[Thoughts on Thursday] Confessions.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

...that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. I MUCH prefer something sweet over something salty.

...that I'm 31 and have a HORRIBLE memory. Like seriously. If I don't write it down, I WILL forget it.

...that I used to HATE avocados. I don't know what I was thinking because they are DELICIOUS. And now, obviously, I love them.

...that I also used to hate peanut butter. But pair it with chocolate and call it a peanut butter cup and I was all about it!

...that I might or might not be eating watermelon straight from the tupperware container from the fridge right now.... mainly because I am too lazy to get a bowl and too lazy to get a fork.

...that I have a planner and still make a MILLION scrap paper and post it note notes. I swear I think of everything I need to do/want to do/ideas while I'm at work (and of course forgot my planner at home) or while I'm driving. Driving is the worst!

...that I used to be up, ready and out of the house by 6:55am every morning to be able to drop Mason off at school and get to work by 8am. Now that my work is so much closer to his school, we don't have to leave until 7:30am, which gives me tons of extra cuddling time (which I LOVE). But on those rare occasions that I need to stop by the post office (for work) on my way to dropping Mason off to school and we have to leave by 7:15am, I find it extremely difficult. It's only been 4 months and apparently I've forgotten how to get ready early.

...that like a year or so ago, we bought a giant pack of plastic cups (think red solo cups) from Costco. They were clear red, clear, and clear green... for Christmas. I think maybe we had a party and thought it was a good idea to get a bag of what was probably 500 cups (note to self : this is not college). We used all the clear ones and green ones first because I deemed them the "acceptable colors". Now we have red left and whenever I take a cup of orange juice or anything in the car with me and drink out of it, I immediately feel like I'm back in college and think people seeing me drink out of this red cup think I'm drinking something I shouldn't be in the car.

And there you have it! Can you relate to any of my confessions?


  1. Yes! I have a major sweet tooth too! Oh and I still dislike avocado, but finally like guacamole! I'm weird like that with a lot of foods.

  2. I'm only 25 and I have a terrible memory too. If my students want me to do something, remember something, grade something, find something out, etc, I always told them to write me a note and put it on my desk or I WILL forget. Part of it was because I was trying to teach them responsibility, but mostly because I was afraid I WOULD forget to do it.

  3. bahaha about not drinking the red cups. Such a dork.

    Aria is watching Frozen and is over there chanting mommy and daddy died mommy and daddy died.

    I hate avacado. They are a strange thing.

  4. Hahaha on the red cups.

    And how could you ever hate avocados?!? So glad you came to your senses!

  5. I still can't believe you used to hate peanut butter...?!?!?! THAT I can eat straight from the jar. Haha LOL red solo cups, I TOTALLY feel you on this one. :)

  6. Sweet tooth central, right here!
    I had to laugh at your "acceptable" solo cup colors!
    And to get out the door early is a miracle. You are not alone!

  7. I take full credit for getting Brian into liking avocados ;) And also cookie butter, ha! Scrap paper notes are the best, its like there extra-inspiring or something. And isnt it always the way to be driving and come up with a brilliant idea. Id say use your phones voice memo (if you have that)!

  8. Ha ha!!! Love the cups confession! I'm a sweet tooth too. Chocolate is my friend.

  9. I'm a huge sweet tooth, too. I have no self control with sweets whatsoever!

  10. I'll be 33 in a couple of weeks and I swear my memory is going too. It could also be from having kids. Mom brain? :)

  11. sweet tooth that's me too! Always! It's a real problem... espically this time of year! The solo cups i'm cracking up! Things in bulk -- sometimes good sometimes over kill. Makes me think of the hoarding I did while pregnant. Like we'd never go to costco again and the only way we'd eat was off paper plates and with plastic silverware lol!

  12. I used to have avocados too!!! Boy I am so glad I changed my ways on that one. All of those years I was missing out!


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