Friday, October 23, 2015

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I, for one, am actually kinda bummed to see Friday come around this week (and you'll see why in #1 -- my vacation is now over!) but I'm also glad that there's still the weekend before I have to go back to work to get settled back in. Hope everyone had a great week! Here's my weekly five.

Disney Cruise.

Sorry for the radio silence around here lately and on Instagram. We were.... on a DISNEY CRUISE! The week finally came that we've been planning for for a year and a half (and of course packed for the night before)! I'm horribly behind in all areas now, so please forgive me as I catch up, and then... get prepared for over posting! I'm warning you now :)

M&Ms vs Goldfish.

Most mom's (and dad's) can bribe their kids with candy. Smile for the camera, here's an M&M. Behave while we're at Target, heres a Skittle. But for me? There's no bribing my son with candy, he spits it out and refuses it. Bribery with Mason is in the form of goldfish (and salty snacks) all the way! We're having family pictures this weekend and I plan to bring a whole bag of goldfish with me... just in case!

Amy Robach's book.

Have you guys heard of the book that Amy Robach wrote about her journey fighting breast cancer? It's called Better: How I Let Go of Control, Held On to Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour and I heard her talking about it the other morning on Good Morning America and on The View and I SO want to read it. She talks about the effects on her, her marriage, her family and what she learned from having breast cancer and it just sounds so raw and inspirational.

Pumpkin everything.

I have to admit, I'm not a big pumpkin spice latte lover. I don't really love pumpkin in my drinks. However, pumpkin food, I'm all about that! So the other day when Whitney shared this recipe for pumpkin doughnut muffins, I knew it was something I wanted to try!

Lily and Val.

Have you guys heard of Lily and Val? I follow her on Instagram and she makes the most AMAZING chalk drawings! I seriously can't believe what she can do with chalk and I LOVE all her designs. You can check out all of her chalk drawings here.

Happy weekend!


  1. Sorry your vacation is over, but I can't wait to hear all about it! And consider yourself lucky that Mason doesn't have a sweet tooth! Goldfish are way less messy than m&ms when it comes to family photos! We bribed noah the entire time with a promise of pizza and ice cream.

  2. welcome back, hope the vacay lived up to all you imagined!

  3. Yay for vacation, but boo it's over. Hope you had a blast! I want to read Amy's book too. Looks so good. Have a great weekend!

  4. Whhaaaat! exciting vacay! and those chalkboard drawings!! so good.

  5. I would LOVE to go o a Disney cruise!!!!

  6. ive missed you.

    so i'm glad your home. and maybe sad because your vacation is over. but i havent enjoyed the radio silence.

    hope you had the BEST TIME EVER!!

  7. Jelly Beans work wonders for us! I can't wait to hear all about your trip - We're going to do a Disney Cruise when H turns 3. Or atleast that's the plan for now! Can't wait to hear!

  8. Welcome back from the cruise! I bet that was amazing!

  9. I can't wait to hear all about your Disney cruise!! We are so curious about going on one. Oh and Mason cannot be bribed with M&M's either. He despises chocolate and peanut butter. Weird, right?

  10. I'm a big fat chalk art failure. It's embarrassing.

    I can't wait for a cruise recap! SO FUN!

  11. HOW FUN!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  12. I cannot wait to hear all about the cruise!!!! Start gramming!!!

  13. Friend, Ive been DYING to hear ALL ABOUT DISNEY and stopped myself from texting you a couple of times, oh the shame. I say, bring on the pictures!!! And just to end with another shameful admission, Ive probably gained 5 pounds all ready from pumpkin everything haha (not that its stopping me or anything!) Glad youre back :)

  14. I keep mentioning to Scott that you all went on a Disney cruise - trying to drop oh so subtle hints for a family vacation - and I can't wait to hear all about it!
    Those pumpkin doughnut muffins of Whitney's look and sound so good! I'm waiting for temps to cool just a tad more before baking though. :(
    And can I add a #6? RISE is tonight! Can't wait to see you guys!!

  15. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  16. Can't wait to hear all about your Disney cruise. We recently did Disney and we've been on a cruise, but not a Disney cruise! I am all about the salty snacks as well! Give me a dorito or a potato chip over an m&m any day! Hope your family pics come out nice! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Stopping by from H54F!

  17. Can't wait to hear about your cruise!! How fun! I want to read Amy's book, too!

  18. Oh goodness so much fun! Can't wait to get the cruise details and to see the family photos! At least gold fish don't melt. That is always a plus if you ask me.

  19. Can't wait for the vacation over posting..!!! :) Good luck with family pictures, can't wait to see them!!


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