The Versatile Blogger Award.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The rules of accepting this award are as follows:
Thank the person who nominated you.
Link back to their blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate up to 15 other bloggers.

So, here we go!

A huge thank you to Crystal from Hall Around Texas, Whitney from Work It Mommy, and Becky from bybmg for nominating me for this award! When I first started blogging a little over there years ago, I never imagined meeting such amazing people. I never thought anyone would read my blog. I'm so thankful to have found, connected with, and made relationships with such wonderful ladies!

Seven Facts :

1 // I've become a much more aggressive driver now that I live in Southern California. I don't know if people drive worse here or if I'm just more critical, but I get so annoyed so easily at people. People who drive too slow. People who drive too fast. People who don't use their turn signal to change lanes or turn. People who cut you off without saying thank you. People who you wave to let go in front of you and don't say thank you. And the list goes on.

2 // I am a self diagnosed chocoholic (and Oreo-aholic). Like no joke, I pretty much crave at least one piece of chocolate a day. And if there's a big basket of my favorites (like there is at work right now), I'm pretty much in trouble. I've had at least three per day for the past week or so.

3 // Christmas lights make me SO happy. I love them on the tree but I also love hanging them inside my house. We aren't big outside decorators (however, I do LOVE when people decorate outside for me to see!), but I love to hang the lights inside around our windows. It just makes me so happy! 

4 // I LOVE when the sunrise or sunset lights up the sky. It's SO beautiful and I so rarely catch it, that I always feel so lucky to see it when I do. The other day at work, I happened to be awake and outside during the sunrise and if I wasn't so busy... I would have taken a picture. But the other night, I happened to step outside at the right time to throw away some trash and was greeted with the most beautiful sunset!

5 // I love the wrapping paper that has the grid lines on it. It seriously makes it SO much easier to at least attempt to cut in a straight line. Bonus points if I can start cutting and then hold the scissors and it cuts perfectly all the way down the line versus having to cut cut cut my way down. Anyone else know what I mean???

6 // I am so far behind on blogging our Christmas festivities that I hope you all don't mind still reading about it in January! Ha. #onlyhalfkidding

7 // Ever since I did the whole 30 back in January, I haven't been able to drink regular coffee. I cut it out for the month since I couldn't have creamer and when I started drinking it again, the caffeine made me SO jittery. I now order decaf and drink it because I like the taste, not to keep myself awake.

8 // I don't really understand how listing seven things about myself makes me "versatile" but I thought this would be fun so I wanted to play along anyway :)

I nominate...

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  1. The wrapping paper with the lines!!!! The container store has the buttery paper that cuts like a dream! And bring me allll the chocolate and Oreos!

  2. YES! Like when the scissors just glide smooth down the paper...I know exactly what you are talking about!! Loved reading more about you and so happy to have met you in this blogging world, friend!

  3. We have some amazing sunsets here in Ohio but my neighborhood doesn't really allow for great photos. And the grid lines on wrapping paper? YES!! And cutting in one fluid motion!! DOUBLE YES!

  4. So much fun!! Thanks for the nom! I'm with you on the grid lines! I have a little secret- I hate wrapping presents. I honestly have to have a few glasses of wine to even get the motivation to start and by then my cutting game is sub par at best. Ha!

  5. I love wrapping paper with a grid, too! I adore lights, yet we have never had them on the outside. I hope we can change that next year. So fun to learn more about you!

  6. The grid lines are the best! And I'm a sucker for sunsets too! Sunrises...not so much - the night owl in me just can't appreciate anything that early in the morning. ;)

  7. Thanks for the nomination, friend! Your blog is and has always been one of my favorites! Yes to sunsets/sunrises and yes to the paper with the grid lines! I remember when you used to have to buy the expensive paper to get those grid lines, which I have never been able to justify! Thank goodness it's on almost all wrapping paper (Target included) these days!

  8. Haha I love that everyone is on the same page with grid wrapping paper, amazing. :) Oh Christmas lights, inside, my favorite!! Bad drivers, NOT my favorite ugh.

  9. I love that your most random fact about the lines on the wrapping paper is getting the most comments! That's what stuck out to me as well cause I was nodding in agreement saying yes yes yes! All wrapping paper should have it!

  10. Interesting facts about you. Mine is coming out on Wedneday from Stephanie's nomination. These are fun posts to read.

  11. I have cutting issues myself, those grids are amazing and I get the smooth cutting thing too. Ive realized I only have one day free to post about our Christmas shenanigans and its the week of Christmas, whomp whomp. Whatever works!

  12. Thanks for the nomination! I love posts like these and can't wait to write in January! And YES to grid paper. It's a must.

  13. lol at your number 8 ha. I saw a See's chocolate store where we go see Santa at the mall! I didn't know it was around here,but we didn't get any. Those paper gridelines are the best. And my scissors never do that gliding cut thing, it always rips =(

  14. I feel like you're my traffic spirit animal. Seriously, what is wrong with all these drivers! (although maybe I should calm down... Chris said something about my driving being a roller coaster this morning...

  15. So fun to read randomness about you. Sunrise/sets are the best. Life is happier with Christmas lights and those grid lines are amazing, right?! I am saving this post for January when the blogging abyss hits and I have nothing to post about ;).

  16. What a fun award! I love reading random facts about people. It's fun to learn things you might not know! The grid wrapping paper is amazing!! :)

  17. Thanks!! I usually get my paper from Target, but HomeGoods has some awesome paper. It's super thick and always cute. And girl, I can not buy oreos, I've been known to eat a whole sleeve in a day. I did three batches of xmas cookies over the weekend, and saying I had 9 today might be a low ball guess

  18. Yep. Long lost sisters, FOR sure.
    The driving. The sunsets/rises. The grids on wrapping paper. The Christmas lights (I just wish we had an actual HOUSE to decorate!). We're speaking the same language on ALL of these.
    Also - I don't even know where to begin with all the holiday stuff! I think I'm going to just condense it all into a Friday post. #notevenkidding
    Thanks for the nomination!


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