend that haha. I'd start with glue in the top portion first and then put down the papers and then move to the next section, but whatever your crafter wants will definitely work.

He opted to start in the middle with the yellow.

He then moved to the bottom portion and did the orange.

And then moved to the top and did the white. No matter the order, your candy corn will come out perfect!

See? Ta-da! The perfect candy corn craft addition to our wall of art. And if I'm being honest, he did most of this himself. It was fast and easy and held his attention for about 10 minutes, which is actually pretty good for my non-craft-lover kid. I had to help a little with the glue since all we had was liquid glue, but glue sticks would have worked just as well and probably been easier for him to do on his own.

Now, link up with us and show us what Halloween fun you've been having!


  1. Looks great! I love how with these kinds of crafts that it doesn't matter if they do it a little different, it will still turn out great! Looks like you have a crafter on your hands now!

  2. It's boo-tiful!!! Sorry about the carpet though. I hate when things like that happen. You feel 3 times as terrible since you messed up somebody else's stuff. oops. Aria loves glue, I wonder if we have the correct colors of construction paper.

  3. How cute! He looks like he had fun!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!!!!!

  5. I just love that candy corn craft! So fun! Poor guy. I am so sorry he wasn’t feeling well. I hope he’s back to 100% now.

  6. Oh poor little Mason! How embarrassing for mama! The stuff we go through with our kiddos, right? Hope he is on the mend!
    Love the craft! Lily and I did something extremely similar except we used paint. We will be sharing during next week's recap. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, how cute is this?! And simple!! Exactly what I need right now! Totally doing this with Mia!
    Hope sweet Mason is feeling better!!

  8. Poor Mason! Hope he's ok. This is a darling craft! When Mason's a bit older you can even have him tear the paper pieces and help develop some fine motor skills too :)

  9. Poor Mason! Glad to hear he's feeling better. Seeing your kid under the weather is the worst feeling. This is a perfect toddler craft. And now I want candy corn ;)

  10. Cute and easy! Hope Mason feels better!

  11. Such a great idea for a toddler craft! Love it! Hope Mason is feeling better - poor thing. :(

  12. Such a great craft for little ones! You always have great activity ideas :)

  13. Yep, we need to do this one. 10 minutes is the perfect amount of time!
    Mason did an awesome job placing the colors in the correct spots. Did you show him candy corn so he knew which colors went where?

  14. Super cute. I wish Rhys was a bit older that I could do all these cute learning activities...but that's a little over a 15 month old's head.

  15. I love this little craft! I typically don't do them with Liam (call me no fun), but I may need to make an exception for this!

  16. Good job, Mason (& momma)!! We could manage this project, maybe. :)

  17. Consider this done! I love how easy this is and Connor will really enjoy some one on one time with glue. Between that and scissors, I never let him have them for too long.

  18. We tried this for the second time this morning. Our first attempt wasn't quite as interesting as yours, but it did end with me dumping Reed's entire craft into the trash and him screaming at me, trying to hit me and ending up in time out. Our 2nd attempt went only slightly better. I think I've over crafted my non-crafter this week!


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