Five on Friday

Friday, December 18, 2015

HOLY COW you guys. Christmas is NEXT Friday! While I am super excited about it, I'm also feeling a bit of anxiety right now... I don't think I'm ready! In reality, I probably am, but I'm just waiting for a few more online purchases to arrive and then I think I'll be done! Until I search online and find something on Amazon that I just HAVE to have. Thank goodness for prime 2-day shipping! But, before we get all wrapped up in the impending holiday, let's start with our weekly five.

Lily and Val.

I don't know if you've heard of Lily and Val before and to be honest, I don't know how I stumbled upon her shop, but I seriously LOVE her prints. I've been swooning over pretty much all of them. They make me wish I had a bigger kitchen (or at least some wall space to hang things in my current kitchen) so I could buy all. the. prints!

Pretend City Autism Event.

I've been SO bad and haven't blogged any of our Pretend City adventures. I really wish I would have earlier because the place is SO fun. If you're not local, Pretend City is literally a pretend city. They have a library, a grocery store, a fire station, a gas station, a garden, a construction site, and SO much more that kids can explore. If you follow me on Snapchat though, you probably got a ton of sneak peeks into what the museum looks like. It is such an awesome place! Before these special events, we had been once for my niece's birthday (pre-Mason) and once, maybe twice, with Mason. Since Seth and I both work full time, we don't get to take him to fun places like this on the weekdays when it's less crowded so we're stuck braving the weekend crowd. And this place? NOT GOOD on the weekends. It was a madhouse. So, when I found out that we could attend these events on Monday nights, I was in - and even better? It was FREE - for the whole family! Seth and I first took Mason at the end of September and more recently, I took him by myself to meet a friend at the end of November. Mason seriously has the BEST time and I love how un-crowded it is! I'm so happy and thankful that our local museum does this and that we got to go. I don't know that we will go every month, but I love that there is the opportunity should we be free and available to go. It's an amazing thing when museum's do these kinds of things for kids with disabilities!

Regional Differences.

I never really thought about regional differences before, but then I read this post from The Larson Lingo and it got me thinking! You never really realize how different all of the states are until you start thinking about the way we talk (we say 'you guys' here in California vs pretty much the whole South saying 'ya'll'), the things we eat, the clothes we wear, and more! If you have a second, pop on over and check out her post. I found it to be very interesting!

Annual Recipe Exchange.

I don't know if you follow Shay Shull at Mix and Match Mama but she recently posted about her 6th Annual Recipe Exchange. This year's theme was breakfast and sounds perfect. Personally, I love breakfast and would be so so excited to get some new recipes for it. But, the point of this comment is not to talk about breakfast. The point is that I hope, (one day!), I can do something like this.  I love her little group of girl friends and the fact that they do fun things like a recipe exchange (as well as a scarf exchange and more!) once a year. Seriously, SO MUCH FUN.

Straightener Winner!

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new straightener! I did a lot of research (you'd think I was buying a car or something lol) and found one that I thought I'd like... and I was right! I ended up going with the HSI Professional Ceramic Straightener and so far, I love it! In fact, I've now straightened my hair 4/5 weekdays this week... which hasn't happen in I don't know how long. It seriously works so well and straightens my hair so fast. I love that it has different temperatures and that it has a little green light that tells you that it's ready and at the temperature that you want. I'd highly recommend it. Plus it was only $35.99! Win win!

Happy last weekend before Christmas!!!


  1. Hooray for a new straighter! When I think of "you guys" I immediately thing of The Goonies! Happy weekend!


  2. We say "you guys" here, too! Don't get me wrong I love saying y'all, too! Do you say bubbler or water fountain when you need a drink of water? We say bubbler. :)

  3. I definitely say you guys, pretty sure ya'll is something I have never said in my life...until I just typed it out ;)

  4. horray for straight hair. . . come do mine in the mornings? it was a miracle i showered this morning! and i'm TOTALLY a "you guys"er. snapchat has fully made me realize i might need an intervention because i say it ALL THE TIME.

  5. You guys. All the live long day. :)

  6. Love those prints! I say 'you guys' too :) I'll have to check out that post to see other differences. Those are always interesting to me, like soda vs pop or water fountain vs bubbler like Amy mentioned.

  7. Wow, Pretend City looks amazing!!! And what a great price for a straightener! I've had mine for about 5 years, so I'm sure it'll be kicking the bucket soon...I'm bookmarking this one!

  8. I can't believe Christmas is ONE WEEK from today either! Yikes... not ready over here yet!! And I too love Shay's group of friends. All those little get-togethers they do are so fun! Have a great weekend, Elizabeth!!!

  9. Im totally in awe of those Texas bloggers and their friendships! If we were closer I like to pretend we'd be doing that stuff too :D (I mean we do have a Scarf Exchange already!) Your Pretend City sounds like our MY Museum! Such a cool, hands-on little museum! Brian just warned me not to go poking into Amazon boxes that arrive at the house lol, can't beat 2 day shipping!!! And now this comment has reached its quota for exclamation marks.

  10. I just read a previous comment about saying bubbler instead of water fountain and I want to crack up but also start calling it that now instead... So cute! I love how different areas call things differently! And I think that's the same straightener I asked Santa for!

  11. I am definitely a "you guys" person but "y'all" slips out a lot, maybe because I read so many southern blogs! I find linguistics so fascinating :)

  12. Ha ha! I say "you guys" but I'm living in the y'all area! It's weird. ;) I have that straightener and love it!

  13. I love the lingo bit! Even between Iowa, Missouri and Kansas things are said a little differently. Some people in MO say "y'all," while in Iowa it is for sure "you guys." I also love the different dialects. Scott thinks I have a northern accent (I don't hear it), and I think Scott's dad has the slightest touch of a southern accent.

    The Pretend City event - OH. MY. AWESOME!!

    And woohoo for the straightener! Bonus points for scoring one for such a good price!

  14. Haha I teetering on the border of y'all and you guys. Honestly I use both. Just depends on the who and why.

    Man I really wish I had some wall space in my kitchen too!

    I can't believe Christmas is in 4 days!

  15. Ha! I say you guys, pop, and supper. Unless it's fancy, then it's dinner. :)
    Oh, a recipe exchange party would be so fun with a special group of gals!!


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