Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Friday! I seriously can't believe that tomorrow is not only Halloween, but also the last day of the month. HOW IS IT OCTOBER 31ST ALREADY??? I swear, one blink and it will be Christmas. This is my very favorite season of all so I hope it doesn't go by quite that fast!

Speaking of fast, I swear this week went by in the blink of an eye as well. Of course it's probably because I had tons to do and no time to do it with work all day and then events at night almost every night this week, it didn't leave me with a lot of extra time. Hopefully I have some extra time this weekend! I'm still playing catch up from being on vacation so don't think I'm crazy if I leave a comment on your post from over a week ago... I still have it bookmarked to read!

But for now, here's my weekly five.

For the Love of Fall Box Swap.

I participated in a "For the Love of Fall Box Swap" this month hosted by DesireeJohannah, and Bri. I was lucky enough to be paired with one of the hosts, Bri. The official link up date was this past Wednesday but I had asked Bri to wait to send my box since I was on vacation all last week and I didn't want the box to sit out for a week while we were gone. My box arrived yesterday and I was so excited to open it! I swear Bri and I only exchanged a couple emails, but we bonded over our love of Starbucks and scarves and I knew we would get along well in real life. But when I opened my package, I was so surprised! She NAILED IT. First of all, she totally wrapped the presents SO CUTE. I mean, look at it? Complete with a cute little card and that awesome stick pencil! Then she totally got me Halloween Oreos! How did she know? I swear we never talked about it so she must have seen it on my Instagram, or maybe she really is just THAT good and we could totally be besties in real life.  She also included that pink flower clip for my mom. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, it's so fitting for it to be pink. And to top it off, she got me a Thirty One iPad holder. Now I just need to steal my iPad back from Mason so I can carry it around in this cute holder. Thank you SO MUCH Bri! I love everything!

Costco finds.

We were at Costco the other day and I came across these gems. The first one is a beer advent calendar. How fun would this be to get your husband? Or any beer lover for that matter? I happened to be with Seth when I saw this and I asked him if he wanted it but he didn't like a good amount of the beers in the package so we opted against it, but had he liked more, this would totally be fun for a countdown to Christmas for the man in your life!
Then I came across these ugly sweater cookies. Not really good for a gift, but could be fun for a Christmas party! People are usually all about ugly Christmas sweaters so why not make your own and then... eat it?

Hanna Andersson PJ sale.

Hanna Andersson had a sale (in-store only) last weekend on pajamas. They rarely, if ever, have sales on pajamas so I knew I had to check it out. I'd been wanting to get Mason some long sleeve/long pants ones for a while now, but I find them to be too expensive regularly so when they were on sale 30% off, I bought a few... or three. I'm letting him wear the snow plow trucks and the blue stripes now but I'm saving the green and white stripes for something special.

Sesame Street.

Last week Sesame Street introduced a new character named Julia. Julia has autism. I think it is so awesome that they introduced a character with autism on the show. I haven't had a chance to watch the clips yet, but I love the message that they are trying to portray here.

October Date.

October slipped away as fast as it started. I'm sure being on vacation for a week and trying to plan an event for work had a lot to do with it, but we didn't want to let October totally pass us by without having some sort of date together. We made it super simple and went to get bagels together last weekend. Simple, easy, delicious, and just the two of us.


I seriously can't believe that Halloween is tomorrow! Mason had a little Halloween party at school yesterday and when I picked him up, his teacher said he had the best time trick or treating and even tried to say trick or treat when he walked up to get his candy. Hearing this makes me SO excited to take him out tonight for trunk or treating and tomorrow for trick or treating with his cousins. I feel like he'll really get it this year and will be so excited to walk up to the houses and ask for candy.

And with that I wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!


  1. That gift really is perfect and she did such a cute wrapping job! And while I haven't watched the clips either, I too think it's great they've added a character with autism. Not only for kids who have autism to relate to but for other kids to be exposed to it and understand it more. Have a great weekend! Noah is so excited to go trick or treating too! Im gonna have to take so many videos... Especially of him saying trick or treat!

  2. That swap looks like so much fun!! Oreos are a great gift. Ha ha! Our week went by super fast too. Geez! But I'm excited for this weekend. Have a great one! :)

  3. I love the things we find at costco sometimes. The best!!

    I haven't seen the new sesame streets with Julia yet, but we watch it every morning so I'm sure we will see her soon. I love that they have added Julia. What a great way to expose children to autism, in hopes of understanding it more.

  4. I haven't looks up the Sesame Street clips yet either, but I'm also really happy about it.

  5. Oh yay! I am so glad your gift got there okay. I hope you enjoy it. When I bought your Oreos, I bought a pack for our family too. They are already gone; I think they lasted a day!!! Yikes! :)

  6. What a fun fall box :) Love it
    Chelsea @

  7. What an awesome Fall Swap! I was happy to see Sesame Street's new character choice, too! Awesome! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love that your box has Oreos in it! I love oreos and would have been happy with just that! Such a fun idea to swap boxes!

  9. Bri did a great job with your fall swap gift!!! I love it all =) Thank you for joining!!

  10. i cant believe its halloween tomorrow either. i'm seriously LOCO. the holiday madness isnt far behind!

  11. What?! Julia? How cool! Do you read that blog, My Baby Birds (or at least that's what it used to be called)? Jessica is a photographer with 4 girls and just posted that one of them was just diagnosed with Autism. She writes so beautifully, I thought you might like to read that.

  12. I cannot believe that I missed a Fall gift swap! That's how I met you! I wish I would have known. Grrr. Oh well. Looks like you got some cool stuff, I love the pencil. :)

  13. What a great swap; hate that I missed that one! We're having our first date night tonight, first since July, and we have NO specific plans. So excited! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  14. I love the inclusiveness of Sesame Street; that used to be MY favorite show as child and for it to still be around says a lot about its character and connection to families. Score on those Hanna jams! I was thinking about ordering some from Zulily but the prints just didnt scream "buy me". Uh those ugly sweater cookies are adorable.

  15. That bagel looks SO delicious! I am craving bagels and this one has me drooling!

  16. Im sorry, BEER advent calendar?! Sign me up please.

  17. That beer advent calendar is amazing!!! And I was so excited about the new Sesame Street character too!!!

  18. I hope Mason had fun trick or treating! Your Costco finds make me want to join the local Costco! :)

  19. A beer advent calendar?! Oh my gosh, genius! I bet you could even make your own by getting single beers at a liquor store!
    Bri rocked your gift!! And the way she packaged it all was so cute!
    I'm so excited to hear Mason was working on saying trick or treat!!

  20. Uh oh, you know I'll have to go get that beer Advent calendar for you-know-who. :)
    Cool to hear about Sesame Street's new character, I hadn't seen that!!

  21. That beer advent calendar is quite possibly the only advent calendar Russ could get behind, lol. SO cool. Love that last photo of you and Mason. Hope you had an awesome Halloween!

  22. That ugly sweater kit is the best thing I've ever seen haha! So fitting =)

  23. LOVING those ugly Christmas sweater cookies! I need to find those. What a cool find! Hope you had a fun and festive Halloween!! I still can't believe we're into November already. Why does October have to go by so fast??


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